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you have made such beautiful rustic holiday items lately. way to go. they are so pretty.

Absolutely beautiful! I would certainly be thrilled to receive it! Still lovin' your snowflakes!!!

Beautiful! I would certainly be thrilled with it! Love your snowflakes!!

Oh, how pretty. Haven't been to Target in awhile so haven't seen the bark candles-gorgeous. tfs your pretty candle and the egg photos-fun.

Ooh, I'd love to receive this too! I have made several of these snowflakes thanks to you! They are so gorgeous they really dress up any small gift or project!

Anna, I've never seen this candle, but it is PERFECT for your snowflakes! I attempted an "Anna" snowflake of my own on my JOY project on my blog if you want to take a peek.

BEAUTIFUL!!!! Your snowflakes are killing me!!! in a good way.... lovin each sample...

::thud:: (that pretty much says it all)

What a terrific gift, the lucky recipient will love it!! Not only a great candle ~~ but a now FAMOUS Anna snowflake attached! What could be better??

It's so pretty Anna. I sure wish I was on your Christmas list. Your snowflakes are just gorgeous. I hope Tiny Tim didn't freeze today when the cold front moved through. Ya know, I was thinking today, I wonder if in the heat of summer his skin might not burn because his feathers are defective. My DH and I were talking about it on our first day in weeks with no children around! Poor Tiny Tim. His frazzled frizzles could really give him some grief. But, that's another season...

Beautiful candle. Anyone would want it. It's a great gift.

It is beautiful. I love all of the snowflakes!

if it were me, after i burned the candle, i'd put the snowflake on my tree. soooooooo pretty! i love birch bark, too. it's my favorite tree. :)

this is a darling gift. Nice way to dress up a candle.

It's perfect!!! I love it! TFS

Anna, this is a treasure. I love the big snowflake embellishment.

Gorgeous, Gorgeous, GORGEOUS!!!

I finally got a chance to play (and post too) with my diamond dust. I like it!!

Oh that's so pretty! I would be thrilled to get it as a gift too!
Just love your snowflakes. Mine don't compare at all, but at least I try since I am so inspired by yours!
Thanks for sharing.

gorgeous...who wouldn't be thrilled to receive it??!!! just wonderful!

I love the rustic look of this! Gorgeous!

This is beautiful! I think I'd better make a trip to Target!

What a gorgeous gift! Who wouldn't love this beautiful candle. I love, love, love the rustic look.

It's just beautiful, Anna! I'm sure it will be well received and much appreciated.

Very nice! I love the rustic-ness of it. It looks like it would fit right in with a log cabin. Is the candle scented at all? Just lovin' those yummy snowflakes!

This is stunning and I think it would be a FABULOUS gift, I would love to receive it!!


another fabulous project! i have never seen these candles - they are wonderful. could you please tell us how you make your wonderful "banners" . . . they are wonderful and add so much to your projects and cards. thanks

Of course this is absolutely stunning!!! You have me addicted to these brown snowflakes!!! I have been using a lot of them on my projects!~ Thanks for your constant inspiration!

Beautiful! You sure have a way of making things look gorgeous with your "signature" snowflakes! I'm sure the recipient will be thrilled with it!

This is amazing Anna!! I love it!

You've certainly dressed up this candle beautifully. I adore it's rustic holiday regalia and I'm certain its intended recipient will too.

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