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Did Tiny Tim ALWAYS walk backward or did the coat make him do that?!?

Oh my gosh...that's just the cutest thing! I'm thinking...Beatrix Potter...little water colors of Tiny Tim in his coat..."The Adventures of Tiny Tim". : D He's so sweet!


aww bless him!! soooo funny!

He's a very good dancer, very good...

I can now say I've seen it all! If someone had said to me, "today you will see a chicken in a coat" I'd have really raised my eyebrow at them...

I'm glad that he will be warm. Maybe if you turn the coat around, he could walk forward.

OMG Anna I am laughing so hard. That is hilarious. Thanks for sharing that.


Oh my gosh that video was too funny....you sure are a good 'mother hen' to Tiny Tim and evidently Cinnamon thinks so too or she wouldn't have laid and egg in your hand. Tiny Tim walking backwards was hysterical. Thats called not knowing if your coming or going. Thanks for sharing not only your personally life adventures but your beautiful cards and drawings.

OMG, I laughed myself silly!! (Which is not too good while you're at work!) Thanks for sharing that.

That's a hoot!!!!! You need to make Tiny Tim a sequined coat...he looks like he is moonwalking when he goes backwards!!hehe
Too funny...plus, your laugh is contagious as well! Thanks for the laugh on this dreary, rainy day!

This is tooooo funny. I have all my non-stamping friends checking on Tim daily. You need to make him a Santa coat for the holidays.

I think you may need to locate a chicken psychiatrist to help him get over this trauma. Poor little Tiny Tim...I almost feel bad for laughing at him.

LOL! Love the way Tim runs backwards in to the other chucks and then jumps a mile in the air! Our girls puff themselves up when they're chilly, which is all the time at the mo! Mum's thinking of taking a few measurements! You should put the coat pattern on your blog, we could all have fun then!

Oh too funny! I love how he walks backwards until he hits something to send him forward again! Love the button and lapels on his coat! Thanks for the laugh Anna!

ROFL! Tiny Tim just cracks me up! You have to try to get him on a talk show or late night talk show! They love crazy animals like him. He could be famous!

Poor little Tiny Tim! He looks like he should have arms! Why does he keep going backwards? Does he not like his litte coat? I bet the other chickens are so jealous of his new look.

I used to dress chickens and goats as a kid. It never gets old. I love Tiny Tim's cloak jacket. Very vintage. Perhaps Dickens - ish.
Thanks for sharing.
_Mary Lou

The video was priceless - Tiny Tim is beautiful - thanks.

OH MY GOODNESS!! Anna, thank you for a wonderful laugh this morning!! You are a genius when it comes to solving problems and a fine job you've done!!!!! Were the other chickens picking at TT?

It was fantastic to hear your voice and Alan's.

Again TFS and caring so much.

What a hoot! I am going to save this one so when I need a good laugh I have it. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this.

Hilarious! The walking backwards is too funny, and hearing you laugh on the video made me laugh even more. Will you be selling your chicken coats in your store?

I am so happy that Tim is warm. I love your videos and stories about your farm as much as your great stamping ideas. you give me a smile for the day. Thanks! keep them coming.

Anna, how adorable. It is so funny watching him go in reverse and startling the other chickens. I am sure he will adapt to the new coat and continue forward. When I was a kid, I had chickens as pets because my brother was allergic to fur. Your video brings back some nice memories. Thanks for sharing.

what a hoot! that just cracks me up when he starts going backward and then gets going forward again! tooooooo funny! and when he ran into the other chicken I thought I was going to fall off of my chair laughing so hard. didn't phase him a bit.... he just kept right on going. glad tha you got it all on tape!

Anna, I had to show this to all the girls at my work. They all loved it. And even more....they loved the story about the little chicken that layed it's egg in your hand and the darling little picture you drew.

How cute :o)

LOL Anna...Tim is hysterical when he walks backwards! You are so funny! I have sent the links to the whole story to my friends with kids...LOL
Thanks again for all the fun posts!

Okay this has to be the first chicken with his own designer coat.... I wonder why he keeps walking backward? Did he do it before the coat or is he still trying to figure the coat out? Thanks for the late night laugh!!!

OMG! I usually just stalk your blog and don't post, but this one is just to stinkin' funny! I am just sure that Tiny Tim's barn-mates are waaaaay jealous!

Tiny Tim is just too funny with his little Jacket on.(What a Great Poultry Designer you are! Can't wait to see the "Spring Line")
I love the "Reverse" action every time he realizes it's still there... Toooooo Funny!
David Letterman really should have him on for Wierd Animal Tricks, or is that Jay Lenno?

Tiny Tim is one warm but distraught chicken! I hope by now he's used to his new attire and has stopped speeding in reverse in a vain attempt to be rid of it. By the way, your sewing skills are to be commended...next will it be coats for the cattle?

TOO FUNNY! I couldn't figure out why he was going backward until I realized he was trying to get out of the coat!

Thanks for sharing!!!

Funny you would mention Tim Gunn in the previous post...I was thinking perhaps you should try out for the next Project Runway. Not so sure there will be anymore though. Does your talent never end?
Love the video...he was definitely trutting his stuff on the runway.

This is just too funny!! Thanks for sharing with us.

This is too funny!! I love it and it made me laugh until I cried. What a great treat after a looooooong day at work.

Awwww!!! Thank you!!!! Kinda makes me wish I had a hen that I could fix Tiny Tim up with! ;)

Thank GOODNESS I wasn't drinking anything while watching this! That was HILARIOUS! Thanks SOOOO much Anna for all the farmyard stuff! I'm as big of a fan of seeing what's going on with the farm life as I am seeing your wonderful artwork! TOO funny!

oh my gosh! I am laughing so hard I am crying!!!!

OMGosh! That's too precious!!!
Bravo for you!!

Anna ~ that is too funny! I've made fleece coats for my yorkies and now that they are used to them and know that they stay warm in them they actually like them.

Thanks for sharing!

Michael Jackson's got nuthin on Tiny Tim. Next time you make a videa starring Tiny Tim, you need to add the soundtrack for Tip Toe Through the Tulips. An Emmy award winning performance! Thank you!

What a great video!!! LOL!!!! Thanks so much for sharing, LOVE his new outfit!

OMG, that is too funny!! I couldn't figure out why he was walking backwards, but then I looked back a few posts (I'm a bit behind on blogs) ~~ I get it now!! He's trying to back out of his coat!! LOL!! Thanks for sharing ~ that made my day!

Anna that was way too funny. Does he always walk backwards like that?

Can't stop giggling!! Love it when he backs up to try and back out of the coat!! LOL!!

Oh my, that is PRICELESS...I can just see folks on You-Tube looking at this and saying "what the #$%@??!!" LOL LOL
I am a critter-spoiler too, so I totally understand. You are a wonderful Mommy!!! :D

this was so much fun to watch! Love the little jacket!

Oh, you just KILL me Anna!! I know of NO ONE else who ever made a chicken-coat! But he certainly looks .... um ... warm! Watch out because all the other chickens will want a coat, now! You crack me up how you keep track of each chicken's age by weeks, each egg they've ever laid - how DO you keep track?!?! Is a chicken farmer SUPPOSED to keep track? Or do you do it just for fun? What a wonderful way to start my day - reading your blog...keep the chicken stories coming...but how are the rest, cows and donkeys and kitties? Love from COLD Idaho - Jeanne xoxo

i think i peed my pants a little...thank you for a wonderful giggle session!!

OH MY WORD...!! LOL!! He may look goofy and he may hate it...but at least he'll be warm! Hey, I hate wearing a bra...but ya' know...gotta do what ya' gotta do, right? HEeeeee!

Thanks for the chuckle. Is he moonwalking?? I think he needs a "beep beep beep beep" sound when he is heading backwards ( like a truck backing up) Are you going to make him a matching hat. You are too funny! Thanks for being a good mommy!

OMGosh! I thought you were joking the other day when you put out a call for a coat for Tiny Tim!!!!! This is tooooooo funny!!!!! I've got to forward this to my sister - her son is the one who had to bathe his chicken for his 4-H project. I can't stop laughing!

Hysterical Anna! :)

How cute is that?! I love the big yellow button! THANKS FOR MUCH FOR THE LAUGHS!!!

That was AWESOME. Thanks so much for making a video.

Who knew a chicken could do the Michael Jackson moonwalk!! too funy..

Anna, you are too funny! Maybe for added "visual" and to go along with the name Tiny Tim, you should somehow attach a tiny little crutch to his side. Now what would Great-Grandpa Wight think of you spoiling your chickens? You know, he never spoiled his birds. Tee Hee

Thanks Anna for the laugh of the day.I think Tiny Tim thinks if he walks backward he can walk out of what ever is on his back I guess it will take a while for him to get used to it. You may have to watch the others don't pick on him like they do when there is something wrong with one of them. I called my husband to come and see this video. I have been showing him your pictures of all of your animals. Ann Lind

Tiny Tim will give the run way models a "run" for their money. He is sportin' that coat!! How funny!

Take care and STAY POSTIIVE!

Thanks for the laugh of the day. Tiny Tim thinks if he goes backwards he can get out of whatever is on him. I guess it will take a whilwe for him to get used to it. Thanks for sharing this cute video I called my DH to come and see as I have been showing him all of your animal pictures. Ann Lind

Oh Anna...I'm at work and had to call my co-working in to check out this video...I've laughed so hard my mascara is running. I never knew chickens would walk backwards...it's like he was trying to walk out of his coat. Oh thank you for the light-hearted goodness you've given me today.

Oh, I can't stop laughing! He is so cute and too funny!!! Every time he'd walk backwards, I'd crack up. Thanks for sharing, Anna

Tiny Tim, you are well-loved!

Poor guy, as if being called "TINY" Tim isn't hard enough...lol LOVE IT ANNA!

Oh, I needed a good laugh. How on earth did you ever get the coat on him??! Thank you for taking the time to film this and share it. Hopefully he'll get used to it and stop trying to back out of it!

OMG!! That's the funniest thing I've seen all week!! Does he walk backwards like that all the time? Or did you reverse the video at parts?? I have to show my hubby this tonight! Great jacket by the way - does it come in navy??

That is hysterical, Anna!! Cracked me up...and now I'm off to watch it again!

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