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What a beautiful and elegant card. That is awesome paper too.
My best to your hens!

Having to respond to the comment by MaryLou.. My nephew raised a chicken for his 4-H project. He lives on a farm so animals were nothing new for him - but in preparation for showing in the 4-H fair he had to give the chicken a bath. OMGOSH!! It was one of the funniest things I have ever witnessed!!!!

Love this card. It looks all perfect with the paper placement and all. They read it was paper that came that way!!LOL it cracked me up, I thought you had arranged the mountain and trees, placed the reindeer and all that.... Too funny!
Its still a Gorgeous card...Thanks for fooling me! Cynde

Cute card!! Ya gotta love fast and easy at this time of the year:) TFS

OH my I have missed so much this past week! Love the Reindeer card, that paper is so awesome, I have been using this past week as well, and I love how you have used it.

Your new images are fantastic... as they always are!

So sorry about the POX... that just stinks, man you are lucky you caught it early!

Sorry I missed so much... but we had a mini baby this weekend, it was a hard time for the Momma, but everyone seems to be doing great today!

This Memory Box paper is great-I didnt think to use it this way. I love this creation! Glad to hear the chickens are on the mend!!

The simplicity of this card is just so elegant. Beautiful paper and excellent stamps.
Glad to hear that youre almost over the Chicken Pox at your house. Kind of a scary thing to think you could lose some very valuable poultry! And goodness, I didnt know hens would still lay eggs in the winter, though its hardly winter here is it? Well I guess they must or nobody would be able to eat eggs all season long...Im obviously not a country girl...

I have to say I greatly enjoy your blog. Im a fan of farms and stamping so this blog works for me;) Sorry to hear about your pox, poor fowl. My Father raises hens. This week he has a great story, I would like to share. He lives in Upstate NY (I mean the real Upstate, near Montreal, Canada-closer to Vermont). His neighbor is from NYC. The neighbor just contacted my Father to see if his kids pet chicken could come and live with him. It would be a boarding situation with visiting rights, etc. My Father was reluctant when he heard this hen lived in a cage in an apartment in Brooklyn. The chicken was a true pet for these people. They played with her and changed her newspapers constantly (they had to make stops along the trip up north from the city to change her papers). My Father did agree to board this hen. So to prepare the gal for her new home the owners gave her a bath. My Father about lost it when he was told about the bath. Hopefully this Diva hen wont be rejected by the others for her pretty scent. Tonight is her first night in general population in the barn, wish her luck;)
Take care and thank you for sharing your stories and artwork.

This is gorgeous Anna, love it!!

Anna - your cards elegance is breathtaking. Your stamping is so meticulous. Im very glad to hear that your chickens are on the mend and congratulations on the second egg. I wonder if youll be able to photograph the eggs soon. Are any chickens sitting on the eggs or are these for consumption?

Way to go, laying hens! Glad you are getting some eggs...they probably wonder what the heck they have just done! LOL
Another beautiful card! I need about 50 sheets of that instant background paper!!! Its GREAT! :D

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