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This so so darling! I'm going to have to try this. I worry about my little babies when it gets down in the 20s here. (not right now of course, it was 90 today!) These pictures remind me of my little red frizzle cochin when she was being picked on. Her little neck and head was so bald and red. I cut little rings from a baby sock to make her a turtle neck. I kept having to replace them though because every time I went out to the run, there was one of her little turtle necks laying in the run! Unfortunately, I could not get any pictures!

GOSH!!! Bless his little crowin' heart!
You're the bestest keeper of the flock! Sewing a warmie for Tiny Tim!!


I grew up in a farm and I am laughing so hard at the moment!!!


I came across this through the craft blog pages and it is just the cutest thing I have seen in such a long time. He looks sooo sweet in his coat and the video of him feeding and backing up is hilarious!

Thanks for sharing!


this is too funny and cute!!

Coming from this poultry farmer, I am absolutely laughing my butt right off!!! Can you just imagine a huge houseful of these all dressed up in coats???? Oh my gosh, I can't quit laughing!!! You really think he wouldn't have been ok without this coat? Just asking mind ya! LMBO!! ~Jan

You are too precious, Anna!! This is hysterical. I also love your artwork on your banner. It always looks wonderful!!

I love his jacket. If I knew how to knit I would knit him a lovely sweater to go with it...or a vest, yeah, that would be sweet! And a tiny little toboggan with a scarf =)

Oh, goodness! Thank you so much for a good belly laugh! That poor chicken! You really oughtta do a sketch of the poor fella! It would make such a cute stamp!

Too Funny! I love the coat!

Bwaaahaaaahaaaaa! This is too funny, and your video of him is even funnier. He looks like he is taking it all in stride and with much dignity. You did a great job of sewing him such a beautiful Thanksgiving Jacket. Haaaaahaaaaaahaaaaaa! (tears rolling down my cheeks!)

Reminds me of Amelia Bedelia--when she dresses the chicken!!!!
My kids loved it, Too!

You picked out a great color for him! See I should have started down here rather than the top and I would have found the answers to my questions! Great job, Anna!!!!

I'm sure he is the most dapper rooster around the coop! quite the envy of all the others, I would say! you did a great job on his lovely coat!

Store up your chicken stories, Anna! You could start your own comic routine. LOL

OMG!!! now i have seen it ALL!!! i am so glad you're so entertained by yourself out there on the farm!!!

Oh I do hope the other birds don't pick on him. he he he

Tim Tim is one stylish chicken all pimped out in his custom coat!! lol I watched the video and he's hilarious when he goes into reverse...you should get him some van reverse beeps so that he can warn the other chickens when he's coming! :)

That is so darned funny. Thanks for the great chuckle. Love his new sherlock holmes cape. I had to share it w/a coworker who also laughed out loud. Love your pretend illustration & story. What fun those chickens are! Have a great weekend.

This is hysterical!! You are the best Anna! You're so creative! That little coat even looks like the one that Tiny Tim in a Christmas Carol wore, with the capelet. TFS

You are an absolutely riot. What a way to start my day....rolling hysterics laughing so hard. People dress their dogs, cats, rabbits but chickens??!! I understand they're your babies but never dreamed they'd be dressed up too. Your talent extends beyond the pen and brush. Your latent profession should've been a vet or fashion designer or farmer's 'wife' (hey, isn't that what you are already?) Never thought at this stage of my life I'd vest some interest in chickens again...but your daily posts keep me glued in for the next episode. Love 'dem chickens.

Bravo! An elegant and stylish solution!

This had made my day. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

The sweater is so adorable and so sweet of you to be so concerend for Tiny Tim! I wish all farm people cared for their animals like you do. I can not believe that you actually got him to let you put it on and wears it!

Thanks so much for the laugh and smile today!

Oh my heck, this is the most hillarious thing ever! Leave it to you Anna to have the best dressed chicken in the coop! You may have a future in chicken couture! :)

You have made my WEEK! Thank you thank you thank you for finishing Tiny Tim's sweater story! You did a MARVELOUS job! How cute is he in that snazzy sweater! I can't stop laughing! You are just the BEST for taking such good care of your kids! I am going to be chuckling all day long! Thank you! Wait until I show your blog to my Dad - he grew up on a chicken farm in California a long time ago! I am sure he will fall off his chair!
Loads of love to you and your gang! Manetta

So glad to see Tiny Tim in his new duds, very cute. I was trying to figure out how you would make something like that, and still have freedom in his wings, you're brilliant! Love the egg story as well, she just feels safe with you. Have a great weekend.

This is the funniest thing I've ever seen. I can't believe he would stay still long enough for you to dress him. Make a video and put it on UTube and he'll be world-famous!

I am practically speechless. I'm thinking this might lead to a new industry...chicken feather transplants! Rogaine for chickens without enough feathers! Or, the soon-to-popular Coats for Chickens Christmas drive.
chuckle, wheeze, snort, gasp!

Well this is a FIRST for me...I've never in my life seen a chicken wearing a jacket. Too cute for words. - Hope he stays nice and warm though.

OMGosh!! I thought I had seen just about everything!! A sweater on a chicken?!? Too cute.

This has got to be the cutest thing I have ever seem. I am laughing my head off....not at Tiny Tim but at the situation. He is absolutely adorable. I love it!!!!

Oh no Anna! This is one of the funniest things I have ever seen! That was so thoughtful of you...I would have probably gone to some lengths to do the same, but I'm sure my outerwear would not be quite as fashionable! Love it!!!!

Oh my word!! I'm LMBO!! He is stylin! I can't believe this is your first chicken coat and that you made it from scratch...chicken scratch! Ahhahaaaha! I could go on and on. lol! Thanks for the laughs!

That is the CUTEST thing I have EVER seen. OMG! Surely Tiny Tim is the world's best dressed chicken. I like the colour you chose to match.

Thanks for the chuckles.

OMW! How cute is that?! I bet he's feelin' the warm fuzzies now. I hope the girls don't get jealous!

You're a good mom Anna!! Ü

The comment about the pilgrim hat nearly knocked me off my chair, I was already laughing so hard. I would also love to see a video of the little guy parading about in his coat. What a great job of sewing. You obviously care so much about all your critters. Thanks for sharing.

YOU SURELY KNOW HOW TO MAKE ME SMILE!!!This is just priceless...I LOVE it! You crack me up, it's such a joy to visit your blog; I just never know WHAT I might find here! I think you should get the "Best Blogger on the Planet" award, for sure! Hail, awesome Anna!!! :D

This just totally MADE MY DAY. LOVEEEEEEE IT!!!

Oh Anna, this is priceless! My hubby was cracking up too! I just had to forward this blog post on to some of my animal loving friends. God bless Tiny Tim, and you too for taking such good care of him. He's a very lucky clucky. Linda

Call Vogue and get this pattern copyrighted. It's gonna be all the rage in every hen house this Christmas! You are so wasting your talents on stamping and stamp design. You could get rich on these and set Alan up in antique fire trucks for 30 parades. Here's to coating chickens across America! Happy Thanksgiving, Anna!

This is hilariously CUTE!! I love his little coat, looks like the Sherlock Holmes of the chicken yard!

(showing your picture to my 4 year old)
Me: Look Seth! That Chicken has a sweater on!
Seth: Hehehe. That's Funny!
Me: Yes. Do you like him?
Seth: He's a funny card.
Me: It's not a card Seth. It's a picture.
Seth: He's really a chicken with a sweater?
Me: Yup, he doesn't have enough feathers so he needs a sweater 'cause it's chilly out.
Seth: That's ridiculous. He needs socks too!

I had to show this one to my Hubby! OMG, we're rolling!!! Please let me know if you put him on U-tube!

OH MY GOODNESS - His chicken friends might not be laughing, but I am rolling, seriously rolling over here ... YOU SO CRACK ME UP, ANNA! I'm so glad you blog all this farm stuff for us! Hugs!


I think you need to make TIny TIm a wee Pilgrim hat to go with his smashing new threads!

As always, thanks for the chuckle. You are one talented chick.

That is too cute and hilarious! I know just how he tries to back out of his sweater, because that's what my cats do when I try to put something on them they don't like. If you get a video of him walking backward, that would be great on YouTube :)

How cute is that?!? He's so lucky to have you! I would love to see a video of him in action. :)

What a hoot!!
You made my day with Tiny Tim and his sweater. When I need cheering up I know where to come.
TFS these wonderful events with your chickens.

Have a great day!

OK..Anna, just when I tohught I had seen everything! That is so funny!

Sooooooooooooooo cute...I love this tiny frozen chicken in his new sweater!!!
Greetings from Spain

What love, sheer and unadulterated love, Anna! Tiny Tim's new coat is even the "right" color. The use of pinking shears is wonderful. This coat is fabulous, Anna. Just fabulous. I also like the backdrop for the photo shoot. Denim. Most appropriate. HOWEVER, the reader who offered to crochet Tiny Tim a sweater is not off the hook (get it?) I still want to see her creation. Think of it as a wardrobe change.

I love it. What a great idea!! I really appreciate that you write about your farm as much as you do the cards. I made the Sweet Miss Daisy Heart Cookies yesterday for my dogs and they LOVE THEM.

that is one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time!!!!!!!!!! Cute, but funnnnnny!

Anna, you never cease to amaze me! Tiny Tim looks smashing in his new coat.

I cannot get my dog to wear her sweater and here you have him wearing a coat! What a lucky little guy he is!! Just wait until the rest of the chickens see him, you'll be making more, tee hee! You'll have all these little fashionista's clucking around the farm! Thanks for the morning smile!

That is just about the funniest thing I have ever seen!!!! I Cant believe that he is wearing that coat. Anna, you could make a cartoon strip of that chicken. Thanks for making my morning. Heide D

Ok, this totally cracked me up! Tiny Tim's expression!! He's like...'Don't laugh! My mama loves me!' LOL!! I sure hope he's able to keep it on...did the other chickens notice it?

OH MY WORD! LOL! This is tooo cute! hehe I'll be he's the talk of the roost over by you. HA!

Are you making a second one, for when this one is in the laundry? :O)

I never thought I'd really see a chicken in a coat. Who knew chickens got cold in TX?! Stay warm, Tiny Tim!

OK now you must make him a hat to match...couldn't resist.

What a crack up! I love the design.....You are too funny. I can just envision him backing up & bumping....thanks, I needed that.

He looks rather dapper I would say :) Just wait till its even colder, he will be so grateful for his coat. Too funny! The things we do for our "family" hehe.

OMW this is AWESOME!!! You totally made my night...I am SO smiling right now :) You ROCK Anna. I sure hope there is a farm video soon.

OMG. LMAO! I am dying over here. That is hil.ar.ious! But you know what? As long as it keeps him warm, I'm all for chicken humiliation. :) hee hee.

Oh. My. Gosh. That might be the funniest thing I have ever seen! LOVE IT!!!

I have been so down the last few days (weeks) and I was just gonna dump the Reader but decided to read thru one file. Can you see me laughing thru my tears? And peeing my pants?

I have to say he looks a little bewildered in his new get-up but soooo cute! Who ever heard of having to dress a chicken?! (But from you other pictures, he looks like he needed some help.) These pictures and that coat have given me the giggles.

omg, this is so funny. I was always one to dress my pets so I can relate to this! I'm sure Tiny Tim is appreciating the warmth and he'll be the envy of all the other fashion conscious birds on the farm LOL.

OK..just to clarify...I DID NOT mean I would like a diapered red haired farmer tucked into my bed with me...just clarifying OK?? ROTF..
I have to go now..I am going to choke with laughter.

See..I'd probably have him tucked into my bed with me...with a mini diaper of course! LOL
Seriously he reminds me of a grumpy old red haired Irish farmer with a red wind stung face LOL..OMG I can't stop laughing!


OK, this is something I never made for my girls...I'm new to your blog going on 2 days so apparently I missed why Tiny Tim needs a coat! Too funny!

OMG I am falling off my chair...that is ADORABLE!!!!

You ROCK Chicken Mama!!!

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