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I LOVE your illustrations and the new banner's t'riffic!


I think the new banner is absolutely, positively adorable!

Love the new banner. That is great.

I love the new banner. I'm glad you have included the chicks.

Cute! Your illustrations are so awesome!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

love it. your illustrations are amazing. very cute!

Cute! I got a new blog banner, too. But I'm not savvy enough to make my own, like you! (is jealous)

Way too cute. Love the ankles.

It couldn't be more adorable or perfect for you! I just love it! :)


LOVE It!!!! Well done! I am also sure that you are this cute in your overalls!
I love the way you are drawing your chickens!

This is just perfect for you.

This has to be my fav banner yet!! :)

Super cute!!

Perfect....the story of your life even without any caption. Love 'dem chickens. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Aren't you glad you don't raise turkeys, too??!!

How cute!!! Love it!

Too cute!!! And you!!!

love it!!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the banner! And the stocking is beautiful, too! I agree that there MUST be a Frizzle chicken stamp in the future! They are just too cute!

very YOU! :)

Positively adorable. Cute!!!!!!

Love the litle frizzle!! Too cute! He needs to be forever captured in a stamp;0)

Love the ornament too!

very cute...closer to Christmas, you'll have to give the girls a little holiday outfit to wear...

way tooooooooo cute! but tell me, did the one chick ever fit in with the rest of the crowd?! she was a pretty cool thing all on her own, ya know! ;)

It's perfect! It is totally you!

How FUN! Love the chickens!

Love the new banner, it fits your blog perfectly.

Way Cute! :)

Your new banner is so cute...I believe it captures you. :o)

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

Sooooo super-dee-dooper cute! Love it!

As my three year old would say....I lub it! :D

super cute new banner Anna!!

This is definitely you..But where is Tiny Tim in his fashionable coat? luv you blog. MaryAnn

Very Cute Blog banner. I love it!

Love the new banner! I love the slight smudge of "dirt" on the face (shadow actually)...and I do believe I recognize Tiny Tim up there at your feet. I love the sweetness your new banner exudes.

Your new banner is simply precious and your blog is one of the few I follow religiously. A real kinship from this direction. As an animal lover I thought you might enjoy Patience Renzulli's blog Patience, Please. (http://patience-please.blogspot.com/) Her stories and her book will touch any animal lover's heart. And by the way, you have some lucky chicken..

This new banner is just adorable and FUN!

It is fabulous Anna!!!

I absolutely love it!!

lOVE IT!!!

Really like your new banner Anna!

The banner is darling, Anna! Each little image is perfect. Is that Tiny Tim at your feet?

Anna - love your new blog banner! I so enjoy hearing from you each day - your beautiful cards, stunning photos, and insight into life on the farm bring joy with each new post! You are so talented - your illustrations are adorable and always bring a smile to my face. I sure am enjoying the updates of Tiny Tim - excellent job on the jacket - it suits him perfectly! I am a fan on every level of your creative, facinating life - Sharon H.

you and your ladies out in the yard!
Too cute.

It's so YOU! Absolutely darling!! ;)

It's perfect!! You came up with a winner!

What an adorable banner. I love how you've sort of split yourself in two.

It's so cute. I wish I knew how to do this. I just haven't had the time to devote to figuring it out.

It is suuuuuuuuper cute!

Sooo cute!

I♥it! :)

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