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Oh my word, I thought I was the only one crazy enough to make chicken coats...


Tiny Tim would get along well with our girls!

Your Tiny Tim drawing is so sweet. Hope somebody makes him a great sweater. How about a little cape that buttons ons but isnt too confining? I havent crocheted since I made a sweater for my Ken doll 40 years ago! Good luck Tiny!

Too funny!

My sister is great at crocheting ~ Ill send her his measurements ;)

This is too funny! Do you think he will mind having his wings covered? Im anxious to see all the sweaters he receives! Hell be the best dressed chicken on the farm!

You make me laugh when I see your drawings.

Wow! the only thing that I can say about this is, make sure there is a wing opening in the body of the Vest as otherwise it would look and act like a straight jacket for a chicken. I think this could be a cottage industry here. Like Barby cloths. Love .... Dad

Poor Tim....it aint easy being teeny!

Too too funny - I love your blog there is always something wonderful, inspiring, and usually with a really funny element. I have something for you over on my blog, please check it out http://gardenofdreams-dru.blogspot.com/ Thanks, Dru

So I am working on getting my niece to whip Tiny Tim up a little something. She is talking to her friend to see if she can help her. I am keeping my fingers crossed for Tiny!! LOL

oh my goodness, I am cracking up over here just picturing both of you taking his measurements. assure Tiny Tim that I dont like having mine taken any more than he did! ;) cant wait to see the precious little sweaters - hell have to do a mini fashion show for us! Americas Next Top Model, here he comes!!!! :D

this is too funny! I have a feeling youre going to end up with some sweaters Ü

There is such a wonderful charm to your sketches. They have such whimsy and quality all at once. Wonderful! Best, Curt

OH! MY! GOSH!! I am laughing so hard right now, I have tears rolling down my face. I couldnt even see to type, I originally typed OH MY GOAT LOL!! Not goat ~~ chicken!!!!

That is hysterical! He really IS a tiny guy!! I cant imagine...
Id love to see your awesome menagerie of critters. If I ever get to TX, Im going to have to find your farm!!! :D So glad the weather is cooler now...it sure helps bring a person back to life after a hot summer!

OMW! This is great - a sketch of a chickens measurements. Well not just any chicken, Tiny Tim of course! This is so exciting that I think Ill take knitting lessons just so Tiny Tim can have a full wardrobe of chicken sweaters. I cant wait to see the sweater your other readers are going to knit for Tim.

I just googled Sweaters for Chickens, and it has some cute finds, including a darling chicken with a blue sweater... I know this is possible...
Im glad some people offered to do this for you.
Keep us posted....

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