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Your sketch is adorable and so is your story!

hmph. you get eggs. i get dog poop in my lap. wanna trade?

why Miss Anna, of course you look that cute! :) probably even cuter! what a delightful sketch! thanks for the wonderful story!

I want to know if shes going to check back with you to see if your setting properly? tee hee!! What a funny story, your so cute how you tell them too! Love the drawing, I was cracking up....no pun intended. LoL Thanks for the very hearty Belly Laugh!

OMW I'm sitting here laughing like crazy at my computer after reading about the hen. You are the best farm mom EVAH!

Great Sketch! I think that the item in your hands should be made into a clay pot with chicken feet stamped on the outside. you have the technology and the feet for it. (Chickens feet) You're always amazing us,(Dad&Mom) with the latest news. Speaking of which I too have researched the Chicken sweater story and was just wondering if you have been inundated with garments and endorsement offers? love Dad, a style show maybe?

Loved your story! Lol, you two have a history now:)

Your illustration is just adorable!

Super Cute illustration. I bet you look divine in those overalls Anna. What a great story about your chicken.

Wow, you are a really special chicken Mommy!!! That is SO COOL! I would feel super special if I were you!!!
I LOVE your illustration..the best yet! It's just wonderful!!!!!!
So glad you had this great experience...isn't life grand??!! :D

What a great story Anna! She laid her egg in your hand?! Awwwwwww!

I *told you* you were a cutie, I love your illustration, it is you!

That is the sweetest story!! What a precious chickie you have!! Thanks for sharing your life funnies with us!!

Very cute drawing...would be a great little stamp!! :-)

And the laughter never stops, does it! Darling picture!

What a sweet story!! Love your drawing -- and your TMI!!! :)

Bwahahaha....you are to funny, love the illustration!!

what a precious story, that she would trust you enough to give you her prized possession right in your hand.

I love this story and your illustration to match! Look at those curly feathers on the girl. She seems a bit agitated about egg laying--guess it would be rather traumatic at first. And of COURSE that's you in the morning in your cute overalls with your spriggy hairdo and big smile! :)

How priceless is this!! What a wonderful experience and your illustration is fabulous!! Your chickens are the cutest on the planet! I'm sure you do indeed look this cute in your overalls regardless of the time of day! :)

How sweet! She feels safe with you and that it isn't a bad thing! Awww!

Well that's quite an honor to have been chosen by Cinnamon! Cinnamon's choice for laying her egg is testament to the kind soul that you are, to the love and respect you have for nature (ravenous racoons notwithstanding). Clearly Cinnamon was lookng for a safe place to lay and what could be safer and more comforting than "her" Anna's hands? Your sketch is precious - just like you and little Cinnamon. Congratulations!

You crack me up! What a pun. I have to laugh every time I read your blog. You remind me of my Mom and her girls. Her girls are her chickens. Thanks so much for your inspiration.

It's almost too much for me to even come to your blog anymore. I won't let Google reader mark anything as read, as I like to stare at your illustrations and daydream for long moments.

Every single post is interesting, cute and makes me smile.

And seriously, you draw the cutest darn chickens, EVER!

Ohhh Anna, what a darling sketch of more clucks :) You are certainly creating one ~obcessed~ chicken-fan in Toronto.

Of course you are as cute as your sketch, bra or no bra ~~ why else would Cinnamon lay an egg in your hands??!!

Not only is your illustration the cutest, but then when I read your story you made me laugh. This is wonderful, and what an experience. I guess she's just a nervous hen, or still trying to figure out what's going on... hmm... adorable regardless.

I can SO relate! I love the sketch...too funny!

That is just way too cute! I agree with you though, I hope she doesn't expect you to pick her up each time she needs to lay an egg!!! I still chuckle when I think about your little story ... the illustration is so darn cute and I'm sure you don't need to "pretend" to look that great in overalls ... first thing in the morning ... without a bra! You are just too funny Anna! TFS

What a nice story, Anna. Your chicken stories crack me up!! Love your illistrations too.

Take care

Anna, what a wonderful story and a wonderful memory for you to have forever! Thanks for sharing your story, it warmed my heart!

What a great event to tell about! I can just picture her running about trying to figure out what to do. Just love that story. I would love to have chickens. Hopefully a few years down the road we can move to a place with more land and I will get some chickens. Wonderful sketch and story!

I love love love this illustration!

Too cute! I had 29 chickens a few years ago, but my girls are all gone now :-( I just found you the other day and LOVE hearing about your girls...its exciting isnt it?! I kept a journal/scrapbook of everything from the first day I got them. OH, I wish I could whip up a sketch like you can!

I laughed so hard at without a bra on. I love this illustration, so cute!

Oh my gosh!! I am literally LOL! that is so funny. So I had to tell my 7 yr old and she also that it was a funny story. Never too much TMI among girls! :) At least not as far as Im concerned....uuuuuummm...well, there are some things I would rather not read about on your blog...LOL! And I knew that was a self portrait before I even read it!! Adorable!!

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