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wonderful, topical take on the theme! love him!

LOL! Great picture! Good luck Tom!

Great piece. Love your style!

Tom should have taken Tiny Tim and flown South.

Heeeheeee! This is hysterical and cute! I must agree, the clouds are fabulous. But I also admire how you colored in the balloon. Fanstastic!

Haha, that is great! And your clouds...mercy, they are perfectly beautiful! Another awesome illustration!!! :D

the great escape! if only steve mcqueen had one of those...he wouldn't have given a second thought to that fenceline!

i adore this illustration.

(in the url text box, i've linked you to my november archive, because my front page is now filled with a 1200 word short-story...no illustrations included.)

The turkey is waaay too cute!

Did you "paint" those clouds or are they a photograph? Tom looks like he had a good meal before he headed out of town. :) This is so cute and funny!

I am laughing so hard! My family is staring at me like I cam crazy.

I love your clouds in the background and that is one cute chicken floating away!!

This is a wonderful drawing and I love your use of digital media with it!! Those clouds are fabulous!! It's always so fun to see your IF challenges! TFS

So Adorable...

Very cute! Great clouds! and I love the coloring on the balloon.

look at those clouds!!!
forget the balloon.. look at the clouds...
ok- we all need some tutoring in hnow to get to this...

How cute! I love it.

This is so stinkin Cute!! Your sky looks like a photograph!! Lovely... Thanks for sharing.

Very fun! Great illo.

Fly away little chicken, fly away! What a fun illo! Very cute!

Oh this is so sweet!! really love it =)

oops! silly me, I messed up the URL in my last comment when I added the parenthesis ... sorry 'bout that!

It's so ... what's the word I'm searching for?! I know - uplifting! I LOVE your illustrations, girl! Reminded me of the upcoming Pixar flick (no affiliation, scope out teaser preview here: http://pixarblog.blogspot.com/2008/11/up-theatrical-trailer-online.html)

Holy cow! How'd you accomplish such realistic clouds? Are they watercolored? Fantastic! Any updates on the poultry scene? Oh, and I'm bummed I lost the bid on that awesome wooden stocking. :(

Luck Tom. How clever and very funny. I think that you are super talented and I enjoy coming to your blog. Thanks for sharing your wonderful gift with all of us.

I think what I like most about this one is the clouds. They look so real! Of course I adore chickens, and pink is nice too. So I guess I really like it all :-)

Hi Anna! I gave you a couple of awards over on my blog. I know you have no idea who I am, but your blog is an inspiration to me!

very cute! reminds me of the movie, chicken run. tom is escaping. hurray.

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