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I've had to do something similar for one of my chooks when she had a sinus infection. I thought I'd mention that another food item you could feed your babies when you are trying to give high protein and entice them to eat is canned cat food (in my area the seafood one had the highest protein). I haven't had one chook turn their nose up yet. I usually put a few cans out when they were moulting. My girls' favorite foods were eggs and chicken...which confused a lot of people. Of course they'd eat almost anything. :)

iam chicken crazy to and have over 100 ofthem for are breeding stock they are so much fun i wish you luck and hope your little polish girl gets better

I just love reading about your critters - wish we had a little area for chicks - it seems so warm and cozy - and fresh eggs - oh my!!!!

Im so glad that you have updated us as to all the chicken scoop. I enjoy hearing all that is going on at your farm. thanks! :)

She is so pretty! Im hoping she continues to improve! I know shes getting the best care there is!

Oh what an interesting journey Anna. Im so glad that Ms. Taylor is feeling so much better and eating on her own! You are such a wonderful mum to all those critters. There cant be a better farm anywhere for animals to live and be spoiled wrotten...

Good for you Anna - should we start calling you the Chicken Whisperer? lol. Seems like you should publish your findings in some poultry/farm journal since hardly anyone you aksed knew what to do. Sounds like the treatment you used would be beneficial to other people/birds.

Hey Cluck-Cluck ~ You are such a wonderful Mom to all these farm animals and Im so happy that youve finally found the correct treatment to help Ms. Taylor :0) Please ensure you keep us posted on her progress and of course, the egg production as well. It was neat to see the variety of colours, shapes and sizes that your chicks lay.
Im just SO pleased that they are all responding positive to their treatments, so perhaps you can get some REAL rest at night.

Now you make sure that you take care of your health and well-being during this time, as these crazy chickens dont need their Momma getting ill from being so run-down. So please take good care of yourself sweetie!!
Cluck-Cluck xo

You write so well! You get across all the important parts, but with all the love and emotion you feel as well! I just love your blog. Im sure if we lived close to one another we would be great friends! Thanks for always giving great inspiration....Cynde

I hope she continues to get better each day and is 100% very very soon! What an excellent chicken Mama you are! :)

Youre poor little chickies! I hope they all get better soon

Im glad Ms. Taylor is doing better. So good that you are a farm person that cares about her animals! I love seeing the pictures of all your babies.

Oh, Anna, I am so glad that she is getting better. I couldnt stand it if anything happened to her. I feel like your animals are a part of my life. I love reading about them and seeing pictures of all of them. Thank you for sharing.

I just had a wonderful morning chuckle reading about your chickens pox and all. As I mentioned once earlier, my gramma had rolls and rolls of chicken coops in the backyard (obviously I was raised in the country) and in those days - early 50s - there were no vets and folks relied on making up their own concoctions and praying like heck. gram had a wooden box - half of the box was partitioned off with chicken wire that housed a little pot filled with water propped up over a light bulb...a portable vaporizer...and shed put in Vicks vapor rub or eucalyptus leaves or other types of grasses in to cook. The poor sick chicken was a prisoner in the steam box until Gram decided it was well enough to go home or into the stew pot. It mustve worked or the chicken was doing its share of praying hard to get well and get out of that box. Those were the days. Great memories.

As a faithful follower of you blog, Ive nominated you for a Kreativ Award. Check out my blog for details: http://inkerbelle.blogspot.com/

You are a good mom. This must all be emotionally draining with your babies getting sick one after another. Hope your meds work and all is soon well in the Hen House! Ann Lind

As a faithful follower of you blog, Ive nominated you for a Kreativ Award. Check out my blog for details: http://inkerbelle.blogspot.com/

P.S. Just happened to see Lauris post re: chickens eating eggs - I was wondering the same!

I love to hear about people who will go the extra mile to make sure animals are okay! So glad to hear your treatments are working. And the picture is just gorgeous!

I am so glad that you still have all of your wonderful chickens! What a trying time when your coop has had such good health for so long. I wonder what triggered this incident? I am glad that Ms. Taylor is doing better. Dont worry about the hormone levels! Your chickens arent just chickens -- they belong to the family! I have a great deal of admiration for people who love all critters not just the typical pets!
Kudos for your caring!!! I hope all the rest of the farm animals are doing well and the puppy dogs and kitties!
Have a great weekend! Love, Manetta

Oh, Anna, you are SUCH a good Momma!! Poor Ms. Taylor...Im VERY glad you found out about the antibiotics for her. Thank goodness you FINALLY got some good information. What a blessing! Its wonderful that she has improved so much, and I trust she will continue to get better and better! I can just see you sitting there, elated that she was eating on her own! How fantastic!
Have a great weekend...I hope NO MORE chickens/roosters come down with this annoying Pox! You have your hands full ALREADY! What an ICU youve got going!!! :P

I am so fascinated with your chicken tales. I never knew they were soooo much work! The eggs are beauties.

Oh my, you have been busy! I think perhaps after all this you may be able to get some kind of certificate of nursing or doctoring for all your efforts, dont ya think!? Youve been persistent in your quest for aid. Poor little hens are so lucky to have you!!

Those are beautiful eggs! I dont have any hens but were always on the lookout for the beautiful discarded shells from nesting birds in our area. Theyre so pretty to see. We dont keep them, we just like to look at them and since we feed them, record what kind of birds might be in our neighborhood :) TFS

I love farm fresh eggs... right now I am buying them from our neighbor, but hubby is just a bit closer to approving a chicken pen! I want some fancy ones just like yours! Why be boring when there is such beautiful birds out there!

Oh you are SUCH a good and nurturing mother to your chickens! Thank you for taking the time to relate this story and for the exquisite photos. I savored your every word and pixel. While I dont have chickens, I do have a Dachshund and when he half closes one eye or blinks it rapidly I use people meds because thats what the vet has done previously. I wash the dogs eye out with people eye wash, then boil water with a tiny bit of boric acid, dip a cotton ball into the water, squeeze out the excess and gently wipe his closed eye without touching the cornea. Then I add the antibiotic ointment to his eye. He usually starts to look better within 2 hours. Im so happy that your chickens are receiving such good care. I know they sense your love and are basking in the special care.

As much as I read blogs for crafts, I love to hear about your chickens and the rest of your critters. Your photography is fantastic. I never knew so many beautiful chickens existed.

Thanks for yesterdays snowflake tutorial. Gotta get me some of that chunky glitter!

Love the photos of the eggs. And Ms Taylor is GORGEOUS! Heres to a speedy recovery!

Boy, Anna, if anything ever happens to me I will put you down as an emergency number. I know you will come up with something! I was hanging on every word and hoping for a happy outcome. My BEST to Ms. Taylor

what a beautiful bird, and how blessed she is to have you as an owner to care so much for her. How blessed I was to read this,

I miss fresh eggs like that.....I wish I could get some today for breakfast!

I *love* the variety of birds you have....theyre gorgeous!!

Oh, I sure hope Ms. Taylor fully recovers!!! I do think its funny you fed her eggs. I never thought about that - Im sure its been done, but it is kind of ironic. ;) Youre right though - good protein source and you have lots of beautiful eggs to use!!!

I love that you are crazy for your chickens. I hope Ms Taylor gets better soon!! :)

And by the way, I LOVE your chicken stories! Keep em comin girl!

Anna, can you tell us what you do with all the eggs? Are they safe to eat for breakfast???? Do you sell them? Do tell! Im so glad your chicks are on the mend!

what an incredibly gorgeous bird. those colors would certainly make an awesome card!
when someone loves and cares as much as you do, the *patient* cant help but respond and get better.
remember it took her a while to become ill, so she needs time to recouperate.


You are so wonderful and caring toward your little chickies!!!! Hope she continues to get better!

Not to be all city-girl on you, but chickens eat eggs? Isnt that against all laws of nature? Please tell me its okay...

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