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I love all your stuff, but what exactly is 'chipboard'?

Wow! It's too pretty to eat those toasted marshmallow jelly bellies!!!!

the tin and the ornament are so very pretty. I absolutely love them.

I LOVE your cute little tin!! Where do you buy them?

P.S. I like the glitter on the star! :)

These are so wonderful! They have such a country feel to them, and the toasted marshmellow jelly beans filled tin is genius! Best, Curt

Both are great projects! Where do you get tin-tiques?

Oh wow! Those are stunning!!!

These are both great!!! I have a pile of those rusty tin cut outs and I did I think if doing this - nope - boy are you creative! Thanks for sharing!!!

Gorgeous! I am lovin these rustic sparkly snowflakes for dressing up all types of gifts, cards, and projects! Thanks for sharing them Anna!

OMG!!!! i adore them both!! your creations with these snowflakes are inspiring me like crazy!! I love the colors, the glitter, the tin, the distressing...just love it all...i am going to have to make some cause its driving me crazy how wonderful they are!!
thank you!!!!!

Oh, very nice! I just love the vintage look of your snowflakes. Thanks.

Wow, these are absolutely beautiful. Another project for me to try. Thanks :( - Really, :) :) Love new projects.

Hope you had a great sleep and I must say, you outdid yourself last night. These projects are both stunning. Where did you purchase the tin-tinques? They look great.

I have really enjoyed these snowflakes youve been sharing, Anna! They are all so beautiful and lovely!

These are fabulous! Makes me want to rush to my craft room and search for those rusty ornaments I bought years ago. I wonder what I did with them.

Love the toasted marshmallow jellybean tin. Genius!

Anna, These projects are just so lovely. Who would not want to receive either of these. Just gorgeous!!!

Gurl! These are phenomenal!!!

These are adorable!!!! Hope you slept well!


Your mind is AMAZING...as is the tin!!! WOW! TFS.

Im really lovin all your beautiful glittery snowflakes and that ornament is to die for!!!

Those are beautiful!!!

I love the ornament! Ive never heard of the tin-tiques before and love the look!

How cool, Im just loving all your gift ideas that youre sharing. It looks so yummy and perfect for a curl up on the couch, watching your favorite movie kind of treat!

MY favorite saying is be warm inside out. About the only warm cozy feeling Ill have for the next 8 months is dropping by here and gawking at all your GREAT stuff.
I actually LOVE the snowflakes you made. You are just too clever AND you can cure ailing chickens. Amazing!!

Super cute! Love both ideas and I agree with you on the glitter.

Ps......love all the news about the chickens recently!

I think they were beautyful! Must make some one day!

Thank you for shearing the youtube video of the twin chicken, how amazing the life can be!

I have an award for you in my blog, Anna!

Hugs from Desiree in Norway

I love how everything you make seems so warm and cozy!!! What paper and ink do you use on the sentiments to shade it oh so yummy?????

I love these. I would like a tree decorated with just those snowflake ornaments. It would be gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing.

Anna that are absolutely GORGEOUS!

Wow, another amazing set of projects. Those are just fantastic!
Thanks for sharing.

These are both so stunning!!! I love them:) Usually, if I get a gift with an decoration on top, I re-gift it the next year but if I received a gift with these on top, Im sorry but I would not be re-gifting them. Id find someplace special to display them:) Cute Jelly Bellies - they look like little eggs :) TFS

Your snowflake creations have been so gorgeous this week!! Love them all. We even have the real stuff here.

How do I love thy art? Let me count the ways...

1. I love the hint of red glitter on the edges of the tan snowflake.
2. I love the subtle use of twine.
3. I love the sentiments (must purchase these at once)
4. I love your little banners.
5. I love the piercings on your banners.
6. I love the aged edges on your banners.
7. I love the evergreen sprig punch (where do I get one?)
8. I love the buttons
9. I love the cross stitch in the two tiny button holes.
10. I love toasted marshmallow flavored Jelly Bellies (www.jellybelly.com)
11. I love the gigantic snowflake.

Anna, these are gorgeous! I need to go digging thru my Christmas stuff now, because I have some rusty tin stuff!

ooooooh! another scrumptious project! I didnt even bother trying to resist the diamond dust...LOL....I am (impatiently) waiting for my ebay purchase! But last night I was thinking about how I needed a little brown button...to try and make an Anna snowflake! LOL!

Wow, the ornament is beautiful, love the rustic tin pared with the sparkle, lovely!Have to find that glitter, perhaps online?

Ive been trying to resist the diamond dust, but I loooooove what youve been it....think I just need to go order some. That ornament is adorable and the tin is great!

Anna these are beautiful!! I said in one of my other comments that I am in love with my Diamond Dust and snowflakes and its all because of you.
And that MS branch punch has seen alot of work from me too.
Have a great day!

These are so cute, love them!

Absolutely stunning! I love the vintage/rustic colors you are using. Who ever thought brown snowflakes could be so beautiful!!

Love both of these. But where do you get that candy? Never heard of it before.

Amazing projects, both! Ive tried to duplicate your pretty snowflakes, but theyre just not the same. Gorgeous works of art Anna...

WOW!!! I am Loving all the Gorgeous Snowflakes you are making!! You make me want to buy that Glass glitter, however, I am Very prone to hurting myself...so I need to find something less, well painful :)

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