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I wonder if you couldnt make a sweater out of the leg of a tube sock, or maybe the arm of an old childrens sweater?

LOL given me a giggle this morning!!


Love the she-crow card-great coloring. If I could knit I would make that poor chick a sweater-cute illustration!!

I love your card - it just radiates with color!! Im afraid she-crow would not work to scare crows, though - shes too darn cute!

Poor Tiny Tim! I can knit, crochet a little, but Im not so good as to knit without a pattern:( I like the sock idea that some had :)

So glad someone is making the poor little guy a sweater. My brothers Min-doxie is into his bomber jacket and he doesnt live far from you. Hell be in that jacket till Spring! When he starts panting, it comes off. What a vision to have! All your little chickens running around in sweaters! Thanks for the funny thoughts.

Now I KNOW why your Post today, started out with measurements ~ You really want to start your own line of Chicken ClUcK-cLuCk Clothes right? heheheee

I do know how to crochet knit but before you even get to that point, you have to design the CLuck-Cluck garment. :) A sweater or coat that you can get on easy, that will stay in place and be durable, easy to wash, and it must be designed to be comfy, otherwise, Mr. Featherless-Cluckless Tiny Tim [wink] and the other chicks will be pulling it apart in seconds.

I will send you a link to a woman who makes custom dog sweaters, coats, PJs, etc., as I think a sewn garment might be a better choice.... I mean if you are serious about starting your CluCk-CluCk-Cock-A-dOOdlE-DOOOo Sassy Sweet clothing line.:) I just had this AMAZING idea and vision in my mind ... what about producing Chicken sweaters that match; one for the chicken and one for the farmer!!! Im sure Alan would love that idea :D

I think Tiny Tims problem is that hes suffering from ~*Male Pattern Baldness*~, and is attempting to cover it up by using too much hair product [ie. Hair Gel LOL].

Again, your new ClUcK-ClUCk card is wonderful ~~ when are you going to start teaching some online classes [since I dont live anywhere near you] that outlines your techniques and passion for watercolouring ~ that would be a total BLAST!! Im positive I wouldnt be the only person interested in that! :)

What a cute card. And what a cute chicken! It makes me want to pick him up and cuddle him!

Tiny Tim will really strut his stuff with a classy new sweater and the girls will love him. Ann

Anna, he just needs to move into the house. Couldnt ask for a better alarm clock. If all else fails, cut off the cuff of one of Alans favorite socks, make two slits for his wings and slip it over his head. He would be so proud! But he has to be inside, wouldnt want him to get caught up in the barbwire.

1. Tell Alan that the little square chicken is the whole reason I purchased your Crazy for Chickens set.

2. I sure wish I knew how to crochet or knit because Id be honored to whip up something soft and cozy for Tiny Tim.

what a great card! that paper truly is wonderful! Ive used a lot of it myself.

Ok, first...that card is beautiful!! You always have the most amazing cards. Second, youre too funny...I wish I could crochet to help your poor frizzled chicken, but I dont...would a puppy sweater work? And third, I have an award for you on my blog...


I am so blessed every time I visit your blog. I never know if I am going to see a card or an animal, but I always know that I will burst out laughing!! Thank you so much for sharing your live with us through your blog. Although Ive never met you, I feel like I know you well!! Thank you.

WOW! That card is AWESOME!

The thought of a chicken in Texas needing a sweater has me rolling on the floor! Poor guy. Hey, maybe a blaze orange sweater since it is hunting season and you dont want him to be mistaken for a quail!

I think he needs a really thick sweater! After the summer heat of TX, hes not going to know what hit him!!!
Im sure you have the heat lamps for them hanging in the barn...thats his best bet, I believe! He might get under one and never move! haha Bless his heart, I hope he stops shivering soon! :D

Oh, the poor little fella! I am glad to had one response to say they would knit him one! I knitted a sweater once for my husband (then boyfriends) guinea pigs. It ended up being more like a belly band since there werent any spots for the legs or arms. They were cute in them though! What a memory that brought back! Thanks, Anna!

Love the card. The DP colors are terrific.

Poor Tiny Tim. I am glad Sabrina knows how to crochet. I am more of a fleece girl, just cut and tie.

Are you serious? lol. I crochet. Ive never made anything like that, but if you had a pattern, Id give it a whirl. :)

Umm - what size - and shape - are those Frizzles compared to the little Fairy Penguins. Ive got a sweater pattern for them from when they were looking for them after an oil spill, and would happily do one (knit, not crochet).

I ADORE this paper too!! I bought a few sheets of it weeks ago and finally got to play with it the other day BUT I might need to get more!! :)

Love the card! We are having beautiful fall weather here as well. Very nice after snow, ice and hail weve had all week!

I DEFINITELY think Tiny Tim needs a sweater. Ü

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