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Interesting... I would have never thought anyone would need a tutorial for putting glitter on punched shapes. I was directed here by someone else... guess I was expecting a more difficult technique.

It is so beautiful I have never seen something like that before.

A really cool pattern to do personalized gifts thank you!

I cracked-up at the Blu-Coat hands. I've been fixed-up with that stuff all my life. Yeah, cute at church or when you are having to give a talk.

I became allergic to it because of the Scarlet Oil that's in it. Actually gives me an asthma attack now.

I still sneak in and use it with a really special mask from my firefighter husband (heavy medical ones) and make sure I use the dipper and not the spray.

I think our Queenland Heeler has got more purple scars on her than any other animal. This place is great fun!

hi, I was wondering if the diamond glass glitter is dangerous to handle. (especially around little kids). what happens if it gets in your eyes or nose? By the way, I love your snowflakes.

Wow! I love this! I must have some of this glitter!! Oh, and thanks for the always humorous comments...I never know what to expect...so much information...more than you need to know about spiders (I actually showed that one to my mom...the one with the babies on the back) and now I know how to treat broken feathers on chickens!! LOL Thanks for sharing.

Hi Anna

Thanks for this very informative blog on the snowflakes. It is great to see for neebies like me, who don't know much about crafting.

Thanks for sharing and being sooo clever.

Do you have the frizzle chickens I have been reading about??

Hugs Julie

What a great tutorial tfs x x x

Great tutorial, many thanks, and thanks rach for link, sue.xx

I love these snowflakes...but I have a stupid question. Since this glitter is cut glass, can it cut you? I have a 1 yr old and I'm sure he'll find them just fascinating and try to take them off of the tree if I make them with this. Yes, I could hang them high, but...he's crafty. Love all your stuff. The video with Tiny Tim in his coat was hilarious!

AWESOME!! Thank you for all that you give each day!!

I am sending you HUGE CYBER HUGS.

I love these snowflakes...I made some this weekend and cased you in my blog...I also ordered some of these crystals yesterday...I cant wait to use them!! Thanks so much, Erin

These are just beautiful! Your directions are cracking me up, not sure which I like better the instruction to admire or the stained blue fingers! LOL!

This is fabulous Anna. Thanks so much for the tutorial
Dawn B.

Anna these snowflakes with the diamond dust are gorgeous....

Just gorgeous, Anna! Love that beautiful card!

Thanks for the tutorial, need to try this :o)

Wow, Anna! Your colors are always so warm and rich, I just love your cards. The addition of the sparkle accents to this one is just stunning. Beautiful work...

Wow Anna, you always give me such inspiration, I am definitely going to have to try this, love the look!!!

I am cracking up. You are such a hoot. I love the step Remove the snowflake and admire. Oooh, pretty! IT might be the only one I would get right!

love your snow flakes! thank you for the tutorial!. awesome..!

Im going to have to find some of that stuff! It certainly looks wonderful on the snowflake and your flower shape! Thanks for the tutorial, Sweetie!

Today a HUGE jar of snow glitter arrived from a recent shopping splurge. I wondered how I would use it up...now I know!!!!

Thanks for the tutorial!!

Anna, your snowflakes are FAB!! I love that glitter and how you layered a flower and snowflake...so pretty!

What a beautiful card! Thanks for the wonderful tutorial!!

Beautiful card! I love Diamond Dust. I found mine at Michaels.

Thanks for sharing your tips with us! I am loving the rich browns you have been using lately.

fabulous tutorial, and even better card...really like the body art though too!


Thanks Miss Blu-Kote for demonstrating just how talented you are :) Where in the world did you get that big Honkin bowl of Diamond Dust Glitter? I have a teeny-tiny jar of it, similar to what embossing powder comes in, so I have to be ~cheap~ with it and only use it for people I really REALLY like :D Adore your card but found your commentary very amusing. heheheee

Great tutorial, Anna, and I love the commentary, too! lol

Thanks, Anna, for supplying us with great tutorials. Love the comments...now Ill be thinking of pinfeathers while Im sparkling up some Christmas card snowflakes!

Anna ~ thank you for sharing not only your awesome techniques but also your fabulous sense of humor! I was smiling throughout the tutorial. Great job and thanks again!

Hi Anna, LOVE the tips you keep posting! :D xxx

I really dont like s-n-o-w all that much, but dang, girl, your flakes are to die for! They remind me of these really cool ceramic ornaments we got from Aunt Diane one year for Christmas. Sniff, Sniff (insert happy childhood memories). Aunt Diane is also awesome with her sewing skills and her chicken raising skills. Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy!

Loved your glittery tutorial the blu kote info - I was afraid you had cut yourself with all that sparkle! Your vintage snowflakes are really nice - thanks.

Ooohhhh, Aaaahhhh! I was admiring your snowflakes! Thanks for the tutorial and your card is beautiful!

VERY C O O L!!!!! I LOVE your posts! The day is not the same without reding something by you Thanks for this tutorial!

I thouroughly enjoyed your glitter turorial - have you thought of writing a book? Seriously! Youve got the professional cards and photos, and humor too! You could leave in the part about BluKote (or not) :)

Thank you- thank you- thank you- so much

Such an enabler you are !! hahaha. Now I need to get some of that glitter for myself :-)

Ok, so seriously this would take me so long...I would just sit and admire all day! LOL
Thanks for sharing...now I gotta get some Diamond Dust (psst...Hobby Lobby has it in the Christmas craft aisle and it goes on sale often!)

Thanks for taking all that time to show everyone how you do the snowflakes. I love how they look. :)

Oh! That is beautiful! I love the look of that chunky glitter!

Oh my girl, this is STUNNING!!

thanks for the tutorial! now to find some of that great glitter!

I know Ive said it before, but your vintage/homespun cards are my absolute fave! :)

You are the cats meow, the chickens cluck, the cows moo....and thats all GOOD!!!
Thanks for all the great info...and I know just what BluKote is...Oh mercy, it WILL be there awhile! haha
Thank you for all you do...you are magnificent! Have a fabulous weekend, too! :D

Ooh, vintagy and sparkly and oh so lovely!!!

Wow! Love this card and the snowflake play-by-play. Hope the chickens are over the pox!

Love the snowflake tutorial! I have a miriad of snowflakes just waiting to be *dusted*:) TFS


The brown snowflakes look a little like the snow we see here in the Midwest!

Now that brown shape all covered in glitter (image # 9) has me drooling for gingerbread cookies.YUMMO...Think Id better go bake some biscuits just so I can glitter me some cardstock!WAHOO!


Thanks for the tutorial, Anna. I MUST get some of this glitter!

Look at your inky fingers! And here I was picturing your pristine crafting area where glitter wouldnt stick to every available surface including your face and ink stays on the stamps, paper and projects, never straying to your fingertips, clothing, table, floor, walls...

I feel ever so better about my crafting now!

What a great project, by the way. Love it.

Holy cow! Talk about ask and you shall receive...thank you! Ill be looking for the Diamond Dust Glitter on ebay today. Thank you for the two tutorials: the diamond glitter dust and Blu-Kote application. Bonus! Fabulous card too. Thanks again. I love you - will you marry me? (thats a joke Anna - Im happily married in Virginia (not Utah)). Hee-hee.

thanks for the instructions Anna! I just bought a snowflake stamp yesterday so Ill be trying your technique today!


how gorgeous these are. thank you for sharing
Jay :)

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