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Wow, how egg-citing! The egg I mean, not the pox. Thats a stinker, but glad its under control! The card is adorable! I love the worn and weathered feel to it!

These chickens are just fantstic.. what a great card Anna!!!

I look in your blog, and you make the must beautyful card I`we seen. I have your link in my blog, I hope it`s ok.


Great card, Anna. The chicken is sooo cute. Hope your chickens get better soon, by the way I just love your chicken stories!
Take care

Your poor beautiful chickens!! Are they expected to make a full recovery? You must be heart broken they are all named and part of your farm critter family. Ann Lind

Okay, you are killing me with all these chickens. You are like chicken CRAZY and it is making me go CHICKEN CRAZY!!! LOL

Sorry to hear about the chicken pox. Sending good thoughts of a speedy recovery for all your sweet babies!! :)

I have been checking in often over here and enjoying the cards not even telling you about my enjoyment. I thought I would talk today though. I cannot believe all the extra stuff you have had happen on the farm this year! sheesh. I LOVE the card though with the chicken dotted from his pox. I also love the new bunnies on the sled card, the heart one and others, MY favorite though is Clifford standing out in front of his little travel trailer. SOOO funny. He is just a cute turkey.

Oh Anna I wish your chickens a speedy recovery. I viewed the photos you mentioned and (Ick!).
Your card though is darling.

Awww..cute card! not cute about the pox though. Sorry youre dealing with that. Hope they get over it soon. :)

ooh the poor little chickens!!!!! Glad you caught it early! Hope they all get better soon!!!

Oh, now you have me worried about my little flock! LOL Get well wishes for the chickies!

Hello Anna------------You always have the BEST stories to tell-----Your drawings are wonderful and so comical-----Enjoy reading about your latest adventures with your babies

Barbara in Bellflower

Adorable card and AACCK is right - I jumped to the backyard chickens site and that doesnt look good! My son just got over a mild case of HUMAN chicken pox... and he still has little scars all over his tummy!

Ohhhh Anna, your spotted chic is too cute :) You just LOVE teasing me with all these gobblers dont cha! [wink]

Once all your chicks are old enough, how many eggs do you estimate they will produce daily? How do you ~use~ all of the eggs ~ share, sell , eat loads of scrambled eggs? ha I really fancy that leather twine/hemp you are using too.

Super cute card Anna, hope your chickens are doing better!!

Oh, gosh, Anna ~ I didnt know there was such a thing as REAL Chicken Pox ~ I mean, in CHICKENS!!! This is such a funny card, but I do hope your chickens get well!!! I love this card so much ~ I just CASED it!! But instead of the blue background, I used a washed out red checkered ... and I used the chicken from Walk This Way ~ looks real cute. Thanks for all your ideas...I love to look at your cards each day! Love from cold and rainy Idaho, Jeanne H

well I was laughing so hard over your card, and then I read further along in your post. gosh, what a terrible thing to go through with the chickens and roosters! first a rascally raccoon and now this. Im so sorry for all that those poor critters are going through. tell them hello from all of us and that we want them to get well soon!! :)

This title cracked me up! But at the time, I was thinking of when my boys had chicken pox! So sorry your chickens are having problems; I surely hope they are all better really soon. The card is just precious...so cute! I sure hope you cheer up soon, as I know about those emotional times myself~~not fun...but part of life, I suppose. Take care, we all love you dearly!!! =)

Wow, sounds like you have your hands full. The only pox I had ever heard of, before now, was Chicken Pox that humans get, or used to get, which is also related to Shingles. None of which is any fun. So glad you cant catch this from your hens:)

Love the card, hope the chickens are doing better. I never knew that they could get chicken pox let alone carried by those annoying mosquitoes! I really LOL about the decoy egg ~ never knew that either! I love learning all about the farm life from you, so thanks for continuing to share!

Oh I hope your chickens do well. I sounds like a horrible mess.It is so interesting learning about chicken life. Great card as well.

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