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The eggs are gorgeous.....makes me want some scrambly eggs! *wink*

Aaah, I love your posts about the hens.....I miss having them so much!


Wow I love the eggs. They are just fine!!!

This is so interesting! I just love hearing about all of your animals. Thanks for sharing your little slice of the world.

Hey Anna! I have a silly question . . . do all of the eggs laid by these various breeds of chickens taste the same? I hope you and your family have safe and happy holidays!!

I love your cards, but I gotta say, I always look forward to life on the farm stories. Okay...I have a really stupid question, but I'm gonna ask anyway...do you EAT these eggs???

I'm a city girl, but I love the stories about your farm animals, especially the chickens. That bowl of eggs belongs in the Louvre. You remind us all of the beauty of nature. The fizzy with a sweater, I fell on the floor laughing and yet was so touched that someone was so companionate to design a sweater for a chicken. The chicken in the sweater belongs in the Louvre too. Thank you for my daily dose of sanity.

What a wonderful bowl of freshly laid eggs!!! They are just gorgeous! That has to be such a fun thing, to gather the hens' eggs! It's so neat that you know each one's creations...how cool. Gotta love chickens!!!

Beautiful eggs, fantastic photography!! TFS

awwwwww there's nothing better than farm fresh eggs!

What an excellent photo! I love the autumnal colors of the eggs! This photo would make a great card...hint hint.

Anna, these are so pretty! You are really giving me chicken pox...err, I mean chicken fever! I'm hoping my husband can build me a coop this spring...or maybe earlier if I can talk him into it! All of your pictures of Tiny Tim crack me up and I know I have to have at least one tiny roo. I just want to scoop him up and give him some love!

i enjoy reading about the hens/chickens. it is very interesting to me. i am a city gal-no where near chickens or hens, have i been!

I just love reading these farm life posts. My grandparents used to raise chickens and geese, and it totally takes me back to read all of this stuff. :)

I don't really have a point to my comment, I just thought I'd tell you that!

Oh.... wait... one random question... what font did you use on the text on the picture? I love it!

WOW! How outstanding! What a perfect collection captured by a fantastic photographer. You're just the bestest Miss Anna! I think I might have to be inspirted by this bowl of eggs.
Thanks for sharing!

Until I read your blog, I had no idea that birds ever had trouble laying eggs or that they got them STUCK inside sometimes. What an education you've given us. Those eggs are so fun! Love the different shades and sizes.

OK....when the kids are studying eggs in the spring, we are so going to call you!

And I'm certain you know by now that UofO beat OSU yesterday in the Civil War.......You used to live in Eugene: I grew up in Corvallis. I lived in Seattle for 27 years, your parents live not too far away..... I love reading your blog each day... especially your wimsy sense of style and your love of the farm. Happy Thanksgiving.. with all the blessings that go with it. And I feel a certain connection to you, geographically...

So gorgeous Anna! Thanks for sharing with us. It's fun to see little bits of everyday "farm life" through your lense. Smiles,

Wow those are so pretty! I'm glad I don't have to lay eggs!! I love all your stuff, and I've even been making some lovely snowflakes from your inspiration!! Thanks for sharing your life and crafts all in one place!

I always felt so sorry for some of our chickens when they laid eggs. It's got to be painful trying to squeeze one out. I miss our chickens. DH doesn't want to start again because something got into the pen and ate most of ours.

What a simply gorgeous bowl of eggs! I love the look of brown eggs!!!

What a beautiful bowl of eggs!!! It's really cool that they are each so different and unique. Thanks for sharing!

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