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ROFLOL! Glad to hear that you finally got the coon! Hopefully your chickens are enjoying their nightly freedom once again!

Yabadabadoooo! Horray for the farmers! Nasty ol' coon has met his match! Hope he is 'el morte'!

You finally got him! Yay! I have a recipe for raccoon in my Dillard House cookbook if you are brave enought to try it. I'm not! LOL

Congrats on another adorable release, Anna... Darling Christmas images!

LOVE the NEW images Anna, Snowman for Peace is a must for me!

Have a wonderful week, Jennifer :)

Nuts, I didn't get a pic with this. Anyway, glad you finally got him and hope he is skinned and in the pot! you can make a hat! :)
Oh, and tell Grandma Dar to watch out. Killing woodpeckers is against the law! shhhh, don't tell the game warden!

Hot dog! I was just thinking about him yesterday and wondering if you were ever going to catch the wily critter. Did you take him somewhere far enough away that he'll never come back?

Farmers are sometimes more persistent than racoons, especially when they have all those adorable chicks!!Thanks for sharing!

Hurrah!!! Congrats!


OMGOSH, Anna I literally spit when I saw that *sheriff*! Yea for winning the battle! (I just hope you haven't started a war!) :o)

Thanks for the good laugh. That cowboy icon cracks me up. Especially after I read your little note. Farmer 1, Racoon 0. YES!

Careful, Anna ~~ where there is one, there are usually more than one!! Keep those chickies safe for a while!!! Love the smiley :)

i hope you got him good i hate when my chicks get eaten

Thanks for the chuckle this morning!! I needed that!! The chickens will sleep in peace now that they are safe! GO FARMERS!!!

I know you are glad about that! I love that guitar strumming chicken in another post-so very cute. tfs

i'm SO happy... i've been watching for an update!

yippppeeeeeeee! I'm thrilled for you and for the chickens! :)

thanks for the update - I know many of us were wondering how it was going.


Yay! The chickens are free again!

Yay!! You and Allan gonna have racoon soup now??? Watch out, there might be more!! JeanneH in Idaho

Thank goodness you finally caught him!

now I'm going to be looking for some racoon illustrations. LOL!! Glad to know that's been taking "care" of. heehee

Yay - so glad to hear it... Thanks for sharing, I'd been wondering how that was going. =)
Happy Belated Birthday, too!

Your smiley guy makes me think of Yosemite Sam, "Varmint, I'm a-gonna blow ya to smithereenies!". :)

hahaha!! YAY!!!!!!!!! I was so worried about your pretty chickens! :)

At long last! The precise news I'd been waiting for! Huge congratulations to you and Alan for the big capture. I'm glad your cackle can rest easy now.

Congratulations! I'm sorry for the raccoon though -- so cute but so destructive. P.S. I love your chicken illustrations!!!

One for the chickens!

My husband got the Woodpecker today also. He was making holes in our house...
Gramma Dar :-)

That emoticon is the cutest little shooter I have ever seen. Glad you got that coon!

YAHOOOOO!!So happy to hear you are rid of them!!

Yay for you!! Glad you are rid of the varmint!

Happy for the chickens...Sorry a little for the raccoon (they are cute).

Ohhh..be cautious...where there is one there is usually more..so lock up for a little while until you are sure there are no more.
I don't want to ask what happened to him...I am picturing him out in the wilderness, far from the chicks, with dinner magically appearing for him every night so he does not have to hunt in your neighbourhood any more. LOL

Um...seriously...any tips would be welcome..I think they are reaching into my pond and hurting the fish through the protective cover...some of them have nasty cuts on the backs. :-(

HURRAY for the FARMERS!!!!!
So glad you caught him...hopefully he doesn't have any friends in the neighborhood...
I was thinking about the situation today, wondering if you had gotten him yet...thanks for telling us the good news!
Your chickens will be so happy to be free again! :D

Hi ho the dairy-o!! yoo hoo to the farmer!

I would assume you mean one fat old racoon met with an untimely demise. My in-laws have had a herd of racoons move into their farm they are eating the cats food and come right into the garage. I think they said they had counted 5 or 6 of them. They are all full grown but are probably a family unit. Glad you finally got rid of yours. Your poor chickens didn't stand a chance. You will both be glad not to have to do the lock up at nights. Ann Lind

You go farmers!

Whoo hoo!! Happy farmers, happy chickens! :)

Horray! I'm so happy that stinkin' raccoon won't pester you anymore. :)
Totally made me laugh!


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