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Hi Anna,

I think you should name hime "Michelle's new Kitty"!

He is beautiful! I love those blue eyes. You have the most amazing eye for photography and I love looking at you pictures.


I thought of Bailey too!

OMGosh...what a cute kitty! I would call him Teddy, because he looks so cuddly, even though he really doesn't let you cuddle. :)

My kids and I are listening to a great audio book called "The Underneath," by Kathi Appelt. The story is wonderful, can't really describe it - there are so many layers of story telling going on. The main story is about two little kittens, Puck and Sabine. They are born in the Underneath, where they are safe. One day Puck ventures out, and he is now trying to journey back to his sister. Both kittens are silver, Puck has a white crescent moon on his forehead.

Long way of saying, he should be Puck!

You just take the bestest photos! He is so adorable................full of MISCHIEF

OH he is just TOO cute for words! Your photography is amazing! Do you use a long lens so you can stand right back? Your animals always seem so at ease

I want to hug him and squeeze him and call him George. Or Shenanigan, he looks like a little troublemaker :)

My daughter is always calling our medium haired cat "fluffadoodle". Might be cute considering how many chickens you have - would make a good chicken name for one of your frizzles too :-)

Isn't he adorable??? He is so scruffy-looking, which gives me the idea that his name should be Scruffy. :-)

Oh my how cute! I love kitties! That face says trouble...

I don't know how you keep track of all the names of your animals...I get my kids mixed up! LOL!

My goodness, he is sooooooooo adorable, be still my heart!!! TFS

He's sooooooo cute! I would name him Max for the obvious and very clear initial "M" that has been stamped on his forehead... apparently with Stazon Black ink ;)

I think you hit the nail on the head when you called him 'Fur Ball'! :)

He certainly is adorable with those blue eyes, but I'd have to name them Achoo, Gazoontite & GodBlessYou because I'm allergic, LOL! How about in honor of Old Blue Eyes -- Frankie.

I thought of another name. How about "Scout" since he is the brave one of the litter and keeps watch for the others.

OMG!! What a beautiful kitty!! I am partial to Hailey or Bailey...I think it would suit her very much! :0)

Mom hid them in the hay bales, right? So how about Hayward or Hayley(for a sister)? Or Bale-lee or Alfalfa? Or Strawbridge or Meadow? Just to name a few. LOL

Looooooove your pics, Anna! DH says you should call this charming kitten 'Bandit' cuz he looks like a raccoon. And I think it's an appropriate name give your recent bout with the chicken lovin' raccoon! :)

Well, we took a vote (just the two of us)LOL!! and Christina votes for "Boo" - naturally because it is her nickname as well. and I vote for "Quigley" - from the movie 'Quigley Down Under' because he looks like an adventurer to me!!! LOVE the new sets. Sandra and Christina

Ooh....soo adorable! How bout "Seigfried and Roy"...he looks like one of the white tigers they train!

OK - now that I think about it - what about Peter (for Peter Rabbit) and his sisters can be Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail? He is the brave one that comes out to check out the world. . . not that he would ever get into trouble. . .

Sorry, I have "Pride & Prejudice" on the brain. I like the name Mr. Darcy. For the female cats, I would name them after the Bennet sisters: Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty, and Lydia.

Oh how precious Anna! I just want to reach in the computer screen and grab him!! So cute!!

My three year old little girl LOVES cats and especially kittens - you are so her biggest hero right now! She is sitting next to me looking at these photos and is over the moon! lol - How does it feel to be adored by a 3 year old? lol


Can I call him . . . MINE?!
He's just precious!

His markngs are nearly perfect and so beautiful. He seems like a very adventursome kitty, full of bravery and courage. I think his name should be Gideon, or maybe Hayseed (just for fun)! Your pictures are wonderful, and I hope the girls will lose their fear and come out long enough for you to take their pictures. Good luck in the name selection, can't wait to hear the decision...

Oh what a beauty!!!
How about Hunter?

My daughter and I love to see your animal pictures. She has chosen the name "Whiskers." He's adorable :)

I have been trying to think what this sweetie reminds me of and it is a Lynx or Bobcat kitten a little longer tufts on his ears and he could pass for one he has that hunter look. Look out chickens!!!. Ann lind

Anna, his second idea is *Freckles*.

My ds (12) loves these pictures. His idea for a name is *Sparky*

How about Scamp.

What a cutie!!! Look at that sweet face!! How about "Silver"??

In the Dresden Files series of novels (also a short-run tv show), the Wizard Harry Dresden works with a police LT named Karrin Murphy. So Murphey Jr. made me think of that. Harry's cat's name is Mister. His dog's name is Mouse. (He's a Foo Dog.) There's also his girlfriend Susan and ex-girlfriend Elaine. Maybe you could name all the kittens as characters from the novels to go with their momma's name. :)

He is absolutely adorable. I could just latch onto him and love him all to pieces. Thank you for sharing your photos.

No clue on a name, but he is SOOO cute!! I totally want to pick him up and cuddle him! :)

P.S. Thanks for posting kitty pictures!

He is so adorable! How about Scooter?

I like Diane's name...Fluffles! He's a real cutey all right!!

Awwww, how STINKIN' CUTE!!

The suggested name of Smokey gets my vote too. :)

When I was little I had a kitten that looked just like him. How sweet...His name was bandit for the little mask it looked like he had around his eyes. So I suggest Bandit....

Those have to be the MOST adorable, beautiful kittens I've seen in a very long time. Those magnificant blue eyes really get me and the coloring is awesome!! I like the name Bailey, Muffin, Blueberry (don't know why but I do). I continue to LOVE your photos! They really brighten my day. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

No name suggestions from me...just think he's a total cutie pie!!!

Do you have a Thomas in your brood? He just looks like a "Thomas" to me. Definitely a delicious little thing. Purrrrfect! =)

I think the little guy should be named Avocado. Just 'cuz. :)

I just love seeing pictures of your animals. Of course, I love your cards and designs, but the animals are a highlight of my day I must admit. I think this little guy looks like a Bailey. I think Bailey is a great name for a cat who is independent, adventuresome and down right adorable.

Will you please send that kitten to Colorado. HE IS ADORABLE. My first thought for a name is Dusty - because he is an outdoor kitten, plays in the barn in the hay, I can just smell the hay dust.

What an adorable kitten! The pictures of him are fantastic!
The first name that came to mind as I read this post was "Mist". His coloring just reminds me of a misty morning in the valley. All nice and grey but sweet and promising too.
Have fun picking a name for him!

Bailey and Finn are good ones! But how about Gilligan? LOL

I like Boo, and I like Bailey since he plays on the bales of hay. One of his sisters should be Haylee. He is so cute. Thanks for sharing. Mari

Wow, what a cutie!! All I can think of is *sweet face* and *grey phantom* which is maybe not so great for a sweet kitten, but when he grows it may be more appropriate :) I'm sure you'll come up with great name.

Ive been reading all the suggestions and my favs are either Spider or Hayden. That marking on his forhead definatly looks like a spider but the playing in the hay, Hayden fits him too! I cant wait to see what you decide. Great photos!!!

Aww, he is cute! You do such a great job taking photos! That mark on his forehead kind of reminds me of a spider; that's probably what I would call him - Spider.

These kittens are SOOOOO cute (bit I am allergic to them :)
Think you should call him Clancy!

Such a sweet little face!!! I can't get over it! He is just the cutest thing! I like Toby. I also thought of Hayden (kinda fits w/the play on words) :)

Oh my gosh, he's gorgeous! I know you shouldn't say that for a boy, but he is! His markings are beautiful. Oops, did it again! I like Bailey as already mentioned, Oscar and Chester. Thanks for sharing the pics of such a cutie!!

So precious!!! I wish I could have a cat but don't think my dog (& husband) would appreciate it. LOL My first thought was Quincy or Quisty (short for Inquisitive). Besides, I like the letter "Q". :)

Your photos are gorgeous, and I love your beautiful little kitten. He seemed to mold himself into that hay trying to hide, and his color...well...that all reminds me of clay, so I like the name Clayton. He looks like a Clayton to me. Thanks for sharing!!

Thing 1
or Thing 2

This kitten is darling, and your pics are fabulous! How bout Rascal or Bailey. He looks a bit ornery....

He is adorable! I'm not very good at giving names to animals, so I don't have a suggestion...just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the pics.

Awwwww!!!! He's so adorable! How about "Fluffles"


Sooo cute!!

I think because it's almost Halloween, and he

1) Looks perpetually surprised and
2) Is clearly going to be someone's boyfriend because he's soo beautiful,

that his name should be BOO.

I want him! I want him! I want him! He is so adorable. I love the stripes on his forehead. Three sisters...hmmmm....Prince could work for a name. It's not to cat like.

Oh Anna these pictures are so adorable! I had cats my whole life until my second son was born. He had asthma and so I was told the cats had to go. Even then I kept the ones I had until they met their natural end. (Looking back I can hardly believe that I actually gave my son medicines every day just so I could keep my cats... What was I thinking?) So yup.. I LOVE CATS!! Love some of the suggestions I read for a name. My last two cats were named Gonzo and Boomer...

Oh, Anna, these are wonderful photos. For some reason, this little one reminds me of the old book, "Stalking the Wild Asparagus" by Euell Gibbons..... Good luck with the names, and thank you for sharing such great photos.

You have taken the most gorgeous pictures of these kitties! I think he should be Gulliver. Being that he is the Traveler, and so brave and all...
Just love that face....

OMG- If he isn't just the cutest little guy EVER I don't know what is!! I want to squish him--- not in a bad way - :) I think he looks like a "Pip" -- I could see him as Seymore too. Just adorable though-- the black and white with his little tail fluffed up is my favorite!


Ah! I was just about to suggest "Spike" too! Seems like a good name for a barnyard cat. I love him...is he Maine Coon? My favorite breed....Oh, maybe I shouldn't have said "coon" since that word has been recently a bad word around the farm! Oh, well - I love thse pics, Anna....wish I was in the market for a kitten....love from Idaho, Jeanne xo

This kitten is too doggone adorable. I love the markings and the one between his eyes sort of reminds me of a Spider so I was thinking maybe "Spidey" but since you hate spiders maybe Sherlock would be a better name!

His name should be Bales.

Love the photos. Wish I could adopt him.

Oh, I am SOOOO in love with this precious little guy! He is just the cutest, most squishable little thing ever!!!!
Ha, that made me think of Squiggy, on Laverne and Shirley...LOL That's not a handsome name though, he should have a very distinguished name like Thomas, or Jackson, or Winston...:D Or he could be a good ol' farm boy like Jake or Sam...

You're all wrong. His name should be Smokey look at him. He's smokey, and soooooo adorable - I wish I weren't allergic. I'd love to wake up to that face each morning and come home to it each night.
Loving the blog - thanks for sharing everything

Oh yeah, and sisters Markley, Monroe and Mable. On our farm we always named the offspring the same initial as the Momma and we could always remember from which line the animals came and then we added syllables for each generation.

Oh, so many adorable names!!! I think you should name him Bijou - after all, that's going to be his name when he comes to live with me, he might as well get used to it now . . . hee hee. Have I mentioned to you that I am absolutely in love with him?

What great photos. He looks like a Manny to me. Congrats on the 4 new sets!

How about Hay Seed? It fits with my weird mood tonight. Been a long time since I had a kitten-the day princess diana died, I got my Spencer from the Humane Society. Blue eyes, female, didn't want to call her
Diana-so went with her family name. 11 years old-my baby.

He has a mischievous look like I always imagined that Huckleberry Finn had. What about just plain 'Finn'?

Love your blog, cards, and photos. Ok, names I picked have nothing to do with the way he looks. Since he has siblings, I'm thinking Billy, Millie, Lilly, and Tilly.

he is so adorable. i'm feeling scruffy (alright, maybe im partial to that name because that is the name of my cat, but they really do resemble eachother :-) ). Thanks for posting the pictures!!

he is just gorgeous! absolutely gorgeous. I love that black and white photo!

OMG Anna, I just LOVE these kittens! Hannah & I were looking at your pictures and Hannah thought of "Casper" for a name?! Hope you like it, can't wait to see what name you pick!

Hugs, Jennifer & Hannah :)

How about ROCKY. He looks like a fighter. I love spunky kittens like him.

Okay, I coming to pick up "little man" tomorrow. I need him. Especially after this morning...I had to put my sweet Callie girl down. She was 16. I am going a little crazy, pretty much emotionally unstable at this point. It will get easier, I know. <-- didn't mean to be so depressing, sorry about that...

Thank you for posting these pics. They made me smile... :)

Oh my goodness, he is so soft and fluffy looking! And absolutely adorable. Thanks for sharing the photos! :)

awww - he is SO sweet!
the first thing that came to my mind is Tiger.
Cliche I know, but its his face........

Your pictures capture the essence of a kitten perfectly! Your cards are beautiful too.

I think I would call him Spike. What a cutie!! I saw one very like him at a pet adoption shelter. He kept reaching out to me it was hard not to take him home but we live on a busy narrow road and I wouldn't want him run over and I DON"T do litter boxes yuck!! Guess I'll just have to stick to dogs we have a fenced yard and a large field out in front of our house to dog walk safely. Ann Lind

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