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ouch! I hate when I do something like that! But this little lamb is wonderful!! hmmmm....I'd be all over a stamp set of primitive-like farm animals! I sure wish something like that was available for me to purchase...hmmm.....

This little lamb is darling... Just darling!

i love everything about this, so cute!!!!!!!

Love, love, love this card!!

Sorry to hear about your noggin. Hope it feels better real soon!

Guys always have to be funny huh? Ü I've done that in the garage too....ouch! Hope you are feeling better and super cute card!

O*U*C*H*, so sorry about your precious head! I surely hope it's feeling better by now! We need those creative brains of yours, so don't be damaging them!!!
Take care, and yes~~ a helmet might just be the way to go! :D

I love this card and your illustrations. Take care of yourself and be careful. I know that must have hurt.

Love the card! I too bonked my head on our cattle chute, men must think alike , my hubby said the same thing! I may not comment all the time but I love getting your posts!

Such an adorable card! The colors are awesome!! :)

Great card. My head commiserates with your head! I have an awning-style garage door that is manual (not operated by an opener)...I pulled it down and misjudged where the edge was coming down, and it smacked on the top of my head! I staggered and thought, I wonder what it feels like to pass out, but I didn't pass out. Just got a huge lump on my head. I was ready for a helmet after it happened twice, but now I guess I have the hang of it :(

Adorable card!!

Ouch!!! I bet that hurt! Feel better soon!!

I do stuff like that all the time. It's because I'm always in a hurry and my feet go faster than my brain, lol. (Feet, see that open dishwasher door, don't....Yikes that hurt!) Well, you get the drift, I'm a walking disaster:)

I love this! ewe're the one!

now thats hurt farm life is full of hazards thatswhy its so fun

Totally cute, I love it!!

That's it! It's settled. I'm sending you that helmet post haste. Don't you know you have readers depending on you? Please stop taking such risks. I adore the Valentine Ewe and I do hope it will become part of your Spring line.

How precious is this? I love it!! And a sneak peek to boot, who doesn't love THAT? :)

Adorable card-- and I had just told my husband that I thought a little sheep with different seasonal "blankets" would be adorable-- a heart, a pumpkin, a bunny face, a star, etc. I see a future set! :)

Be sure to watch that you didn't do something serious to your head. I hope you iced it. If you're having a headache you may want to get it checked.

She is adorable!! Love the flourish and the button, so cute!! PLEASE be careful, hope your head is feeling better!

could call it 'Love Ewe'. pretty card!!!

Again, a wonderfully adorable card! I LOVE your drawing, and your characters are so whimsical and fun! You are so talented! Best, Curt PS Sorry about your head!

Super cute card! Now *please* be careful, girl!

OMgosh Anna I injured myself today too and it HURT. I was stepping off of a step stool and my toe jammed straight down onto a metal bar that was on the floor. My big toe I am sure is broken. Its all black and blue and ridiculous because it seems that I am ALWAYS hurting my feet. So clumsy. Ouch. I hope you feel ok. I finally picked up skater bear from memory box. It was on order at my LSS. I was just coming over to get some inspiration.

Anna, this is *adorable*. . .and hey, when I was younger one of my cousins threw a cinderblock at me (I guess *toward* me, but whatever!) and the thing BROKE when it hit my head. They still pick on me for having a hard head!

I love the lamb sketch and the colors of the card. My husband has a penchant for banging the top of his head I keep saying I am going to by him a helmet.Fall is a busy time we just finished the last of the garden and the flower beds in preparation for winter. Canning all done Yahoo!!! Ann Lind

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