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Hai Anna,

im Husainei,from malaysia,just wanted to check with you,do you post the hatching eggs to malaysia,what i mean the golden polish eggs,im crazy of your chicken,if anythig you can email to me at [email protected]

i heart your chickens!!!

Gosh, Anna, thanks for all the new pix of the chickens. It's amazing how many different kinds there are... and how beautiful! I'm entranced.

Hi, Anna: Not being a country gal, I was wondering why you and Alan have such a unique variety of animals. Are they for breeding and selling? Dinner? Beauty?


P.S. Still a little disturbed by the raccoon post. RIP.

Hi, Anna:

Not being a country gal, I was wondering why you and Alan have such a wide variety of animals. Is the plan to have little baby varieties to sell? For eating? For their unique beauty? Curious.


P.S. Still a little disturbed by the raccoon post. :-(

Your photography is excellent, and these chickens are MUCH "cuter" than those other ones. Just MHO though. I'm sure you love them all equally. =) ~Rebecca

Your pictures are fabulous! You should make them into a calendar!

These photos are ALL awesome!!

I always love seeing the animal pictures!! Your photography is awesome. Thank you for sharing.
~Lacey Stephens

Chickens are beautiful. Thank you.

Loving all the chicken portraits! Makes me miss our chickens, but they are at a happy home where they can roam all over now.

Cool birds! I wonder if you ever use their feathers in your art. I guess I was just imagining Alan with Red Frizzle "hair"...

Look at those chickens posing for pictures. I had no idea there were so many different types. It is great finding out so many things about them.

I LOVE YOUR FRIZZLES! I'm SO jealous of your beautiful chickens! :D They are all just gorgeous (well, except for Roo LOL)...and he's nice in his own way! Ginger is SO lovely, and the non-Frizzles...WOW! What interesting looking poultry!!!
I'd love to stroke those pretty chickens, but alas, I'll have to leave that to you. Give them a nice lovey hug for me! They are awesome! :D

Excuse me, did I say Frazzles? (That's how I feel when hair won't behave, lol) It must have been slip of the tongue:) Make that Frizzles!

What fun pictures! I love them all! The Frazzles are so interesting looking but I think the Golden Polish Bantam looks like she should be on a fashion runway - the feathers are just gorgeous!! TFS

wow they are so nice i have polishs just like yours they could be twins i have been looking for some frizzle for are hatchery thats one we dont have we have over a 100 birds would hate to count but we love them heck i am going to be chicken for halloween i love you blog and i ,love that you are chicken crazy like me have chickenifric day

I love your chickens. My grand parents had good old fashioned white chickens growing up. While I liked them, yours are so beautiful. And Ginger is a beauty. She looks like a beautiful bird. I hope she doesn't feel like Clair since her feathers aren't like the others ;)

You make me smile! I NEVER woulda thought a chicken could be so cute and I NEVER woulda thought I could want to live on a farm. Your pictures and posts are inspiring!!!

Who knew chickens could be so pretty! Lovey looks like a big pinecone! Ginger is gorgeous as is the Silver Laced Cochin. The Bantam reminds me of Phyllis Diller...LOL. They all obviously have their own personalities, which is something I never thought of chickens to have.

It amazes me how one type of chicken can have many different looks, each red frizzle is so cute! Ginger's coloring is absolutely gorgeous. The silver laced cochin, looks like her feathers have been painted. And last but not least, I just love "Tina Turner" :) Thanks for sharing them!

Your Red Frizzles are so cute!

Ilove them all. They just crack me up! I think Ginger is the prettiest and I love the photo of the Black and Golden Polish one! What a hoot!

TFS these wonderful photos. I love them all. I am a farmer's daughter and remain one even if I live in the Windy City. Darlene

They are all beautiful but I love the feathers on the last two. You didn't mention their names but they are beauties!

I love them all.. my dad raised all kinds when we were kids. So soft and silky

Oh, I just adore those pictures,,they are so awesome of your feathered friends, the two varities are very cool.. The bantams remind me of a Phyllis Dillar type bird, with that wild and funky doo...its just too funny..love them all, keep the pics and yours coming too!!

Hey Anna ~ I never realized there were so many varieties of chickens until you started to Blog about them :) They certainly are unique.
But I have to tell you, all the Frizzles remind me of when I'm having a bad "hair day" and it's hot and humid out! hehehehee And I think your "Third Red Frizzle" has a slight dependency on hair gel, by the looks of his feathers!! :D

I am always amazed at your eye for the beautiful things. Your photos are just stunning!
I admit to loving every day that I visit your blog (which is every day!)

Wow what a wide variety of chickens you have. I love the Bantam Chicken and Ginger looks so pretty.

Your poultry (ohmygosh is that a correct ter? I hope I'm not being offensive) are stunning! Thank you for treating us to your exquisite photography. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

That Ginger has got to be the most beautiful chicken I've ever seen!

I love when you post farm pictures... especially the chickens and the kitty pictures!

I just love keeping up with your chickens! They are too cute ... makes me wish I was still on the farm *sigh*

We used to faithfully go to the NY State Fair and the chicken building was always my favorite. So many fun varieties. The bantam kind reminds me of Phyllis Diller with that wild head, lol. I love seeing the pictures, especially since we haven't made it to the fair in a couple of years now.

Your chickens are great! I especially love the Golden Polish Bantam; she looks like she has attitude!!


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