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I love the pictures of anna wight, am the fan of her. the chickens which is shown here is just very beautiful..

That Millie sure as some personality! hee hee hee.....love it! :)

Anna you take the most beautiful pictures. Those chickens are just gorgeous. I wish I could spend one day with you on your farm.

Oh my goodness-I love the chickens especially the Mille Fleur!!! They all look like royalty! TFS.

OMG!! Anna, you crack me up with your commentary!!!! I love to hear about life as an animal on your spread! Thanks for the giggle today!

Peanut is absolutely gorgeous. And the header for your blog is SO cute!

Only you could make me love chickens! hahaha! I love Peanut! His coloring is so neat and I love the fluff around his feet. Thanks for sharing your growing chickens with us. It's so fun to have seen them when you first got them, and then watch them grow through your photos.

Love little Peanuts "Halloween coloring"-so very different. Love your photos-like the black cat too. tfs

I love the chickens. Peanut looks like a little Halloween chick! They're all so pretty

I love love love your chickens! Thanks so much for sharing your great pictures with us. I think it would be so great to live on a farm and have animals ... maybe not all the work that goes along with it, but the animals would be awesome! Keep up the great blog.

These are just beautiful Anna. Their coloring is amazing and I love the "chin" feathers on the little Millie Fleur hen. Isn't Fancy Mannetta gorgeous? The red is so stricking against her black and white feathers. Beautiful photography.

Gorgeous chickens, except for Fancy Manetta (just can't get past her naked neck)! The coloring on Peanut is beautiful and I love the long silky looking feathers on Thurston! Ooooo!

Fancy Manetta sure has beautiful coloring. What a fun place to be, on your farm with chickens riding on your shoulder. Love seeing the photos of your critters!

Thank you for sharing pictures of your chickens and other critters. They are all so cute. For those of us that don't live on a farm, we can get our fix through you. Enjoy your blog and the smile you put on my face. Who couldn't laugh at a name like "Thurston Howell the Turd". Too funny...

I think Peanut is gorgeous! She might be tiny but she is very regal looking. I thought I'd split a gut laughing when I read about Thurston Howell the Turd - great play on words! I think that will be in my head all day:) Thanks for the chuckle.

I love seeing your chickens, each one is so unique. I've decided now that I need chickens...I wonder how my next door neighbors will like that? lol Seriously, you make me want to move to the country and raise animals! Thanks for sharing!

I'm so envious of your beautiful chickens!!! Thanks so much for taking the pictures and sharing them...who would believe those tiny little chicks could grow to be such magnificent creatures!!! Just awesome! :D

I love all your pics- you have a true talent. But I must say that those chickens are "stunning" (I can't believe I just said that!). Peanut is definitely the cutest! And does he ever look like a Thurston!
Keep em coming Anna!

Never thought I would say this but...what a beautiful chicken!! :0)

I absolutely LOVE all the pictures of the feathered children. You totally crack me up with their names, (Thurston Howell the Turd, bwhahahaha!!) I'm lucky to not have sprayed the laptop with a mouthful of water! Peanut's coloring is gorgeous!

I love the chicken pictures! Take more! Take more!

Peanut is SOOO so precious. I just love when you post pictures of your farm critters.

Love the poultry! It must be fun to see Dark Brown Hen's little chicks.

Your chickens are beautiful. I SO look forward to your posts each day to either be rewarded with your incredible photography or your magnificent sketches. I told my husband that the only thing I want for my birthday this month are Anna Wight stamps and prints.

The cat is gorgeous! I love black cats, maybe because they get a bad rap sometimes. Peanut is such a different looking chicken, never seen one like him. Really pretty. Who knew chickens could be so pretty?

Your chickens are so beautiful!!! peanut is my favorite...who would think chickens could be so gorgeous! I think I need to buy a farm so I can give a home to some chickens.

I think I need chickens now. The Mille Fleur is just too adorable! Do you think my husband would notice one walking around the house?!?!?! I've been loving all of your chicken drawings lately! I wish I had even an ounce of your talent! :) Have a great week!

Wonderful photos and all of the chickens are so pretty. Peanut is my favorite - she has the most beautiful markings on her feathers and I love the tuft around her neck that's like a beard.

The birds are so beautiful..I just love them, makes me want chickens all the more...you should sell some drawings of them in your Etsy shop...

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