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FORD - Found On Road Dead! LOL! Such a cute illustration! Makes me wonder where they're off to!

Very cute, I want to know where they are going!

I, too, had a Ford truck. It was orange and I called it my little orange lemon... And in April I bought a Ford Fusion - my first car ever, but my Jeep's in the driveway for haulin and winter travel. Happy to see Mister Farley enjoying the ride.

Bwaahaahaa! This is just too funny. It really tickled my funny bone! Love it, love it, love it...

It's Sunday, and they are out for a joy ride with a picnic planned along the rivers edge.

It reminds me of an old joke that Lewis Grizzard told, but not suitable for G audiences. Driving Miss Daisy did come to mind, although corny.

Lover your drawings.

i love your chickens! great job!

This has to be one of my most favorite drawings by you! Put a huge smile on my face when I saw it. I LOVE this! You are so talented! This is just awesome! Best, Curt

cute illustration !!

Oh my gosh! How fun! They look like they're headed off to a fun adventure. I love the worn out looking truck and the funny license plate, too.

haha, too cute! I love your characters!

Well, this is very well done. Love the chicken!

Hahaha, I love Mr Farley's tongue waggin in the wind and that shiny Ford logo! My 1st car was a Ford (Mustang!!!).

Your drawings are just too cute! Love all your pictures too...so detailed and just gorgeous!

I sure hope they make it! Very funny illustration. Love you style and the chickens are a hoot! Great work.

I recognized Miss Daisy and Mister Farley right off! Cute illustration!!

haha! I love it! Really great work :)

I always look forward to your illustrations every Fri. You are so talented. We (DH & I) are "FORD" people but we haven't trouble with ours over the years. Our problem is our JEEP. Our name for it is "Just Empty Every Pocket". LOL!

Absolutely darling. Cracked me up also.....hubby is a ford man, his motto is "First on race day". He tried a dodge & it was always in the shop so back to the fords. Love the chicken farmer plate.

Wonderful illustration!! So fun:)

When I was single I had a FORD car that definitely fell in the Fix or Repair Daily category. Dad came to my rescue many times:) After I got married my DH bought a FORD truck with an 8 ft. bed so we could do some renovating work on our house. We had good service from that vehicle. We only kept it a few years until we didn't need it any more and he gave it to his brother. His brother lived out in the country and could really use it for daily chores. He had it for a few more years and it was *found on road dead* (Thank you, Dotty, for that quote, lol!) It was only about 6 or 7 years old with low mileage! I guess it couldn't survive country living, lol.

That is one resourceful chicken!

this made me laugh! I love the dogs hanging out the window! our dogs do that even in the dead of winter with the temp hovering around 0*. :)

now I happen to like Fords, but as soon as I saw your post title, that is immediately what I thought - Fix Or Repair Daily!

have a great one!

Good Morning! I am wondering, what do you do with your original drawings? Do you keep them? sell them? create a storyboard?? these would make the cutest touches to little people's bedrooms or a children's library./... just a thought :)

Love it!! The perplexed look on the chicken is fantastic. The background is very dynamic but not distracting. The overall design is great and a lot of fun! Great job!

hehe, I LOVE it!!!

Priceless! Love the rust spots on the ol' Ford's body.

my story is just as wierd this week..i lurv wierd!

Your drawings always amaze me, plus you continue to add your warped sense of humour too :) HA!
QUESTION: Anna, what do you do with all of your drawings and/or ideas? Snoopy noses would like to know!

So fun! Love the oxidation on the fenders, the chicken's wings wrapped around the steering wheel, and the fields of half-harvested grain. (That's just what they look like around here!) You can tell that you know dogs--their heads sticking out of the window and their tongues hanging out.

LOVE it!! I look forward to your illustrations, they are always so wonderful. My dad was a "FORD" man, and if it wasn't what you quoted above, as kids we would say "found on road dead", as did it happen from time to time, and we walked home on a few occasions! :)

Too funny!
I think it looks a tad like Mr. Chicken is wondering if it was such a great idea to bring Miss Daisy and Mister Farley along afterall. He seems to be "Pondering" to me.

Another fantastic creative post.
Thanks, Anna!

I just took the time to look to the right of your page - where "Illustrations" is - the image of the girl stamping --- is that a stamp that can be purchased or something else? Would love to find out - you can contact me at [email protected]
Thanks - Judy

Anna you blow me away with your creativity and your fun sense of humor. This is wonderful.

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together!!

Sorry to have missed your "late" post...it's hilarious!
And your chickens are quite beautiful!!

Oh Anna, this is a GREAT illustration!!! I LOVE IT!!!
You are so talented, and have such a great sense of humor! How fun! This is just fantastic...it makes me SMILE!!! :D

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