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I just can't figure out where you come up with these ideas!! Does it just flow from your pen or what? You amaze me!!!!

great illo, anna! and perfect for the topic!

i almost fell over myself! well not really, but very funny illo :)

Congrats! & HAHAHAA! I loved this little "cartoon" image. I knew instantly what the joke was & what it implied, but my hubby stared at it for really long seconds before I had to explain it to him. LOVE IT! Congrats!


Anna, you should have a disclaimer at the begining of the post telling people to put their drinks down before reading...it's not fun having beer up your nose!! LOL
Too funny...
~Lacey Stephens

This is a very funny set of illustrations! Awesome idea!

Girl, you crack me up!!

OMGosh!! That's just too cute!
Can you just imagine if it was an unexpected "late"? LOL
Thanks for always making me smile, Anna!


This is HILARIOUS!! I look forward to seeing what you will come up with for the illustration challenges. I keep picturing these in the comics!!!


It's just not fair that you are so incredibly talented in every way! =) I adore your photography, illustrations, and cards. Thanks for sharing.

This is too funny! Do you make these into greeting cards? These would make adorable "surprise, we're pregnant" cards.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. This one make my day! OMG. Very clever, Anna.

Only YOU could interpret "late" like that! LOL It is TOO FUNNY...
And concerning children...I love mine to pieces, but wow, these days the problems can be HUGE! The older they get, the bigger the disasters...fur and feathers are definitely less stress!!! :D ****HUGS****

This is too funny Anna! I love the individual interpretation of the Illustration Fridays.

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

You always have a unique view of the words each week. Love this one.

I agree, it's hysterical! The look on their faces is priceless! :-)

Bwhahahaha!! Hilarious, I love it!!

This is really funny!! Great illustration!! =D

Anna, you have a twisted sense of humor! You goofy girl! These are adorable and made me chuckle! Only you could come up with something like this!!!

You and your illustrations are so funny! I look forward to new ones. Thanks for the chuckle.

Oh Anna you always make me smile and at times even chuckle. This one made me LAUGH OUT LOUD! Way cute.

OMG!! ROFLMBOPMP!!! THAT is too funny Anna! LOVE the illustration.

This is wonderful - and so funny - a really lovely illustration! I especially love their expressions - and all the little star shapes:-) Beautiful!!

Teehee!! This is too funny!! Cute!!

So cute - that illustration would make fabulous "We're expecting" cards! lol

Love both of these illustrations!! They both cracked me up:)

I love it! So funny! When I had my first positive stick my DH made me drag it around to his mom and sisters for confirmation.

This is so funny! Great take on the topic!


(bwahahahahaha!!!! kidddding, of course!)

he's gonna make one swell daddy chicken. that's exactly the look. aawesome illio! me like both versions. :))

LOL! Very funny!

Hilarious! I love your illustrations!!!

This is absolutely HYSTERICAL! I think that would be my reaction if I found out I was pregnant again at 40. EEEEK! My four kids have filled my plate to the maximum. One more might send me straight to a looney bin.

Darling sketch, Anna. Love the blushing cheeks and the pinwheel eyes on the guilty party. Ahem, is there an announcemnet waiting in the wings for us? Enquiring minds wanna know.

What Sharon and Karrie said. ARE YOU??? :)

So funny!!! I am always so excited when I see you have an update in my blog list!

eh, eh, eh....very nice

looks more to me like 'thank god i'm not preg!' excellent interpretation...giggle.

Are you trying to tell us something? Are you knocked up?? LOL This is totally cute!

Yes, what Sharon said. :0)

So darling. Seriously. I love it.

I had to sit here and ponder that one for a while. Cute!! Of course, we all want to read something into that.

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