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That's a fabulous image and even better is the coloring! Just awesome!

Oh, I've been so busy with the twins and their 2 1/2 yo brother that I haven't had a moment to keep up with your blog. These Halloween cards are so terrific! I love your little magnet card idea also. So creative and what a nice reminder to put on your fridge! Beautiful work, Anna!

Happy Halloween to you too! Thanks for the smile! Best, Curt

I love your illustrations...they are tooooo cute. Great talent.

lol...He is way to Cute!!!
You are so creative..Love it!!!
"A very Happy Halloween" to you too!!!

OMG!!! This is tooooooo cute. Love it.

Yet another amazing piece of artwork from the fabulous Anna!! I love it!

He's adorable!

i love your illustrations as much as your cards.
a Halloween chicken toooo cute.
happy Halloween Anna.

Love him!!! Happy Halloween!

Oh, isn't that trick or treater so cute! Happy Halloween to you & your critters. We have a double holiday today as it is also admission day for Nevada. Many people have the day off except us feds!

Oh, Anna! You kill me with your talent. This guy is adorable.

How cute! I have to tell you how much I enjoy the pictures you share of your farm animals. They are adorable. Thanks for sharing. Happy Halloween!

OMGOSH! This is too cute, funny, hilarious, quirky and everything else I can't think of. You are the best!

"Holy heart failure, Batman! I've been replaced." - Robin

This cracks me up!!! Love it. Happy Halloween!

LOL LOL that is FANTASTIC!!! You are TOO FUNNY!!! I love your crazy funny mind! :D
Have a GREAT day, and a fun night. Halloween hugs to all the critters!!! =)

Happy Halloween to you too! Love the illustration! Bat chicken . . . makes me giggle.

Soooooo, your chickens want to be batman, heh?? Lol! Great illustration!!

Happy Halloween!

ROFL! the masked avenger - i love it! happy halloween

Love your illustrations of the chicken.

Too funny, I love it!! Happy Haunts to you!!

I love it! Just marvelous! You ARE the master!

So cute! Happy Halloween to you too!!!

What do you give a 200 pound chicken?
Anything he wants. :)

So cute.

Anna, you are just one cutie-patootie Chick =)

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