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Awe! Poor ugly little things. I think they need a hug!

These are just wild!!! What an ugly bunch of brds they are. Love your comment on the ugly stick - too funny! I'm sure God thinks they are beautiful - and their mothers of cours!


These are certainly not the beauties your other chickens are! Are they little guys? Does the lavendar one really have lavendar feathers? That sounds pretty!

Ha-Ha-ha !!!
Wonderful pictures..
I think they are Adorable!!
maybe not the prettiest..
but oh, so cute.
Was having a great chuckle reading
all your post and comments!
Have a great week... TFS

I almost missed this post today ~ the "ugly stick" comment is justs too funny! LOL ! I hope this image is going to be your next "Friday Drawing" ~ one guinea bashing another guinea with a big bat, labelled "Ugly" ROFL

OK but here is my City Slicker question, and I'm being serious so no comments please from the *peanut gallery* HA! What is a "guinea"? I realize it's a type of bird, but do you eat them, or do they lay eggs, or are they just on this earth to display how hideous nature can be? heheheeee

LOL! That is too funny!

That last comment about the ugly stick was TOO funny! Thanks for making me LOL!

In some weird way, I think they are adorable! Perhaps I am related or was one in another life. hehe Kinda reminds me of a doll that was popular long ago called Poor Pityiful Pearl. She was so ugly she was cute!

Oh my...I've never seen a chicken like this before but I can tell you I'd rather see then be one! Very interesting though.

Hee hee, can't resist, "Skinny Neck and All!" :) Tom Robbins forgive me!

Anna - I think these are the ones my dad always used to call "Gooney-birds!" I remember that from when I was a little girl, but don't remember ever seeing a real one. Well, now I have!! They certainly are gooney-looking. But, as you said, a face only a mother could love, and we know you're their mother because you love them!!! Funny girl...Love, Jeanne in Idaho xoxo

I 'bout fell out of my chair laughing when I read this: "I think they got hit with the ugly stick. Over and over and OVER again!"

You're right...faces only their mother could love. I do love the pic with the dangly thingies flared out, though.

If these aren't the saddest looking chickens I have ever seen. But they made me laugh because in an odd sort of way they "are" cute...cartoony like.

I'm a guinea-lover! They are so personable! My friend Gary has so many that he is going bonkers with the noise. :) Ok, why do guineas have bald heads? They don't stick their heads in carrion that I've seen.

YIKES! - They are so ugly they're kinda cute in a weird way. It's got to be be definately personality over looks - Ha ha. TFS the farm, I love all the photos! Cheryl

I wondered when you said you had decided to have some Guinea fowl. My brother in law had some when he had his birds. You for sur won't need a watch dog or door bell. Great pictures. Ann Lind

You're so humorous Anna! Ugly stick alright on those birds. :)

I LOVE guineas! I had 30 of them at one point. They are the BEST bug eaters, even better than chickens because they don't tear stuff up as much. I love chickens, too, though!!

They sure aren't cute but they are very interesting looking. In the first picture, this hen(?) has blue eyes - interesting! In the second picture, I think the pied(?) hen's feathers are beautiful - love the spotted feathers and it looks like she has long eyelashes, too. All in all strange but interesting:) Love your photography!!!

I think they're cute, in their own little bumpy-head way!!

EEEEEKKKKK!!!! That ugly stick went WILD!!!
Bless their hearts...at least they are cute to their Mommas! :D
Thanks for the pictures...I have wanted guineas, to take care of the pests in my flower garden, and they make great "watch dogs", too! LOL Plus they eat ticks! That's a real plus for those of us out in the woods! :D

i love them i just got my 9 year old a turken rooster for his b day he named him valture he is so ugly he is cute love the farm pics i love all the birds to have a awsome day

Ugly stick? Bwhahahaha!! I've never heard that one before. I hope the bonk on your head is more attractive than the bonk on his head ;) Your pictures are spectacular as always.

Well, they may be ugly; but your photos are beautiful (as usual)!

Oof, they are quite dreadful aren't they? :D And the over and over again with the ugly stick made me LOL so much I woke the dogs. hehe

The ugly stick!! haha!! They are cute in their own way...whatever way that is!!!

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