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FABULOUS, FABULOUS, FABULOUS photos!! Your photography is awesome, and Junior is one handsome cat.

Well isn't this cat just the perfect one for this month?! I am not a cat person but I do think black cats are very cool.

I just love your photos of the animals. I wish I could learn to take such beautiful pictures.

What a handsome kitty!! Perfect for Halloween :)

What a handsome Dude!! We have a black mittenfoot named Max. When he was a kitten, he's sleep in my grandmothers Belgian Crystal punch bowl. I have since put it away (she'd roll over if she'd have seen it)....He's full grown now and handsome as ever. He's a cleptoe too..he steals away all of my craft supplies if I don't put it away. He's a helper too, especially when I am on the computer. He is fasicinated by the curser, and loves to step on the keys...go figure. BUT we LOVE him~~~Your kitty and Max could be brothers....... :-)

Anna, I just made my daughter come and look at some of your farm family! I really love that chicken called 'peanut'! I mean, we both just oh'd and awww'd over all you photos, you're a lucky girl!

Oh, Anna what a beautiful cat! And your photography is amazing. I miss my all-white Turkish Angora who died 2 yrs. ago. Now we are a dog family!

He is a handsome fellow. Do any of the cats ever try getting the chickens?

I just love your pictures of all the farm animals. They are just beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us!

Oh, he is so sleek and handsome. I had a black cat as a child and Junior reminds me very much of him. You pictures are just wonderful and you certainly have a knack for catching the "attitude" of your animals. Thanks for sharing your bounty with us...

Junior is the perfect Halloween cat!! Great picture!

What a handsome fella! I thought maybe he was laughing in the last photo! Super pretty silky black coat...great Halloween kitty, so make sure he stays in the barnyard that night!

What a gorgeous kitty--these pics would make great Halloween cards!

I was just on the Whipper Snapper site - can't wait til the 13th to see your new sets! I'm a sucker for Christmas sets - I could make each of my cards with a different set and still some would go unused! LOL! Have a great day!

He looks like he is posing for you!

Well, isn't he just gorgeous! I love that first shot with the sun hitting the trees behind him.

Junior is so handsome! I have a solid black female, with yellow eyes and black whiskers, that looks so much like Jr.! She sleeps on my chest every night, UNDER the blanket. . . she's quite a character! Gotta love kitties! :D

What fantastic pic's of Junior. The close up would make a perfect card, he has the most striking eyes I've ever seen!

Love your pics of "life on the farm". I know just how hard it is to everybody to hold still!!! :) They all want to know what c'ya doin over there?? and come over to say HI!! Or wipe their nose on your leg. :) Happy Birthday week!!!
Jenni King

OMG! He is the Perfect Halloween kitty! I have a b&w kitty girl named Boo (after Monster's Inc, not Halloween) and she is such a love and also has to lend assistance whenever we are outdoors. Love these pics of your cute Junior!!! (and ur cool chickens! never seen chickens like that.) :)

I love when you post pictures of the farm animals. Being a city girl, I have never really gotten the chance to be around anything more than a pet dog and those animals you spend 5 minutes with at a petting zoo. They are all such wonderful creatures and I love seeing them. Thank you :)

Beautiful kitty! I love the shot of him leaning over the fence. . . great pictures! Thanks so much for sharing!

What beautiful pictures of that black cat! He is sooooo striking! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

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