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OMGosh!!! He is BEAUTIFUL and it is insane that he has changed so much! I love his name! :o) All of your photography makes me want a farm! :)

what a beautiful bird, i love this picture!

He's certainly a gorgeous fellow!

Wow he grew up fast! Love his feathers! or her feathers??

He's beautiful. I love his colors. Your photography is awesome BTW.

He turned out to be a beautiful guy!!!

He's beautiful Anna!! I know what you mean too - we only have 1 rooster right now, and he's outside so it's not so bad! But we used to have about 3-4 roosters in our attached barn - not cool at 2 a.m.!! :)

What a handsome fella! I love his coloring. Gotta love it when it's the man who is a chatterbox! LOL

He is one stunning little fowl isn't he! OMG if I didn't think one of these little guys could peck me to death I would just hold him all day! Love the 'fall' colors he's wearin' !!

well, look at him all grown up and so handsome!!! i always wondered about that crowing thing! we were actually trying to figure out if a rooster had to have a hen around (is that what they are called?) to crow or if they did it anyway (yes, i know...city girl!!!)...

Wow, I don't think I have ever thought of a rooster as beautiful but he is quite a stunning looker.... and a funny too. I love how you caught him mid-crow.

Adorable ~ I love him!! We have roosters near us and yes, they crow all day long ~ not just in the mornings. And I just smile when I hear them, because they are free spirits, doing what they were created to do, and enjoying life!! This is a great shot, Anna...Love from Idaho...Jeanne xo

OMG... he looks like he's singing Zippidydoodah oprah style. Too cute. He's handsome that's for sure.

He cracks me up! My friends have a mini-rooster that looks alot like Zippy. Does he have the spurs to go with that crow?
My Pug, Geraldine, is as noisy as Zippy. She barks if we come into the room. She barks if we go out of the room. She barks if we breathe in. She barks if we breathe out...well, you get the message. ;)
Great job of getting his eye in focus while getting a full-on shot. You are soooo good!

Happy Monday! Zippy reminds me of our little rooster King Tut, you may remember he too was just "full of himself" probably saw himself in a puddle and thought, what a cute fellow I am! Get him one of those collars with the sharp spikes on it to make him look bigger and really tuff.Love & Kisses Dad.

Definitely a handsome fellow! He clearly has something to crow about! (sorry, couldn't resist -- I'm such a dork!) LOL@!

He is so beautiful. I love to hear about all the barn antics going on at your place. Keep it up!

I think he's gorgeous and I so envy your farm life. My son and daughter-in-law have a small farmette and they have two completely black ducks that are so cute along with a bunch of other animals. Love seeing your animals.

I love zippidydoodah. He is so darn cute. He sure has grown up from an adorable chick to a handsome rooster. I would love to come out to your farm and spend a day with your animals. I guess I'll always be a farm girl at heart. Thanks for sharing your photos. I always look forward to seeing them.

Zippy was a cute chick and even though *she* turned out to be a *he* - what a handsome rooster he is!

He's Gorgeous! Well maybe since he's male I should say he's very "Dapper!" instead.
Now I'll be singing Zippitydodah Zippityay My Oh My It's a Wonderful Day....where do you come up with these clever names?

Beautiful fella!

Zippy has grown into a fine looking fellow-his coloring is beautiful. He must be making up for his size with his chatter. Great photo. tfs

Wow ~~ what a GREAT picture!! My mom's neighbor has a rooster ~~ & they don't live on a farm :) It's funny when I go to her house, to hear the rooster crowing away in the middle of the day!

Awww - he was cute fuzzy but now he's handsome feathered!

He was a cute little chicky, but he's sure all grown up now!

Oh, he's something - he is! Little king of the roost!

What a cute little fellow! They grow so fast like all baby animals and babies also :) Why cant they be babies longer ;)

My son has chicken etc in small town Iowa and he will call me later-after 9-as my minutes don't kick in free until then. Every time he calls, the rooster gets a song going. I wanted a photo but the last time he send one a hawk ate the poor thing, so better I hear him than see him?

WOW!!! He's magnificent!!! What a transformation in three months! I think he's announcing, ala Mohamed Ali, "I am the greatest! I am soooo pretty!" Linda

Okay now I see where you get all your chicken coloring inspiration! I don't feel so bad now...you have an edge!! LOL He's beautiful!

Wow--from cute to gorgeous. Anna I am always amused by your farms antics, the animals and am awed by your talent--photography, art, cards...you name it. Thanks for sharing.

He is BEAUTIFUL!!! I just love your exotic poultry..they are so awesome!
Hope you had a good weekend...and have a great week ahead! :D

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