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Very cute and it sounds like Karrie loves it!!

You're such a good friend! That's soooo sweet of you!

Awww...how sweet was that, Anna! This drawing is cute!!

Anna, this is so wonderful! I love it and that Karrie girl!

This is so darn cute, Anna!

that is just way too cute! and the Starbucks holder is perfect! I want one, too! :D considering that I have a Starbucks pink hat and earrings and barista apron that I wear in the kitchen along with my bright pink Starbucks thermos that goes with me everywhere! yep, I'm an addict, too! ;)

What an adorable sketch!! Karrie is a very lucky lady!

Too adorable! soo sweet and thoughtful! Love the pen holder. LOL!

Absolutely adorable!! Happy Birthday Karrie!

How adorable! She's so lucky to have you draw her such a special image! I'm gonna pretend it's me because she's so cute and surrounded by stamps! (I'm a little jealous, lol!) Have a great day!

This is so fun! What a wonderful bd gift.

LOL! Love the Starbucks pen holder!

You are too funny. The brand pen holder had me laughing out loud..

Holy Moley! Your friend Karrie must be someone truly special for you to sketched her such a wonderful original. What I find absolutely endearing is that the little freckled girl in the sketch is pure "Anna" due to her high resemblance to your classically beautiful face. I am hoping this one is reproduced and is offered for sale to the general public. I'd pick this one up in an instant. Happy Birthday to Karrie.

Really adorable and sweet, Anna. I understand all about that serious Starbuck's thing.

Girl, you so crazy!!! LOL Have I told you lately how much I love me? The you me, as in the me you made me. Still the BEST birthday pressie ever!! :)

Thank you, thank you, thank YOU! Thank you for MEEEEEE!!! LOL

Oh, I have to stop, my sides are hurting from laughing so much! Snort! LOLOL

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