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I love this, Anna -

If your raccoon is anything like our NJ ones, he'd love some plain ol' kitchen garbage. Maybe you could entice him into the trap with some of that. You could tie it up in a plastic bag to make it more "real" so he thinks he's getting away with something.

Beautiful card.

Love your card and the sparkles!! I'm sorry you are still having problems with that masked varmit!

OMGoodness, I have one of those wheels in my sewing box from ages ago! What a great idea! Love your card and good luck with that nasty raccoon!

I sure hope you catch him soon. I know you are tired of locking up the chickens at night. I enjoy reading all your farm stories. I love animals of all kinds, but some just aren't good to have around. There is probably a good reason raccoons have a mask on their faces.

Hi. We had trouble with a raccoon at a weekend house in WI. We could not entice it into our live traps with various treats. What finally worked was a can of chopped clams. Good luck.....cute but certainly not wanted!

Love your cute little card!! Sorry you're still having sleepless nights but I'm confident you and Alan will catch the little bugger who's causing all the problems.

I love this simple bird. You amaze me with your talents. Thanks for the update on the chickens. Good luck catching that chicken varmit!! Have a good weekend.

I love the texture on your little bird. A really sweet and simple card! Good luck with the raccoon issue...I know they are cute from afar, but are really menacing. Hope it works out. Have a great weekend!

A Dritz tool is on my list for JoAnn's today. I like the look of faux stitching and have drawn in the stitches many times, but this will be easier and will save my Bernina! Thanks for the update on your coon problem. Hope you catch the little bandit soon.

Cute songbird card, love the glitter. Hope you catch that rascal soon, and the chickens are no worse for wear. We've had raccoons sceeching out in the meadow, what a horrible noise. Our problem right now is a very bold fox, any suggestions to get rid of him...

Thanks for sharing the info on the piercing wheel. I've been using a piercing tool and mat pack, but a wheel would be TONS faster, so I think I might go get one.

Cuuuuute card. Love the blue/white polka dot paper and the sparkle on the bird.

Good luck with the raccoon. I hope you catch him.

LOVE the little songbird, the robust polka dot DP, the faux stitching of course, but what's not to love when working with an Anna Wright stamp set? Thank you so much for clarifying on the various piercing tools available. I'm on my way out to buy one as I type, notwithstanding that it's 6:37 a.m. Thank you for the chicken/coon update. Riveting - I'm hoping for a successful catch and soon.

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