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WOW! You can do this as a beginner...you look like a pro to me! Super cute scene you created, and so cool how you colored and textured and everything else with the computer. TFS

What an adorable scene! Love the little fishies in the pond, the hen and chick, the sunflowers, the car, everything! You are such a talented lady!

OMG! And you are telling us you are a starter on digital art?
It´s awesome!
I really should discover and try to use the possibilities of my Wacom...
Thank you so much for the inspiration :)

OMG! And you are telling us you are a starter on digital art?
It´s awesome and something I´ll really give a try.I really should discover and use the possibilities of my Wacom more. Thank you for your inspiration!

Anna, you should illustrate for children's books . . . your paintings/drawings are always so bright & fun -- that's what they remind me of. That reason and also because I've seen some not so greatly illustrated kids books -- your art beats them hands down! Can't wait to see how you develop in this artform -- it looks very interesting!

Great 'lesson', Anna. I don't have anything special on my PC, but I'll have to give this a try and see what I can come up with.

Anna, this is so cool! I love this scene that you have created!

hm, i thought the patch of brown grass was pretty appropriate for this time of year. *snicker*
thanks for sending us rain!!!!!!! :) i check the rain guage every 24 hours and record for the NRD. this morning, we had 4.54 inches!!!! and it is STILL raining! :) yay! (it doesn't flood here. we're on a hill and the rain is very slow so it isn't washing away.)
can you see i am avoiding saying anything about the digital pic? i am way to underqualifed to comment except to say it is purty!

You have amazing talent no matter what you work with!! I think this is so sweet and colorful! I love everything going on here!!


This is amazing! AMAZING!!! And I thought watercolors and Copics were complicated...!!!
Have a GREAT weekend! Hope you don't get buckets of rain from Ike! :p

What an outstanding job with it! Your sketching design is awesome!! Great coloring for "just beginning"!! :)

Thanks for the digital art lesson, Anna! It is really cool and actually looks like a true watercolor! Nice work!
Btw, if you want to wander over to my blog, I left an award for you to pick up, right hand side of the page!
Crissy Armstrong

What Wacom tablet do you use? I have been looking into getting one. Will they work with other programs?

I love your work! I came to your site for the stamping, but I stay for the chickens!! I love everything you do.

Pam J

Holy smokes...I'm amazed! I have no idea how to do any of it, so I stand in awe!

Man Anna if you aren't already working on the illustrations for children's books you SHOULD be!!!I can just picture your art in books as they would be PERFECT!!!! Either that or finding someone to write stories based on your art - you have some of the cutest drawings..... :o)

Too much FUN! Is there enough land to build me a house to live next door to you? I'll even share a farm night shift. Alan sure does pick up on things. His ideas were right on. What a team you two make. Keep up the good work, it is so much fun to see what you're up to.

Wow, this is great! Your talent is amazing!

This is wonderful!! Thanks for the tutorial on how you did it ~ very cool. I absolutely LOVE those cute little fish :).

Anna, your card is very cool, very bright and energetic,,I love it..
DH also has Photoshop and can spend hours playing w/it,,and does...I should tell him about that pen. Maybe for Christmas????

WOW! Great job! I have played around with Photoshop a bit, but my daughter uses it and her tablet all the time! I am amazed at what can be done with it!

Wow! Amazing and fabulous all at the same time! You are sooooooooooo talented Anna! Can you tell us what you are going to do with your digital images? I wish I could be you when I grow up!!! Being blessed with the ability to draw is such a gift!

I think you are very brave to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. I'm proud of you, because I sure wouldn't want to give it a try. This scene is just delilghtful and you've achieved lots of dimension with your tree leaves etc. Good job girl...

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