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Thanks for sharing that video with us. I got a better feel for how small those cows really are! I love them. It just reinforces why I love those moomoos! :D

I love your blog! Thanks for sharing the video...hmmmmmm I think maybe I could buy a farm house and raise dexters!

I was really enjoying the film until it got to the part that it takes so much less to feed them and raise them for beef. I love a good steak but don't know if I will ever enjoy it quite the same. I have gotten to attached to your Dexter stories that I think of them as pets.

How adorable...I had no idea how small they were! Wonder if I could sneak one into my urban garden? LOL
Didn;t like the part about how much meat you can get from one...they are too cute by far!

Woo Hoo! I made Anna's blog. :)))

Hi Diane!

Went to our friend's farm and thought of you this afternoon, Anna. Lots of chickens there, too, plus...guinea polts! oh, they are sooooooooo cute!

Great video! I really enjoyed it. I showed Jerseys when I was a kid...they are beautiful! I think the Dexters are so precious, being so small! :D
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

I enjoyed the video! Maybe I could handle one of those cows...couldn't believe how small they were but they look so sweet. How many Dexters do you have and how many regular big cows? The little kids were nice with them which is great to see.

They are so cute. Is the farm next to you available? If I can talk Robert into it, we'll just moooooove next to you. That way I can start collecting something other than stamps!! LOLOLOL

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