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Oh soooo cute! that first pic shows he looks like a little grey lion!

ok...me whining..."I want another kitten!!" You photos blow me away!!

Anna, these photos are so precious as are the darling kittens. There are few things in life that compares to the sweetness of a kitten.

Oh my goodness, what beautiful kittens!! Those blue eyes and the gray fur is so beautiful! Are they a special breed of cat? Wow!!

Gorgeous photo's Anna.

These kittens are precious. Keep the photos coming. How many cats do you have on the farm? I know they are very useful. You are a lucky lady. I love all the cards you've been posting.

I absolutely love everything you share with us on the farm!! Thanks much!

these pics are awesome! You captured the kittys' personalities purrr fectly!

What adorable little kittens. That little one out playing is just the most beautiful thing! I like cats/kittens but I am more of a dog person but he just makes me want to bring him home!!! So precious. Thanks for sharing.

Boy, talk about darling kittens! They need squeezing in the worst way! I love the little boy's pose, and what fabulous photographs!

How darling!!!
Please protect them from the raccoons too!!!
I love your animal pictures

ohhh.... can i have one?... puh-lease?

You know I love them! Kittens are just so darn cute!!

OMG - they are just too cute - I could eat dem wit a spoon! You are such an amazing photographer! As well as stamper! Keep those great photos coming!
Thanks for sharing life on a farm!

Awwwww! Who can resist such sweet faces. Kittens are the best! They look to be fairly grown up, and certainly more than just new borns. They are beautifully marked and they color is so soft. Look forward to more pictures of the whole crew - if you can catch them...

OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH, my heart just melted!!! You know I love kitties, and who can resist LITTLE ones??!! They are so cute...I hope you can tame them a bit. So glad you found them! And your photos are GORGEOUS! :D

They're soooo cute! I love all the cats I've had, but the striped ones have always seemed both the most mischievous and attached to me.

AAWWW.... they are so beautiful. I love the snapshots. Congrats!

These kitties are so cute! The male looks like a little devil and the female like a little angel, huh! I bet they're fun to watch when they're playing together :)

SOOO cute!!!

You are one awesome photographer!! What great shots! and what cute kitties!

Looks like Damn Cat has been at it again! :-)

Such beautiful kittens Anna! I swear I could just adopt them all!


What sweet babies!!!

Wow, what a great shot of that cat-great eyes! Your photos are wonderful! tfs

They are both so cute, wish I wasn't allergic! Your photography is alway so beautiful, I love your "Life on the Farm" photos!

Oh, my aren't they just the cutest.... love all your little and big critters...

Well. . .I've found a new addiction. I LOVE reading your blog. . .it combines two of my very favorite things: stamping and animals! BEAUTIFUL pictures. You are very talented!

Awesome photo!!! Darling kittens...such beautiful eyes!!!

It's amazing how you always seem to catch your critters in the greatest poses - the eyes on this kitty say it all. I would love to see the captions people would come up with for it!


Oh, my gosh, they have to be the cutest little things! Make me wish I didn't have allergies!

What fabulous photos Anna! But then again how can you go wrong with your adorable subjects and charming location?

well if that is not the cutest face to wake up to. His eyes are so blue, and I actually wondered if this was a photo or a painting. What fun to have four new kitties.

Oh What adorable kitties. I'll show my kids when they wake up and my 3 year old is cat made. I want one too.. don't think my 13 year old cat Gemma would appreciate it though somehow.

I would like to have those kitties. Yes, yes I would. I have finally realized you are not going to give me Eddie but the kitties? I think we could make something work!! LOL

Awwww, look at that sweet face and those pretty blue eyes. So cute!

Oh what a beauty!

Oh my goodness, how adorable. I want one!

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