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She is adorable! Too bad she must left her home!
Btw, I keep chicken as pet, and I've this terrified experience, I went checking my chicken when I heard of an abnormal sound from the yard at midnight. Guest what, I face to face with a python! Two of my chicken sacrificed before the fireman came!

how fun! i love your style, so fresh! looks like you are in the stamping biz - me, too! i design for A Muse, but i don't stamp, only illustrate.

Love that expression!!!

this is so cute. she has such personality

This brought a smile to my face! Just darling...

This is a treasure! Look at those eyes! I love Italian chicken by the way. Mmmmmm. Oop, sorry. The textured background is fantastic, too.

This is so eye catching. I love your colors, shading, composition, and it also hits the funny bone square on. So cute! Sorry to hear about your back. I do relate. I have done that and been there. It will heal and you will feel better soon. Bless you!!! Gentle hugs sent your way... (0)

This is Absolutely Gorgeous Anna...all your illustrations are Fabulous!!...Hugs, Ila

i have been enjoying your illustration fridays. your chickens are great. they remind me of the ones in the Chicken Run movie. i loved the one that kept saying, in her English accent "maybe she went on a holiday"(for the chickens that went missing), or "but i don't like gravy" (for the ones that were going to get put in a pot pie). i bet the "skunk trapping" could be some funny ideas!

The expression on this chickens face is just "Priceless!" (Love the little bottle of "spirits" she has packed.

Funny and lovely, again!

what a fabulously simple, yet effective illo. great.

All I can say is that you are amazingly talented! Best, Curt

What an adorable chicken! Love it!

This is great! I love your illustrations!

hee hee! i'm going to hazard a guess that having/living on a farm give you the BEST reference for your lil buddies!

fantastic and fun illio! :)

love love her expression...

How Adorable!!
This is just too cute...
I love all your illustrations!
*Have a great weekend.

How Adorable!!
This is just too cute...
I love all your illustrations!
*Have a great weekend.

LOL! This is great! Time for a vacation!

How Cute! I love it. I'd want to leave too if I saw my buddies murdered! I love chickens!

Your illustrations are fabulous!! I really got a chuckle from the look on her face :)

I'd be packed up, too, and on my way to Tuscany where my best online friend is finishing up two weeks in Sweden and Italy! Hope your coon isn't rabid. There's been some of those around here! YIKES!

this illustration is PERFECT for what you all have been going thru!

I could tell from the thumbnail it was going to be interesting, but it's even better than I expected. A gorgeous character. Lots of people have gone with the suitcase idea, but yours is by far the nicest I've found. Great stuff!

This is SO funny!
I lovet it!
Have a nice weekend!

Way to cute. Love the illustration.

I hear that all the flights to Italy are packed with poultry this time of year!

Great one!!

Hey what a fun illustration! Love it, it makes one smile instantly. Great idea, great implementation.

What a wonderful illo Anna! Fantastic.

What a wonderful illo Anna! Fantastic.

How cute! You are amazing!!

good luck! i'm sure there are no racoons in italy!

Aaw! I love your illustration, it's so cute!:)

I am LOVING your illistrations! They are adorable! Love this hen.

Oh my gosh, please sell this in your Etsy shop!

This is too funny! Awesome illustration! Have a great weekend!


Stupid raccoons - I hope you find the right combo of tasty treats. Have you tried peanut butter? That always worked for us.

(i mean: fan of course)

i'm a fun of your birdies :)

I am in love with this! i think it's my favorite I've seen today...

I saw the topic today and then I saw your illustration and giggled. I was wondering what some of responses would be. I love yours. I like how you did it on watercolor paper. The texture and the colors you chose were nice!

he he he he !!! This is wonderful. Great illustration.

Hilarious expression! I love that the chicken is ready with the carry-on wine. LOL.

Lovely illustration, with her little bag all packed. :o)
She would be welcome to come and stay here with my three red hens any time, and being in the UK, we are raccoon free!

This is just adorable!

I love this. All of your chicks are so fun to look at including your real live ones.

Just had a great time roaming around you site and am quite excited at what I've found since I've just discovered the world of making your own stamps!

Brilliant! I'll go roam around your site some more. Love it.

Fantastic lines and texture...

I love this! So cute! Looks like she's all ready to go! Awesome work.

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