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You are so talented! Great sketch! This would make a great stamp! Best, Curt

I like your style very much. The chickens are great.


This is simply great! You have really captured this weeks topic in a simple but very funny way! i look forward in seeing more of your great work!

Anna, your talent and gentle humor are such a treat! This illustration is really fun.

And simple. And poignant. I can't count how many times I've felt like Clair in your illo.

Yeah, you made Clair and Clique into your banner! So fun!

ha ha ha ha ha!!! That is KILLER!!! I LOVE IT!

oh, hahahaha! So cute! I love Clair's expression here. You can just see her thinking "damn. Why didn't I wear the spots?!?"

Could this be any funnier or cuter?! I LOVE Clair's thoughts! Fantastic!

Claire should be thankful, looks like the "in" crowd has chicken pox!

Ok. You got me. I resisted the chickens till you did the polka dots. For an angry chicken protector, you still have a great sense of humor! Thanks for the giggles.

I am not a "bird" person. At all!! But I do love your chickens!! They make me laugh!! Out Loud, so's I get the hairy eyeball from DH!!! ~snicker~ Good Luck getting your varmit(s)!! You know he told all his friends and family about the loverly chicken dinner!! There is always more than one!!

I love these chickens!! What a statement they make. I grew up in the country and my gram'ma had rows of chicken coops in the back (eggers) and some privileged few running around (stewers). And just like humans, they really had their cliques and shunned a few. I would just love to have this as a stamp and send cards to all my cousins. What memories we all have to share 'caring for gram's chickens'...feed, water, collecting eggs and shoveling manure. LOL.

SOOO cute! I love drawing chickens too! :D We have a little flock running around every day and I could draw them again and again they are so cute!

BWAHAHAHAHA, I LOVE IT! The story of my life! LOL You are so full of great ideas and creativity! You are absolutely funny, too...what a kick to come here and know I'll leave with a smile!
Glad the chickens are still safe...and that smell, OMG, that will be there a long time...that stuff takes FOREVER to wear off! BLEAH! So sorry your barn is stinky now!
Hope you catch the 'coon soon...

What a great card-made me smile out loud. tfs

Oh my, this is so clever, cute and funny!

Anna - I love your "Clique" chickens. Ohmygoodness! The one with the necklace kills me! Too cute. I'm realy sorry about your (real) chickens. I do hope you find the coon - I saw one in our neighborhood yesterday morning. Every time I ride my bike through the acreages near our home, and I see chickens just pecking around in the yards, I think of you!! Good luck! Hopefully he'll get discouraged and move on. What a lot of trouble to have to lock them down each night. Poor things. xoxo from Idaho, Jeanne

Too stinkin cute! Love it!

Oh, too cute!! :)

what pretty hens, but i know they won't let the other girl in. that's a shame...

OMGOSH Anna, I just took a drink when I scrolled to this and now I have coffe splatters on my screen! LOL! Oh please oh PLEASE make this into a stamp!

Love it! :)

Hilarious - poor Clair! Delightful illo.

Haha thats cute and funny! I love the looks on the 'in' crowd's faces

OMG!!!!! You made me laugh so hard!!!!!!

Ok, you're making me love chickens, and I have never loved chickens before! I think I must have some of your chickens!

Hee Hee, love your chickies! They're fab.

wow, i l like! :) it! Beautiful illustration!
an other clique, sullen...

Is absolutely Fantastic! I love your line work.

They're cutest chicken I've ever seen, ^.^

Hello, my name is Jan and yes, that is toilet paper attached to my foot. I am always the oddball out of place one.

I'm with Claire. Seems to me she and I were both traumatized by polka dots as children! :)) (remember Dotted Swiss? ugh!)

Ok, when can I get this one in a stamp????? Love it!

This is the cutest EVER, Anna! I *heart* your chickens!

LMBO here, too darned cute!

you are sweet and sassy. this one is great!

I love all of these chicky pictures you've been posting! they're the best!

This is priceless!! I LOVE it. I can think of a few captions that would go great with these ladies! Can you PLEASE make this one into a stamp? Perhaps "Crazy for Chickens II"? pretty please? :)

I love your illustration Fridays!

OK that is twice this week you have made me almost cover my monitor with a beverage. I need to stop drinking when I read your blog. This is a riot! I love your chickens. -Molly B

this is just the cutest thing I have seen in ages!

So cute Anna! :) I also have a soft spot for chickens!
Polka dotted in crowd huh? Hilarious!
Esp. love the little grass stickin' out of the tall one's beak. Presh!

Excellent, really excellent!

Rui Sousa
(O temporário)


This is so very delightful and delicious. I love them all. The looks on their faces and the yummy dots too. Great illustration. I love your style. I will be back for more this wholesome goodness! Thanks for sharing.

Oh my goodness....this is awesome...I am so loveing your chickens...and I so have to get crazy for chicken stamp set...your IF is perfect!!!!!!!!!!

Cute, cute, cute!!

oh, so sweet and funny :) love their shapes! you have great style, Anna!

LOVE IT!!!!!!

TEEHEE! How so very CUTE!! :)

How cute is that!!!!! Love the "insight" into the illustration!!! Classic! TFS

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