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Mom is going to make us cookies tomorrow to celebrate YOUR birthday. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your mom's cookie recipe, what a treat it is for us!!
Hugs and doggy kissesxxx(pawprint high 5's)
Chloe and Baxter

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS DAISY!! Thanks for the cookie recipe...I've been wanting to find a good one for Molly! Miss Daisy is a sweetie!

Happy Birthday Daisy!!! Tell Mom to give you a big hug from me--and Farley also...in our house we all share birthdays! More cake per year that way!!

What a sweet picture of Miss Daisy! Thanks for sharing the recipe. I'll have to make some for Tanner

Happy Birthday Miss Daisy!!!! We (me and mommy) are going to make the cookies but it won't be until the weekend. Hope you can wait!!! Hi Miss Anna, Hi Mr Alan, Hi all the animals.

love, Christina

Oooh! What a cutie! Happy birthday from me and our dog, Angel!

Miss Daisy is adorable. Happy Birthday sweetie! Thanks for the recipe - lookse like some humans might enjoy them too.

Happy Birthday, Daisy from Buliwhys! I'd love some of those dog treats. But, only ONE? I'd eat the whole pan! And then I'd eat the pan. It's a guy thing. Woof!

Boy, Miss Daisy's ship came in the day she met you! Doesn't she look like one happy, well loved and cared for dog?! Hope she has a terrific birthday.

Ooh, I love that face! Happy Birthday Daisy!!

Happy Birthday Daisy!! You would have fun at my house playing with Jewel....my 2 year old Chocolate Lab :)

Happy, Happy Birthday Miss Daisy! Party till you're pooped and enjoy your yummy cookies, you have a very special Mom!

Happy Birthday Daisy!
Those eyes could melt chocolate!

I am so glad Daisy could find a place at your farm (and in your BIG heart).
I will try this recipe SOON! I know a puppy I whow needs a little gift!


Happy Birthday, sweet Miss Daisy! May you have many more:)

Elvis & Lizzie wish Miss Daisy a "Woofing" birthday!

Thanks so much for the recipe! My little Schatzee bear will love these. Happy Birthday Daisy. Thanks for the great blogging.

happy birthday daisy you dont look a day over5 lol my dj is going to be 7 on oct 5 i am going to make him those treats thank you for the recipe

Oh...what a sweet chocolate baby! I miss ours every day! They are such great dogs..
Happy Birthday Miss Daisy!!!

Happy Birthday Daisy!! LOVE the picture, looks like a cookie smile to me! :)

Happy birthday!! I bet my westie will love these cookies! Thanks for sharing!

Happy birthday gorgeous! And thanks for the secret recipe. I don't use honey but agave might do. I wonder if the human cookie monster in my house will try to take these? You have a very special mom Daisy. All the internet people love her too.

Awe..Happy Birthday Daisy!
What a cutie!

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