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I don't know if it is a fox or a squirrel but it sure is cute. It and your post game me a LOL moment for sure. Thanks -Molly B

I recently attended a Memory Box card class at the U Village Impress store in the Seattle area. We made a Christmas Card with the FOX stamp & he is wearing a Santa Hat. I'll now have to show this card to my husband to see what he says - I love the FOX... BTW - the sentiment we used with the FOX was "You can't out-fox Santa." Fun debate - Thanks for sharing!

I recently attended a Memory Box card class at the U Village Impress store in the Seattle area. We made a Christmas Card with the FOX stamp & he is wearing a Santa Hat. I'll now have to show this card to my husband to see what he says - I love the FOX... BTW - the sentiment we used with the FOX was "You can't out-fox Santa." Fun debate - Thanks for sharing!

No question-- The tail is "Foxish"-- New word for you! Very cute card and your discussion with your husband sounds like something my husband and I would debate! :)

Bwahahahaha!! Your Dad's post cracked me up! What an awesome guy...you are so lucky to have such great parents! Tell your Dad he's our honorary "comment Dad", and we want to hear from him often! :D

Well, I like the weasel suggestion but he's a fox! I have that stamp and the grassy knoll so he has to be a fox. Cute card, by the way!!

I'll go along with weasel...perhaps it's a fox or squirrel dressed up as a weasel???
Very cute, love the knoll, too!

LOL! Thanks for the giggles this gave me! Especially your dad's comments! I don't know what it is, I just know you made it CUTE!!!

The beayty is, depending on how you color it, it could be either!! Great card!

LOL, you two are too funny, before I read your commentary, I thought "what a cute little weasel", but whatever it is, it's really cute!

I have been out of the loop for some time now but as an amateur outdoor guy and Anna"s Dad I have to say I have gotten smarter after her teen years and am now smart enuf to comment on things of this magnatude. Foxes do not sit verticle like this and the ears are to narrow at the bases and the front legs are from a dwarf rat, if the back legs are same length as the front it would be a Wiener Dog with a fake tail. She cant possibly throw a rock 2000 miles as a pay back. That's my story and I'm sticken to it, Love Dad

Super cute card!! I am all for him being a fox!! Very fun and sweet image!!

FOX. Squirrels don't have tails like that, and no, foxes don't sit like that either,they also don't pick flowers, but it is a STAMP, doesn't Alan know that in "stampworld" critters can do whatever they want?!

To me it has the face of a fox and the tail of a squirrel but it sure is cute.

I thought it was a fox as soon as I saw it, before I even read your comments. It's a really cute card.

Since I try not to let any man be right, I will say this is a fox...looks like a fox to me...I mean look at the tail!!Super cute!!

Looks like a fox to me - I can see how Alan might have got it confused though. Cute card.

It doesn't look like any squirrels in my yard!! He's a "sly" fox just to throw you off.....

The way you've colored it says 'fox' for sure, but I guess it could go either way...makes it versatile.

Now I'm curious - did you and Alan have the discussion about when the new century started? Was it 2000 or 2001, hehe?

I say it's a fox! A squirrel's tail is not like that....that is definitely a fox's tail but it could be a fox tail on a squirrel (kinda like extensions!) Regardless he's a cutie!!

I thought "fox" right away when I saw the image.

And agree with Stephanie, a squirrel has a rounded tail, not a pointy one. ;o)

But the disagreement is funny. Reminds me of when my husband gets mad at something that "couldn't happen" when watching an animated movie.

Hmmm... its abstract no doubt! And such cuuuute card too! But I am sorry, but I am going to have side with Alan on this one, and say that is is more like a squirrel than a fox... (hey he needs someone in his corner doesn't he???)

Fox. The tail, the nose, the ears... definitely NOT a squirrel! I will concede that the legs need to be a bit longer for a fox, and a squirrel will sit like that while a fox will not. But we must remember, Alan, there is some artistic license here... neither fox, nor squirrel, is going to be sitting like that holding a flower :)

And the debate continues: Is it a foxy squirrel or a squirrely fox? You be the judge. Sorry couldn't resist. I think that it can be whatever the person using it wants it to be. Isn't that why it is called "art"? Who cares, really, what it is! It is still darn cute no matter what.

Sorry Alan....... I have to say 'fox'! Look at the nose and look at those wiskers! What a fun discussion that must have been between the two of you! Well done with the card!
Take care,

OMGoodness! That so... sounds like a "conversation" Dan and I would have. All the while, he would be forgetting the ever so important part of raving about my work- teeheehee! Definitely a fox in my book- if he wasn't standing upright how could he hold the flower in his paw! Totally awesome card either way!

I gotta go with fox. The ears are pointed (squirrels have round ears), the tail is pointed (squirrels' tails are curved over at the top and more rounded), and the snout is more pointy than a squirrel's. However, I have to side with Alan in that, should this fella drop on all fours, he'd be one belly-draggin' little dude!

I say FOX and a cute one at that!

Very funny dilemma. I like the squox idea. I thought squirrel when I first saw him, but his tail is definitely a fox!

I will say its a fox! very cute stamp and card

Well, of course it's a fox! But I do like the suggestion it could be a "squox"!! Very cute in any opinion, especially the fluffy tail.

It's a foxy squirrel. He's cute!

If the news media and Internet geeks can make up new words all the time, then I say, so can we! It's a Squox! :)

He think he is one cute fox!! I

Well, I'm going to have to agree with Allen.
I've never seen a fox sit up and beg like this, LOL!

Either way, your card is adorable Anna!!

I'm voting for FOX as I've never seen a squirrel with a pointed chin before in my life. We have loads of squirrels where I live and none of them look like this.

Very cute card.

I actually agree with the weasel thought. Can't be a fox because of the way it's sitting and the stubby front legs, and squirrels noses aren't so pointy. So, the debate goes on. But, if we can have purple cats and pink dogs, why not have a critter colored like a fox. Either way, it's an adorable card! Absolutely LOVE what you did with the sentiment!

LOL, you all are too funny! Alan is right about the position; and it's a wonky looking fox, at best...but it IS a fox! Or so say I! Your card is great, and I love your drawn-in flower...just like mine! :D Precious!

Well I think it looks more like a fox because of the coloring on the tail. I don't think I've ever seen a squirrel with a tail like that. But I also think it looks more like a weasel than a squirrel. Very cute whatever he/she is.

Very funny comments so far! I love Alan, but I gotta go with a fox too -- too pointy a snout. We have a fox who patrols our backyard and she doesn't have such a bushy tail and looks more like a dog, but I can definitely see her trying to fool the squirrels into a false sense of security -- I think our little fox single handedly keeps down our squirrle population (which I see as basically rodents so I'm happy), and somehow the rabbits survive so she must prefer squirrels! :) Mary

ahhh, Alan is right........a fox wouldn't stand on his hind feet, at least not that I've ever seen. But this is the world of making cards and the image wasn't meant to be "life-like" so it is-what it is-CUTE!

Regardless, he is cute! ;0)

I think it's a fox in a squirrel costume. Or is it a squirrel in a fox costume?? If it's NAMED "Sly Fox", why would it be a squirrel?? Either way, it's adorable!

I think it's a fox, squirrels don't have pointed noses and their belly's are WAY fatter than this little cutie (at least the squirrels in my yard are - they could pass for furry sumo wrestlers!) Love the card!

hahaha! It doesn't matter if it was a squirrel or a fox...WE (woman) are always right...THEY (men) are always not. (notice I didn't say wrong...just not always right). It would benefit Alan to learn this now and not fight it, it will make it easier on everyone. heeheehee...My husband tried to fight this for so many years, but in the end the natural order of things prevailed. It always will. ;)

Actually, before I started reading your post I thought it looked like a weasel.

It's clearly a freaking adorable fox!! Tell Alan that crossing his legs doesn't make him a girl, and sitting like that doesn't make a fox a squirrel! Hey - that rhymed! :) Hope you guys are doing well!

maybe a squirrel pretending to be a fox?

First let me say I like the card, it is sweet.The head and tail are right, but Alan is right, fox don't sit like that. There was one in our meadow this morning pouncing and rolling in the grass.

Looks like a fox to me. It definately is not a squirrel. Hello ......the stamp name is the first give away. Squirrels have a more even tail that do not come to a point.

Apparently, the stamp designer did not mean to make it EXaCtLy like a real fox.....It looks like a fox to me, but I think it can be whatever you want it to be!

I say its a fox!! That is not a squirrel (IMO)

Whatever it is, it is darn cute! Love the total card design and all the elements are perfect together!

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