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Love the vintage look of this card! I also laughed at the thought of 250 pounds of glitter in the pictured device! Best, Curt

I think Alan came up with a solution to my glitter woes, too! LOL

That pumpkin image is hysterical, Anna - it makes me giggle! The glitter looks fabulous, but don't tell Alan I said so!

Great job, as usual Anna... for my spoon, I 'borrowed' a plastic one that came with my dd baby doll. I've also found the sample spoons from Baskin & Robbins to be the perfect size as well.

I love your crafty secrets halloween cards! my husband also offers 'finishing touch' advice from time to time!

Love your pumpkin! I'll be looking for your auto glitter invention -- this is toooo funny. :o)

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

Great card, Anna! Love that background and Alan's fabulous idea, not only for the glitter on the pumpkin, but for the glitter feeder. Yes, I do think 250 lbs might hold you for a while!

No matter what one uses the glitter ends up every where anyway and this looks interesting but. . . . I cut a piece of plastic straw that is only long enough to fit into the glitter bottle. Then, I cut the bottom of one end in a bit of a bowl or rounded shape and I have a custom sized spoon that I leave in the jar.

Alan cracks me up. He reminds me of my DH. My hubby has tried to "fix" what he sees as a problem, too. Only my hubby relates everything to cars since he has hot rods for his hobby. If we could harness their industrialness into the crafting business think of all the cool inventions we'd have. ROFL I do like his suggestion for the glitter in the grooves of the pumpkin. Very cute! Thanks for sharing.
How is Pixie Dust?

That's one good suggestion if you like a lot of glitter! Fun card. I just checked out the Dexter video - love your little guys & gals. The children were especially cute with them. But, oh, I would have a hard time selling them.

Hopper feeders are good for sooooooooo many things...and now glitter! I bet my Dad could invent a small one for you. Hmmmmm

Have you thought about keeping glitter in a shaker bottle?

I need to make some things for our stamp club and am glad to hear the glue pen works. i haven't tried mine yet.

Love the glitter in the ridges, but why do you go to so much trouble to add glitter with a spoon? Just pour the glitter on the card over a piece of typewriter paper, shake the extra glitter off the card and bend the paper to pour the glitter back into the container. Or, put the glitter in a plastic container and put your card in the container, scoop the glitter onto the card and give it a shake. If you wish you could keep a spoon in the container with the glitter.

I've said it before, I'll say it again, that Alan is a keeper! :)

You know what? When I saw this on the Crafty Secrets web site this morning I noticed right away how you highlighted the ridges. They just stood out and made the whole card look even better. Move over Anna, Alan just might take over! LOL : )

Bhwaa baawhaa!! (I need one of those machines!!) That's too funny!! Love your pumpkin image card though!!

With that much glitter and a little wind, you could glitter the WORLD! Not to detract from the hilarity, but why do you use a paper spoon? I fold a piece of typing paper in half, hold my image over the paper and glitter away, tap the glitter down into the fold, and funnel it back into the glitter jar. (And because I'm a total perfectionist, I have a folded paper for every different color of embossing powder or glitter with the name printed on one side. But I digress . . . .)

I am cracking up! The "glitter feeder" is a hysterical idea...especially by the pound! LOL You all are TOO FUNNY...
I LOVE LOVE LOVE your card! And there's just the right amount of glitter on it! It's beautiful. I just love these vintage things you do! :D

lol imagine the international shipping cost for that glitter container... ouch ;)

Love the card, and Alan was right ~ the added glitter is perfect! I can't imagine having 250 lbs of glitter unless I had stock in that company!!

Me likey! The glitter is just perfect. Alan, you ROCK! Anna, you ROCK even MORE!!! heehee

Love the card. And no, I don't think 250lbs of glitter is too much. Could you imagine all the animals with a little glitter on them? PERFECT!

Alan's suggestion to glitter the pumpkins ridges was sheer genius and is precisely what separates this card from the rest. Thank you for sharing the image, technique, and supplies information. I love it.

That contraption is such a guy idea!!! Of course with the picture I am imagining that thing FULL of ultra fine glitter--and a field twinkling with glitter!! (LOL!!)

Anyway--I bet he will perfect the idea--we will all need one--and you will be rich!

The card is so cute--tell Alan the glitter was an excellent suggestion!!

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