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I have just discovered your blog. I'm really enjoying it. The photo of the crossed-eyed little kitty sniffing the leaf is simply adorable.


Anna your pictures are truly amazing! This is one of my favorites and I LOVE the way you always capture that purrrfect moment!

Hugs, Jennifer :)

OH my how cute are they! Fabulous photos!

I want your kitty!!!!!!! It's soooo adorable. I miss my kittens. I'm ready for my mama kitty to have babies again!!!

OMGosh, adorable!! *smiles* Incredible pictures! TFS

Awwwwwwww...this is THE most precious kitty photo I've EVER seen!! He looks like he's pausing to appreciate one of the many wonders of his new-found world. Just a moment to rest and sigh and marvel. What a pose!

How stinkin' adorable! That is the one color tiger cat I don't have...tee hee. So cute - what a fabulous shot!


Holy crap! That's the kee-freakin'-utest kitty picture I think I've ever seen! You amaze and astound, Miss Anna. How can you not snatch this one up and bring him/her inside to cuddle?

GET OUT! That is a beautiful kitten! What a darling baby.

I *heart* her! She/he is absolutely adorable! I just want to bury my face in her cute little kitten fluff!


I am such a sucker for a kitty face and these are especially adorable and tempting. SOOO sweet, do they let you pet them? or are they wild? their fur is just calling me....I must look away.

another absolutely darling kitty pic!

Too cute -- you always catch that perfect shot.

I vote for more kitty pictures :)

I LOVE YOUR KITTEN! Please send him to Boulder, Colorado. Thank you for sharing these pictures they start my day out with a smile!

Where is a kitten to hug? I need to find one now. Just precious.

You just keep on blogging those AWESOME pictures. This one is too precious. Thank you for sharing.

Oh my goodness how adorable!!!

What a sweet kitty!
You should probably go ahead a post a picture of it every day. :)

This is a precious shot. Gotta love taking pictures of animals. I love taking pictures of my cats.

What a baby!! Have you posted any of your cat pictures on picato.net? It is a site for cat lovers that people post pictures of their cats on, they would love to see these!!

That is the CUTEST photo I've ever seen! It may just be me but the kitty looks a little cross-eyed - focusing very HARD on the leaf!

Your kittys are so adorable! Love the picture.

ENOUGH!! I can't take it anymore! I am going to have to go to the pound this weekend and pick me up a sweet baby. It's ALL YOUR FAULT!!!

OMG, is that kitten praying??? LOL That is just the cutest photo ever...and I'm like everyone else, I WANT THE KITTEN!!! I can't even volunteer at the shelter, because I'd be a wreck not being able to take them all home with me! Thanks for another adorable picture! :D

Where does your talent stop girl? Man, I don't even like cats, but those pictures are adorable! I wish, wish, wish, I had half of your talent with a camera and everything else you do so well. Like I said, is there anything you can't do? I want to be you when I grow up :)

So cute... those gorgeous blue eyes. S/he looks like they're praying. So cute... my heart melted tonight. Thanks! :)

Your photography is absolutely fantastic. I swore I would never have another pet (we currently have a 10 yo Schnauzer and an 11 yo white short hair cat, both adopted. These kittens are making my heart melt, though I know that they are probably wild as March Hares. So adorable, as kittens always are...

These little kittens are absolutely adorable. Your photography is wonderful. I try to stop by your blog and see your cards and all the animals on your farm. I see you are from Texas, that makes us neighbors,:) i am in Louisiana. My granddaughter lives in Flower Mound, Texas.


I can hardly stand it! That kitten is so adorable. I neeed her. She can live with my darling and fat Cassie and my bitchy Siamese, Chloe!

I am absolutely IN LOVE; that kitten makes my heart hurt. Please send him ASAP to his new home in Oregon (I WISH!). You know, we're going to be in San Diego next week, really, we're half way there. . . mind if we stop in for a visit. . . hmmmmmmm.

Just precious!

So, so sweet!! :0)

That has to be one of the cutest kitten pictures ever! You are a very talented photographer...WOW...(not to mention a very talented artist!) Thanks for sharing.

HOW ADORABLE! love thes kitties, I want to snuggle with 'em!

Wow! This would make a terrific poster! (Kitty can't help being irresistible, can he?!)

Oh Anna your fur babies are just so darn adorable. Makes me want another kitten. With 5 inside cats and 1 new outside cat though...Well they don't call me the Crazy Cat Lady for nothing! - Can't wait till you give them names. They are precious.

I wanna kitten!!!!!!! Wahhhhhhhhh! Ok, so the cats would not appreciate a kitten. hmph.

Awww, what a precious photo! I love my kitties and you have captured this perfectly!

This is hilarious!!

What a sweet little thing! He's checking things out to make sure he wants to stay! LOL

If this picture was any sweeter I'd have a cavity! You have such a keen eye and a knack for being in the right place at the right time to get the most extraordinary shots. Thanks for sharing this treasure with us!

So CUTE!!! and such a fantastic photo.

Ohh my good, what a cutie !!!
I love your farm photos..

IT IS SERIOUS CUTE OVERLOAD!! WHAT BEAUTIFUL KITTENS!! I really want to snuggle that one!

Aww! He's hysterical! What an expression.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwe! SO cute! I just want to reach out and touch that soft fur. Thanks for sharing your farm pics--I love to see them. I'm a "country" girl at heart.

Anna, Love those kittens. I have 8 cats, all living inside and 5 of the 8 were dropped off mysteriously outside my home. Actually, the last one just found me this past spring and he's the sweetest 6 toed "Hemminway", neutered and about 2 years old. We definitely kept him, but the otehrs are still having issues with another cat in the house. Oh well, they'd better get used to it. Are you gonna keep these adorable little ones?

Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. I don't know what you have for a camera but WOW...and all these critter pictures make me miss the good old days on the farm. It was easy to enjoy so many simple things.

Have a great day.


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