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We had one once too...the crazy thing is how I scared him away at 4 in the morning...I went out on the deck (it was midsummer and warm so our windows were open and I heard him) and grunted like a gorilla. Scared the heck out of him and he took off. That was before I got a pellet gun. I love I'Lean. You're a girl with great sense...I had one little girl with a wry back (crooked) and her name was Wriley. She was my best girl and always like to be held. She led the pack when I went outside and they all came running up to me. So dang cute!

I love the pictures of anna wight, am the fan of her. the chickens which is shown here is just very beautiful..

I'm so sorry to hear about your chickens. I thoroughly enjoy reading about life on your farm. We live in a semi-rural area and have racoons in our neighborhood. The "critter people" here used marshmallows in the live traps. It might be worth a try. Good luck!

Oh Anna - that is so frustrating! And what's weird us that just today my DH talked to his cousin who also has a ranch similar to yours not too far from you and she said they were having the same problem - I think she said "chicken dinner take out"! YIKES! I would cry for sure!

Uh oh, naughty raccoon! I'm sorry about your chickens. I'Lean is such a beautiful chicken, and you've captured her perfectly here. What a talented girl you are! (Is this a digital image?)

OH my your poor babies!!! I hope things are ok this morning and you have caught him! That TURD! LOL

You have made me split a gut laughing! I'm sorry about the raccoon, but I'Lean is absolutely hilarious!

Okay, the picture is super cute, and so is your chicken. I know how much you love your animals, so this is just horrible, I really hope you get him caught or he gives up and moves on.

I hope you're chickens will be safe. I actually saw a city raccoon yesterday on the way to work - it tried to do the freeze thing when it spotted me. I forget they live in the country too. Well, I hope you catch the little 'fish turd'. Keeping my fingers crossed for you, your chickens and for I-lean too!

That's so sad. I guess I always feel like farm life is perfect but guess there is another side to it. Keep them safe!!

I'Lean! I love her!!! Bwahahaha!

OMG!! That's terrible!! Someone needs to inform this uninvited intruder that the farm is NOT a chicken diner!! I hope you can catch it SOON!! I'Lean is quite adorable by the way :).

Who knew there was another use for the baby monitor. Great idea, whoever thought of it! Good luck with the chickens. I'Lean is adorable.

Great success Anna!

~**I Love I'Lean!**~

She made me think of my childhood neighbour's canary called
"Ol' Uncle One-Leg". The best part was that one day "He" laid an egg and became "Ol' Auntie One-Leg".

Go get that "fish-turd" roadkill!

I was thinking about my four fur babies on the way in to work this morning and thinking I needed to live out in the country so I could have more animals. I am so sorry for your loss. It can be so devastating all the way around. I hope you catch both the raccoon and the skunk soon. BTW, I'Lean is adorable. Her markings are really pretty.

i have been there we lost 3o of our breeders last year to skunk we breed here on the farm and to lose so many hens was and peacocks was so terrible for the small hatchery we run hang in there and get it it really sucks to lose so many of your chicken friends

Yeah, not the fun part of life...
But I'lean is adorable, in real life and animated! Good luck getting that raccoon...I'd hate for you to lose anymore birds.

Scary! And, I don't even have to imagine those striped beasts. Racoons are cute on TV, but in real life, they aren't afraid of people - at least our city coons - and that makes them dangerous. My garage door got stuck open one night, and while my brother ran out for supplies to fix it, I had to stay and guard the garage full of valuables. When the sun went down, racoons started appearing in the alley walking toward me. At first I tried to strike an ominous pose and 'hiss' at them, but that didn't drive them away for long and I started looking for things to climb up on. Luckily my brother got back before I had to fight them off. Good luck with catching them, Anna! I can't stand to think of what they've already done to your dear chickens :(

Go mama hen, go! Get that raccoon!! I know I wouldn't be able to sleep either until I got that varmint and made it safe for all the chickens. Great idea to use a baby monitor :)

I feel for you, I really do. When I lived in northern California I had to call the county trapper to help with a similar problem. I never knew there were so many critters roaming the place at night! It was interesting to check the cages in the morning and discover who/what had been caught prowling and feasting.

Oh that makes me so mad. I had an old chubby diabetic cat show up on my doorstep one day. I had to give her insulin shots and I let her sleep in the garage, so I cracked the door a bit each night. One night I woke up to hear glass smashing in the garage. I ran out there (looking back it was dumb, but my husband is a sound sleeper) and I see my poor kitty cowering and COONS EVERYWHERE!! One of them, about a 30 pounder was up on a high shelf, THROWING glass jars onto the garage floor. I looked up and he looked me right in the eye and threw the one he was holding onto the floor! One was hissing at my scared cat. They weren't even scared of me. I had to chase them out with a broom and they were in no hurry. I hope you get them and dispose of them and I hope your beautiful chickens are safe. Your card is gorgeous, by the way.

Sorry about the fish-turd (hehe, that name cracked me up). Hope you get him so your birds are safe.

...and the name you have for I'Lean is just too cute (hehe, cracked me up again)

I hope the chickens are all safe this morning. Racoons are a pain. Best of luck to you. I'Lean is adorable BTW. The name almost made me spew my coffee. LOL. -Molly B

OMG how horrible! thanks for sparing the details (i read this over my breakfast)
get the little *turd* and protect those precious birds. lovin I'lean. adorable.
who knew baby moniters were so multi-taskable?!
have a safe weekend

Go get him!!! Those poor little chickens!!! Time for him to get a one way ticket out of town!!!

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