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Another excellent composition! How fun! I love the spotted dog and chicken. Please don't ever get tired of the chickens. They crack me up (no pun.)

I love that cute little blue doggie! He is so talented! You are too funny! I feel bad for your chickens...hopefully they don't mind their lock-down too terribly.

Adorable! I'm glad the chickens were safe...stinky, but safe!

I'd like to be inside that head of yours when the ideas start clicking. :) Whoever would have dreamt of a blue spotted dog balancing a chicken on his nose? Straight from the creative brain of Anna . . . . Love it!

I love, love, love your illustrations! I love chickens too. I just subscribed to your blog so I don't miss anything!

I think we would all happily pull a trigger on that coon for ya if we could! Stinker!
Don't mess with chicken lovers! :)
Man..and I've spent all my aloted stamp $ for this month! I so want one of those chicken set too. *sniff* Maybe soon...
Keep your digital clucks coming!

I absolutely love all your sketches, especially the chickens. I'm saving up so I can purchase a few of your chicken sets sometime soon. Hang tough on the 'coon scenario.

You are stinkn' amazing....Um...like totally make me sick with totally, super, duper, uber talent! (LOL!!!) Great illustration...and I hope you catch the coon soon!

Hope you catch that 'coon soon! LOL Our family went to the Greenfield Village here in Detroit today and in their recreation farm they had a bunch of chickens like yours. I saw a white black-spotted chicken and immediately thought of "I-lean"!

I love chickens, so I don't mind seeing lots of them. Ü

Ok..inquiring minds want (need) to know what secret Polka Dot Creating tool you have discovered? Lovin' them!

I think you should sell your drawings. Or give them away to blog commentors named Lisa. :O)

Oh, you know I love your chickens..I have got to buy your set of them...these are all so precious...chickens and polka dots..what more can a lady ask for??? Hugs, Dee in Oklahoma 8^)

hey, Anna, go to the feed store and ask them if they have fox urine.. you put this stuff around where you don't want other predators to come around... they smell it and leave the area (barn, chicken coup, or yard)

Anna your drawing are wonderful and I love seeing what you do! Thanks for sharing! I hope you catch the coon! Have a great weekend! Jessie

I love both sketches you've posted, chickens and all!!! The Clique one reminds me of the Far Side; LOVE THAT! I think I've been in Clair's shoes before, LOL! Thanks for sharing Anna!

Go Anna and Alan! Get that coon!
So, this sketch is like, totally adorable! It's how I feel most days. :)))

Totally adorable!!

you should be mad! we are all mad right along with you!!! and a great, cute sketch!! love that chicken!

I am so enjoying all of your drawings...I am getting spoiled and looking forward to each new one!

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