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I just bought your sweet snowman print from your Etsy shop! I can't wait to get it :)

I just LOVE this! Gorgeous!

This is cute! Do you spray something on your card after using chalks?

Love this illustration! And your new banner is just perfect!!

OMGOSH, I just saw your new banner! FABULOUS!!! And I LOVE your snowman! Too cute! Now WHAT do you use to apply the chalk??? I never can get mine to stick well! Your little snow guy is just adorable... :D

very cool. By chalks are you meaning 'sticks' of chalk or chalk dust things & your finger? (no brush) Inquiring Mind needs to know....hee hee

Great card. Love the colors, they are so dramtic.

I love your new blog banner! Too cute! So sorry to hear about the "Night Stalker" you've had visiting the farm. Those dear hens must be all a flutter with the danger around them. Nasty fellow! I hope you trap him soon and remove him to a far distant place - like the big sleep - when you catch him...

Hope all is well in Texas world, Anna! Love your illustrations of chickens, I swear, you should have your OWN company! It would be crazy popular!

I love your snowman Anna. We had so much snow this last winter in eastern Washington. It was way to much for me. I have heard we are having another hard winter this year. I was hoping for mild, but guess not. Back to your card. I really do think he is adorable. I love the colors.

Now, THIS, I like!!! Ah, snow. My good friend. :)
This on it's own would make a perfect card.

I am lovin all these chickens and snowmen. You are crackin' me up! And the new banner? Wonderful! Maybe you could make me one with me peeking out of a bunch of stamps? And could you put a cowboy hat on me??? LOLOL

OH! One more thing before I leave...a little note in my box o' MB goods mentioned a challenge? Ready when you are girl!! :)


What a cute snowman and bird!! You are one talented lady!!!

you are spoilingus with all these creations you are drawing! I can barely draw a stick figure LOL!

Very nice and dramatic!

Very pretty on the black. Love the snowman, is this a stamp from your christmas set or did you just draw it? Keep the chickens safe. Love your animal pictures.

So you can use different media to illustrate digitally? This is fabulous! WOW! WOW WOW! WOW WOW WOW!

this is so cool with chalk on black!! You are doing these on the computer???!!! WOW!!

Anna ~ I love that!! The colors are absolutely gorgeous!

I'm so sorry that dratted raccoon is hassling your birds. Been there...done that.....what a pain! (Not to mention the trauma it causes the girls who are laying!!)

Hugs! Oh - and please, can you send me some sunshine? I'll send you some cool West Coast temps to make your days bearable! *wink*

Sorry about your coon problem. Can't let him have any of your designer chickens! I, too, am wishful for some cool. Still sweating like a field hand down here in Florida, but it was actually cooler out than in, this morning. Too bad humidity prevents me from opening the house to some fresh air. Rats. Love your little snowman and your chicken cards. I'lean cracks me up!

Mr. Roley Poley is precious. I adore your colors and shading. Truly a delightful sketch.

Oh my goodness Anna... this is just too amazing for words!!

Sorry it is still hot there! It is 5:00 in the morning here in Connecticut and I think it may be around 50 degrees...feels wonderful!

Still thinking there should be a direct giveaway...


How's the raccoon?

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