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Love this card!! Very refreshing!! Stay cool!

Very cute. I love how you cute out the posies and popped them out..

Have given you an award in my blog!!

Remember back in the Inland Empire when you could go out after dark in August and you needed a sweater! You could sleep at night with the windows open! I haven't had the house open to fresh breezes since, gosh, I dunno, April! Sweltering right along with Texas over here in Central Florida! Angie in Maryland has no clue! LOL

Beautiful card...I always love your coloring and color choices. Here in Austin its day 40 of 100+ degree weather with no end in sight. Yuck..

What a cute card! Love your popped up flowers in the wheelbarrow! I'm rethinking my position of wanting to retire in Arizona since I hate the heat and I think it gets hotter there. YUCK!!! How are the animals doing in this heat?

I love this! I have this set, so want to see you do LOTS with it to inspire me more. Ü

This card is wonderful! However, my favorite details are the shadow and the ground. Perfectly painted.

I love this sweet little card!!! Great colors!!

Try to stay cool!

I hate heat!!!!! Run outside and do chores, and then get back inside! An article today in our local paper suggested that we have amnesia here in Nebraska regarding the heat waves this time of year. Nope! We just can't afford to spend our summers in the Arctic!

Cute card, btw. ;)

I am sorry that u r going through all of that heat! But... if its any solace, I live in Maryland so we tend to get all the hot air from the south and its so humid here. Not sure what the temp is now but during the day its in the 90s without humidity. Anyway. Good nite, be blessed! Beautiful card! Tfs!


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