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Congrats on the new baby! Hope all goes well with the feedings. Have you named her yet? If mom is Muffin, she could be Cupcake or Sweet Cakes? Or maybe just Lucky since she is very lucky to have caring owners like you! As for the white ears, Lily would work for the brightness of them - like white Easter lilies. Anyway, have fun with her and try to get some sleep, too!

does the Mom have a mastitis infection - that is what happened when our dog was born - the Mama - her second litter - would not nurse her puppies and she had an infection - after it was cleared up - she started to nurse.

cute baby though - have fun.


Congratulations on the new donkey; what a real cuttie! Please keep us updated on whether or not Muffin has starting taking care of her baby and how well your new addition is doing.

What a cutie!!! What a rough beginning for the baby and her caregivers! At least when I was doing every 2 hours feedings with my babies I got to stay inside the comforts of my home. Heck, pretty sure I was not completely awake for many of those feeding- lol!

She's so adorable!!! Congrats!!! How sad that Muffin won't feed her. Thank goodness she has you and Alan to feed and love her. We adopted kittens who were found without their mom at 3 weeks old and did the same thing except every 3 hours. The time spent with them was precious and well worth every hour of lost sleep! Hang in there - that little cutie is totally worth it! :)

Oh how sweet! I hope mama comes around...but I'm sure this little baby will be just fine!

She is adorable!! How sad her Mom doesn't want to feed her. First time Mom, traumatic birth? I know little about animals. Thanks for sharing the photos. It's such a delight to check in with your Blog and see these wonderful animals!

Awwwww, isn't this little baby the cutest thing! Sorry about her mom being difficult. I have a name for her, Frosty! The inside of her ears, her muzzle and around her eyes are all white. Whitey has no character, but Frosty! Not that anything is actually cold in Texas right now, but one can wish!

oh my gosh, isn't he just the cutest little thing ever. You must have so much fun on your farm when the babies are born

oh, good, just what you need. . . to go out in the blazing heat every two hours! lots of luck...i don't envy you this one! sure is a cutie, though! :)

Muffin is adorable... Bad Mommy!!! Hopefully you can keep Muffin healthy... Poor baby!

Bring her to me, I will feed her! How cute and sweet she is! You should name her Chance, because of you and Alan she has a chance! Take care and good luck!

What a sweet baby! Let's hope Mama decides that nursing is fun!! Perhaps she knows she has a GREAT surrogate for her sweet little one!

Yes, she is beautiful Anna!!!! I heard the girls had a wonderful time with you yesterday! I wish that I could have been there too!!!!!!



This is so sad! Will the Mom let her come near at all and stand with her at least? Oh my this poor little donkey, it just breaks my heart! That Momma needs some maternal therapy! God bless you and your hubbie for the love you give this baby donkey! What does the vet say? Deb

So cute! Do keep us informed as to if momma decides to accept her little one. Take care of yourselves too.

Congrats! She is so adorable, sweet little thing! I hope Mama comes around soon. Until then I hope you & Alan get some shut eye in between! Thanks for sharing her with us :)

Oh Anna, wish I lived closer to you. I would come over and help with the every two hour feedings. I hope all goes well for the new baby. Please post more pictures. She is so adorable.

What a cutie! Hope everything goes well. :0)

This happened to us years ago with a first time mama. We found that she was too sore to let the baby eat. So we milked her for the first week or so and fed the baby with a bottle. Once the jenny was milked out a few times and her udder wasn't so tight and sensitive, we got her to accept the baby and all was well after that. Good luck. I hope all goes well.

She is absolutely adorable! ADORABLE!! So there is a name for her! Dora! Male or female? I don't know much about animans but sometimes they just have this 6th sense about their young. The mother must sense something wrong with her baby to reject her right at birth. How very sad. I hope you and Alan don't get burned out with all that feeding. It's hard enough with a human baby but with an animal it's quite different. And I hope she can tolerate these triple digit temperatures. She couldn't have inherited a better family than you and Alan. God speed!

How adorable is that! So cute and cuddley. Thanks for sharing and congrats on the new addition!

What a beautiful animal!
I am sorry about Muffin not being with the Mommie-program. I am so glad that she was born into a loving herd (of two leggers). I wish I could spell you and Alan for a few feedings!!

She is absolutely adorable, Anna. That is so sad that her momma doesn't want to have anything to do with her. At least she is lucky to have you and Alan. Lots of work=Lots of Love.

Oh, Anna! Soooooo cute -- and I hope Muffin can get with it and step up... sounds tiring for you and Alan! I know you'll take good care of her, though. Know you have a bunch of us cheering for you!

I really love to read about your farm and the animals! Lady Bird is so cute! And this little donkey is a little cutie to! You are lucky to live in a farm, but I can think its not only easy either.
Have a nice sunday!

She is soooooo cute. Your life is never dull is it? I don't understand what makes mama's do that but I've heard of cats and dogs refusing to let their babies eat. I know it must be stressful for you and Allen but knowing you, you'll take very good care of her.

AWWWW!! How could a mama not love that cute face?!! Yikes...every two hours!! Good luck!

would another mama donkey take her on as a surrogate? I see that happen in dog and cat world sometimes. Just like humans sometimes can't bond with babies (I think it sometimes is screwy hormones) it must happen in the "wild" too. Hopefully, mamma will snap out of it and figure it all out.

Ahh! Adorable! I hope the feedig thing works itself out... soon for the sake of all involved. -Molly B

ohhh, what a sweet little baby...poor little thing...
so I guess we know what you'll be doing in the middle of the night? that's just too bad, wonder what makes a mama do that...
good thing the baby has you and Alan there.

What a sweet face she has. Good luck with the feeding!

She is so cute!!! Mama may need a pep talk. Good luck.

Oh, how precious is she? And those EARS!!! Wow, some long ones! :D I'm sure Alan is feeling the effects of being her Mama...eeekkk!!! Bless her and Muffin, I hope all goes well. Maybe Muffin will have a change of heart! One can hope! :P

What a sweetie! TFS-hope things work out for you!

What a cutie!! So sad the momma's rejected her. It does sound like it's an awful lot of work feeding her milk every two hours - hopefully not through the night, too.

Maybe Muffin is just biding her time. I hope so. That baby is cute. thanks so much for sharing..MaryAnn

What a cutie! Its sad when a Mama doesn't want to take care of their baby.. I know it happens but hard to understand. Its going to be alot of work for you.

What a darling face! (ya, that coming from me, the non-farm girl! lol)
I can't wait to hear her name! I love the names you pick! oooo' how about Muffin Top? It's the best part of the muffin you know! Ü

Adorable baby donkey. What are you going to name her? I hope you succeed in finding a surrogate mother for her (other than Alan). Best of luck. I'd love to see more photos of this newest addition to the Wight family.

She is just as cute as can be!! Good luck with the feeding. That is alot of work! Sherri

oh my gosh, this breaks my heart!!!! Why wouldn't the mama accept her? Would love to learn more Anna...she is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO adorable!


I feel so bad for the baby! Would Jackie adopt her? She is a sweetie and as long as she's taking the milk replacer, she'll be fine. How long will you have to give it to her. I know with Elmo, it was about 3 or 4 weeks but he's not a donkey.

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