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Rhoda looks just like what I'd look like after staying up to watch the Olympics!
I hope C-biscuit rewards you with affection later on.

Poor little C-B! But she has humans who care - that counts for a lot! My 2 cats, Jazz and Cubby were found on a co-workers doorstep when they were very tiny. The vet said they were only 4 weeks old. At least I didn't have to nurse them.

Anna - wouldn't C-B make a cute stamp?

So sad :0( But you two are doing wonderfully! She looks amazingly cute!! :0)

I looked everywhere for a little donkey stamp but no luck ...maybe your next set of stamps will be donkeys and the goodies they need ....it would be nice to have a C-biscuit stamp! Hang in with feedings! DD

Oh, Honey, you got how I been feelin' lately, too. Darling card! Love the caramel and the pink and those bunny slippers. Too bad Muffin's being an a** in the Mom department, but looks like you and Alan go it covered. Happy Weekend!

When ever we get a newborn into our care (foster) I feel just like that Rhoda, haggard, just haggard! What a sweet card and those bunny slippers are a hoot. I love it!
I can surely empathize with you and Alan. OMG my heart just breaks for little C-Biscuit! The look on her little face tells it all. She looks so abandoned and unloved - though she couldn't be in better or more loving care than you. I hope that the other donkey will kind of let her come along side when her baby is born. C-B needs all the companionship of like kind she can get.

I think of this sweetie quite a bit this week. Hopefully the new baby will come soon and that will help. I can imagine she is confused and lonely... the goats should help there.
Big Hugs and keep me informed.

Love the card! The bunny slippers are great! Do you have real bunnies??? I'm glad C-biscuit has such good adoptive parents to take care of her! I'm sure she'll have lots of friends in the future

Your card is so cute! Love Rhoda in her bunny slippers!!! Poor little C-Biscuit...I'm so sorry to hear she's lonely. Here's hoping that Molly baby will like her! She doesn't deserve to be deserted. I know you and Alan are taking great care but she needs some furry friends, too!

I admire both you and Alan so much for putting your comfort aside to take care of C-Biscuit. She needs you, and you're doing great! My heart goes out to all three of you--you'll get through this. Keep up the great work...it must feel very rewarding!


I love your card! I love the button to the side like that.

also love seeing your animals and the stories behind them. I hate it when the momma's don't claim their babies.

I'm with you on the goat option. Or maybe a huge stuffed toy for her until you see if she bonds with the new baby. Poor thing. Hopefully, Muffin will do better next year.

What a sweet and lucky little donkey... my heart goes out to her... Silly momma though, how can she resist her? Well "C" is lucky to have the 2 of you for sure!
Hey, I am probably just as crazy as your goats... I will come stay with C biscuit for awhil and keep her company! I have never been to Texas, and maybe I will learn some of your tricks and tips while I am there!

Hooray for gaining weight! (If that was only the case for me!!! LOL) I don't understand why some animal mamas "reject" or neglect their babies. ? I'm just glad C-Biscuit was born on you & Alan's farm! She sure is a sweet little thing!

Bless you for all your patience with all your animals. C-biscuit is so cute, it breaks me heart that he was rejected by his mama. Don't you just want to shake some sense into her? Keep up the good(hard) work. Mari Pearson

Sorry you feel like Rhoda lately! Get to feeling better soon!

Poor sweet babies! (And I feel sorry for C-Biscuit too. :~) ) I'll bet mornings are particularly gruesome right now when you're so sleep-deprived. Those bunny slippers in the background of your card are totally perfect with that image. Too cute!

whoops, I meant we're all pulling for HER! sorry about that!

you are doing a marvelous job though.........

don't know how you found time to stamp when all of this is going on, but kudos to you! :)

sending out cyber hugs to both you and C-Biscuit! hang in there! we're all pulling for him AND you and Alan!


Oh so sad, poor little one! You are doing a great job with her. Lets hope that Molly's baby and her will bond so she won't be alone for long. Thanks for the update! Oh yeah, your card is adorable too, love the slippers and the curlers in her hair.

What a lucky little donkey! I am sure she will grow up better without Muffin as her mom! Time to send that bad donkey down the road.
Cute card and very ironic......... when I was at Rosie's last week, in addition to the others I purchased....... I got this one as well!!! Aieiiiiiiiiii! How funny! I just received her last night!
Great minds think alike!
Take care, get your naps where you can, and have fun being 'mom' to C-Biscuit!

Big farm kisses to little the little baby! Do you think that there may be something wrong with the baby that only the mama can sense, and that is why she won't let her nurse and didn't bond with her? I am worried for her, its so good that you guys are the kind of animal lovers that you are! Good luck!

Oh, it just breaks my heart! Poor little baby! She is however, extremely lucky to have such great human parents!! :)

Your card is adorable, LOVE those stampendous slippers ~ so cute!!

Aw, that's a real shame, but she is so lucky to have you and Alan. Best wishes for all of you!

Now that card is adorable! I love how simple it is and I LOVE those bunny slippers!!

ooooh, poor baby. all alone and so sad. My DH grew up on a dairy farm in Ireland, so he looks at animals as livestock. I look at them as babies. He thinks I am silly to get all caught up in animal feelings. Fortunately my kids are more like me, one has wanted to be a vet since she was 3 (!) and the other when she can talk will probably say the same...she loves animals and has no fear of any. (small, big, rodent, goat, canine...)

At least C-Biscuit has you guys to nurture her. poor baby.

Funny card too! love the bunny slippers!

Thanks for the update on little C-Biscuit! You and Alan are great moms for the little cutie. Gotta love those ears!

oh,,,that sad little face, I feel so badly for her..but she's got another good "mama/daddy" to take care of her and hopefully she'll bond w/the next baby donkey...makes you just want to hug her all day!!!

Ahhh, it is so sad when a baby can't bond with it's mother. Maybe Molly will bond with her and she won't feel so lonely. Keep up the good work; you guys are the best!

I love your card; how great is Rhonda and those adorable bunny slippers. I am a hugh fan of Rosie's Roadshow and I'm picking up my order from my local stamp store tonight and Rhonda will be coming home with me. :-)

Shucks, I was so caught up with the donkey, that I forgot to say your card is adorable! I love the simplicity and the great image...I'm sure that looks like a LOT of us in the mornings! hehe :D

Gee, the emotions have gotten to me, too!
Poor baby, it must be awful knowing your own Mommy doesn't want you! *sniff*sniff* I know you two are doing an excellent job, though...hopefully the other baby to come will be C-B's companion. Maybe Molly will even let her/him(?) nurse...that would be awesome! Bless you for being such a good care-giver, and Alan too of course... :D

Awwwwwwwwwww, sweet little babe. Sometimes nature just isn't so easy to understand. I'm so glad that C-Biscuit has you & Alan as foster nursers! Bless you, sweet lady!

So I am sitting here crying because we so oftern see human children (and adults) rejected but we forget that the same can happen with fur creatures. And that they probably hurt in some way from it too. Such sad eyes. At least humans can try to understand and work around it but this poor babe...I just want to crawl into the barn and snuggle with her and make it right.

Excuse me while I go give "the dog" an extra hug-even as he drives me nuts and I am being pressured to give him back, I don't want to fail him and have him experience not being wanted for a second time in his short life.

:( so sad.

I'm also wondering how you got a picture of me this morning though...

I am in tears...you are doing a loving job! Deb

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