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LOVE your charm Anna, you did a great job and your image is gorgeous as always!!
I posted my 2nd solding project too, I need practice Ü, I just love doing this and see me doing a lot more!


WOW What a great DH!!! What darling charms Anna, I LOVE the gorgeous stamping and shading on both!

Cyber hugs,
Jennifer :)

Well that's a great first attempt at soldering . . . it's fun, isn't it? I promise, you'll get addicted! Beautiful collage you created, Anna!

How totally cute are those! I need to try that and I just love the designs you used and the colors.

Very cute... my sad thing is I purchase all the stuff to do this months ago and just haven't had the courage to try it! Love yours!

Great stamping and I love the charm shape.

Love the inspiration here! Thanks so much!

These are so pretty! You can just touch something and beauty springs from it! What an awesome man Alan must be to bring you such a great gift (only a true crafter would understand-teeheehee)- he seems to be a keeper! Life has been so hectic I've not had time to keep up with my blog roll and I am just learning the sad news about C-Biscuit. I am so sorry for your loss and continue to find your caring nature so inspiring! Take care, Beth

Ahhhhhhh! Wonderful, Anna! I do love those new stamps too! You'll be teaching us the advanced version soon enough!
Such a sad story for C-Biscuit. I'm so sorry to hear that.

These are Beautiful!!
You sure learn fast...
They look wonderful!

Well done! :)

so sweet! I love these

No laughs today, friend. So sorry about C-Biscuit. It seems like lately so many are losing their extended family. My friend, Chuck, lost his favorite horse when it was struck by lightening a few weeks ago. I'm standing in a puddle under your pedestal about now. But your stamping is still wonderful. LOVE these little soldered beauties. I took a class and tried it. It was kinda fun, but I told myself absolutely no more new toys, then I discovered the cuttlebug and it all went downhill from there.

Very, very, very neat-o! I'm impressed. My Dad is a welder, among other things, but he'd never teach me the skill. (Girls can't do guy stuff, ya know.) These charms are adorable, and I love the stamps. I may have to branch out into unmounted stamps, something I have been avoiding.
Keep up the good work, and keep a smile around you.

Beautiful job. Do you just use memory glass and metal tape, then you solder?

These are just adorable! I am trying not to get into soldering too...too many crafts not enough hours!! You did a great job though and I am sure we will be seeing more great soldering projects from you! I also want to add my condolences...so sorry for your loss.

These are gorgeous..soon you'll be branching out and making your own line of jewelery. So sorry to hear about C-biscuit...I grew up on a farm and I know how attached one can get to the animals. Take care.

Hey, for a beginer those look pretty good to me. That's the good news. The bad news is, come on girls, now we have to try it! lol

Beautiful Anna, I am inspired and may have to go raid the shed!

Just beautiful Anna.. The charms are wonderful.
I am very sorry about C-biscuit.. It is always sad to lose an animal even if they are around for a short period of time.

I think it looks great!

FABULOUS Anna! I saw the first one, remember? I ended up getting the soldering tool from Hobby Lobby, just like Bev's. Haven't tried it yet, but I just now got my memory glass! You go girl!

Everything you touch is beautiful! Keep soldering. (What I wouldn't have paid to be watchin' you girls solder at Tex's house!!)

I was SO sorry to read about C-Biscuit, Anna, I know how much you love your animals. What a sad day for all of you! I'm just so so very sorry!!!

WOW! Anna, this is absolutely beautiful. Totally breath-taking!

I love these!

These are both absolutely darling Anna. I've never even considered soldering, and I just figured it would never work into my art style, but I'm looking at gift potential here. So, you wanna do a tutorial and material list and where to buy the "stuff"?

Too cute! Is there glass or plastic covering the top of the image? Directions please! :0) These would make great book thongs! One of these, a gift card to a book store and you've got a "WOW" of a present!

They're beautiful!

Flux and solder were two things I thought I'd never have to deal with again after I got out of the AF more than 20 years ago, but you and Ellen might motivate me to borrow my Russel's tools!

I think that your "twinchies" are ADORABLE!

These are sweet!!!!!

They are lovely for your first try! I have yet to get into that...just give me time!

Wow, this is your first try??? They are both beautiful! Soldering is something I'm going to leave to the rest of you out there! LOL I can't wait to see more! And Alan is such a wonderful guy...you have a real keeper! :D

Oh my! This is just beautiful!!

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