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What a lovely setting! It looks so peaceful and inviting..

Welcome home, Anna! Hope you brought some of that rain with you to the lower 48! Glad your mom is doing well enough that you could leave. Wait, that sounds bad! I would have been very bad and told Alan I wasn't coming home til it cooled off at least to the 80's! :) Glad you are home safe and sound and thanks for the great photo! Wow!

Glad your home! :) Bet Alan's glad, too! Hugs! And, wishes for a speedy recovery for Mom. :)

Yep, Anna was a good nurse...never would bring me food, popsicles, meds, kept me up all night laughing til my incision hurt. Yep, it was good nursing, I miss it!

Goad your home safe and sound. Picture is beautiful. So glad your mom is doing well after her surgery. I"m sure you were great comfort to your parents being there with them.

Missed ya, and so happy Mom is doing well! And wow, what a beautiful view from their front yard!

Welcome back Anna. It is so good to hear that your mom is doing much better.
What a lovely view to look at!

It's always good to go home again! I'm glad your Mom is doing well!

So glad your mom is doing well and that you are back home, safely!

Your photo is gorgeous! The colors on the ground give it a fall-ish look. I love this time of year!

so happy to hear that you are safely home and that your mom is doing well! I bet you're still giving all the animals welcome home hugs!! ;)

I'm so glad to hear you are home, safe and sound. The break from the TX heat HAD to be nice!! And what a gorgeous photo...WOW! They sure do live in a beautiful setting. How fun to see some nice rain; I love storms!
So glad your Mom is recovering well, and I'm sure Alan was SO GLAD to see you again! I hope you have a very nice weekend. :D

I am so glad you are home and that your Mother is doing well. I am sure you being there with her made a world of difference in her recovery.

WOW! What a beautiful picture Anna! I would love to be sitting in their yard and looking at that beautiful scene! I'm glad you're home, safe and sound.

Glad your home safe and sound and so glad your mom is doing better! You were missed!!

So glad you made it home safely and your parents are doing well! You certainly have had your trials and tribulations this summer!

Anna- Your pictures are just breathtaking. What kind of camera do you use?? We just bought a Canon DSLR. I feel like I need to take a photography class to learn all the tricks!! Glad you made it home and that your mom is doing well!!

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