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Your goat is a cutie! Hope your mom is feeling better and has a great recovery. I've missed ya this week, but am glad you could be with her. Take Care,

Sending prayers for Mom, you and your family. I have recently signed up for your email news and am loving visiting here and getting info on your stamps! Have a good weekend, Anna.

Remember to take care of yourself too, Anna. Praying for your mom's speedy recovery and things get a bit more settled for you as well.

Sorry to hear about your Mom having surgery. Hope all is well.

It's great you could make it up there to be with your parents. Please keep us posted on your mom's recovery and don't let her work too hard! :)

Best wishes to your mom for a speedy recovery!! Hey, and be nice to that goat already! LOL!

I hope your Mom makes a speedy recovery! She is doubly blessed to have you and your Dad there. Alan is a prince and a DEFINATE keeper. I am sure he will hold down the fort just fine and appreciate you even more when you return! :-) Sending big {{{{{hugs}}}}} to you and your family!
And Boxcar Betty, that little miss looks like trouble! What a cutie pie!
Take care my friend! You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers! Manetta

Sending up prayers for a speedy recovery for your mom. It's great that you can be there for them. I'm sure they treasure your support.

Betty - what a hoot she is! You can just see the mischievousness in her eyes.

I'm so sorry Anna to hear you are having yet more sad things come your way. I do hope your Mom makes a full recovery. I'm sure she greatly appreciates your being there. Blessings to you.
I am just so crazy in love with your animals even through your photos. I look forward to them every time I open your Blog. Thank you so much for sharing them with us who can't be there.

Hope your mom is on the road to a speedy recovery.

Betty is C U T E !

Hi Sweet Anna, you really have had a few rough weeks. I will keep your mom in my prayers that she recover quickly and soon. Love your photo of Crazy Betty. She looks very mischievious. So cute.

Sending hugs and prayers Mom recovers soon, and how wonderful that you are able to go and help out. Love the photo of crazy betty...

Warm thoughts and cyber hugs to you and your family. Prayers for your mom's complete and speedy recovery.

Best wishes for your mom, I'm sure you just being there is making her better already!

sending out lots of prayers and cyber hugs to all of you! so glad that you could be with her! :)


p.s. and that includes your hunny on the farm, too!

I'm sorry your Mom has had health issues. I know having you with her will speed her recovery. Thanks for sharing farm life with us!

LOL, there's no way Miss Betty is mistreated, no way! She has beautiful eyes Anna.

I hope your mom is doing OK!

pssst, go look at my blog, I have a message for you Ü

Anna, I hope your mom is recovering quickly! I will be thinking of you all.

PS: love the pic of Boxcar Betty!

Hope that your mom is feeling well soon. Fortunate that you can be there to help out.
I got a big kick out of you talking about "BB"...funny how such little goat can get into so much trouble! And HOW MUCH they can eat! I have one goat who is as wide as she is tall! LMBO! We asked the vet if she was ok like that. He laughed at us. :P

Anna - all my thoughts and prayers to you and your mom for a speedy recovery. I guess we have more than cards in common for the moment. My mom slipped and fell on the 18th...broke her ankle in 2 places, and had to have surgery. The fall took place on the morning of her 80th birthday!! Good thing we celebrated that a bit early. Like the saying goes, "eat dessert first", right?

Love Boxcar Betty! I hope your Mother is recovering well, I am sure having you there is healing for her. Deb

Hope you mother is doing well. Also your cards and stamp sets are wonderful, but I have missed the animal pictures.

I cant get into your site from work anymore (they blocked out all card, blogging and crafting from work computers)dang nabbit, but I still check your site on my dinosaur computer at home. Was surprised to hear about your mom and pray all recovery goes well for her. With you here in the Northwest by her side I'm sure it'll make her mama heart happy.

Hope all goes well with your mom's recovery.
Boxcar Betty is too cute!

Your poor Mom! Glad to hear you were able to be there for her and Dad during the recovery period. You're a good egg. I do hope she's in for a speedy recovery. Thank you for introducing us to Boxcar Betty. I keep checking in to see if you've posted any new photos and today I was rewarded with Betty. Thank you.

Prayers for your mom and a hug for you!! Take care!

Oh, I'm so very sorry to hear of your Mom's medical crisis...I hope everything is alright, and that she recovers quickly. We know how wonderful and talented she is; and it's sad to hear she is not feeling well. The very best wishes to her, your Dad, and you, always. {{{{{HUGS}}}}}
Take care, and know I am thinking of you! :D
P.S. B.Betty looks like a REAL character! I can only imagine what she must get into...

Yet another wonderful picture.

Hugs to you and your parents - I know how it is to be far away when they have a medical crisis and how stressful it can be - I'm glad you could go and help them out!

Hope your mom is recovering from her surgery! You are so blessed to have such a wonderful man by your side to help out and give you support!

Good wishes to your mom and all her caretakers.

I took a 'waltz' thru your blog - love your sense of humour!! Cheers!!

That picture truly cracks me up!! What a riot, she does look a bit mischievous!! Sending get well wishes to mom, for a successful and speedy recovery. I'm sure your folks are glad you are there to help, and Alan will be happy to have you home again. Take care!

Cute pic of Boxcar Betty! I hope your mom is up and around very soon...take good care of her! Enjoy the weather while you're in Washington!!!

Hugs to you and your Mom - - hope she's sewing up a storm before long.

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