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all 3 of you are in our prayers...
I am sure the heat has not been helping the little one.. hang in there.

Poor C-Biscuit. I have that little darling in my prayers. Hugs to both of you as well.


Oh no!! The poor little girl. How sad. I'm sure there is a good chance she will come around!! I am praying for her.

Poor baby! I hope and pray that she recovers. Keep the faith!

Oh no, so sorry to hear that - I hope C Biscuit is better soon and everything is ok.

Anna & Alan,

May God help C-Biscuit through this trying time. I know how hard it is when you have to hand your babies over and trust that someone else is doing all they can.

My prayers are with you and your newest addition.


We'll sure keep her in our prayers, and you guys as well. Hope tomorrow brings good news. Hugs.

Oh dear...poor little "C"....I will pray for the little darling. Hope you receive positive news soon Anna. xL

Oh, I have tears in my eyes reading this!!! I will be thinking of all of you, prayers going out to C-Biscuit!!!!!

My Dears,
You are all in the best of hands, surrounded by a host of people who are standing with you through this very difficult ordeal. I will join with those praying that C-Biscuit will pull through, but not if she's in pain and suffering. I will be praying for you and Anna for rest, strength, peace and hope. God bless you both for the hearts of compassion you have for all living things.

Oh No! I hope things work out for little C-Biscuit. I know how attached we become to these fur babies. (((hugs)))

Oh Anna & Alan - my prayers and with C-Biscuit and the two of you as well! I am so sorry to hear this sad news and hope that there is good news son!

I am so sorry to hear about C-Biscuit. I will be checking tomorrow to hear from her. Saying my prayers for her and both of you.

Oh, this is so sad. I'm sending good thoughts your way!

Oh dear lord! How is the sweet little C=bisquit doing? Do you think she is sick because Mufin rejected her? Or do you think she was sickly and that is part of why she was rejected? God love this special creature and I am praying for her! I am so sorry...Deb

I'm so sorry Anna!

Oh my goodness - I'm so sorry to hear this. I know how bonded you guys must be to her with all the special feedings. I'm praying for her recovery and for both of you during this tough time. HUGS!!!

You are special people. Sending prayers up for your family and C-Biscuit . . .


Poor little donkey.....my prayers are going her way...and to you two as well....

Gosh I am so sorry C-biscuit is not doing well. I just sent a prayer up for her. I hope she makes it. It must be more difficult when you have bonded so over so many feedings. I will continue to pray for her and maybe God will help her.

I'm praying for your family and C-Biscuit - just a cute little donkey - C-Biscuit is a fighter though.

Sending good thoughts to you all!

Alan, Anna and C-Biscuit, you are all in my prayers. And one for C-Biscuit's mom, too. God bless, and thank you for keeping us updated. Hugs to you all.

My prayers and hugs go out to all three of you! C-Biscuit is in wonderful hands (on Earth and above). Thanks for keeping us posted...we're all pulling for her.

Praying for you guys & C-Biscuit!! Hugs!

Prayers said for C-Biscuit and for you guys. Here's hoping C-Biscuit is doing better. ((HUGS)) to C-Biscuit.

I am sooo sorry to hear about C-Biscuit...I will pray for her speedy recovery!! We lost a baby donkey last year so I feel your pain...I know how precious she is to you and Anna!!! Thanks for letting us know and will look forward to updates!

HOpe little C-biscuit pulls thru!!!

Sending healing thoughts your way. Hope all goes well and recovers quickly!!

so sad to hear this new...we are sending your lil C-bisquit healing thoughts and prayers! we come to check on her each day.

Anna.. I am so sorry to hear about C-biscuit.. I will be praying for a speedy recovery. {{hugs & prayer}} for C-biscuit.

Sending prayers and positive thoughts for C-Biscuit; hope things are better today!

This is truly sad news's, I will be praying for C-Biscuit. Thanks for keeping us posted.

I'm glad I got to be with C-Biscuit yesterday when we were sitting under the tree. She and I had quite a conversation. Of course, Molly tried to get in on the conversation, but it was just for C-Biscuit and me. I'm glad to have that time with her alone.

You have my prayers!

Sending healing thoughts and prayers your way.

Thoughts and prayers go out to you, hugs too.

OMG!! I'm so sorry to hear she's taken a turn. Of course all of you will be in my thoughts and prayers!! I hope she get's what she needs at the vet and things turn around for her. {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}

Oh I am so sad to hear about C-Biscuit! I'll be praying for her, I feel like she is one of my own animals. {{{Hugs}}} to you both!

Sending LOADS of healing prayers her way!! My thoughts are with both you & Anna. Hang in there! xo

Poor baby, prayers and thought for your "family".

OMG I didn't think she looked so good in that one photo. I hope she pulls out of it. Little C-biscuit she is so special. ...to Gods ears...

poor baby! lots of well wishes here for sure!! hugs!

Oh no!!!! I will be praying for C-Biscuit!! Sending lots of happy thoughts and vibes your way!!!! Thanks for keeping "the family" (us blog readers) informed! ((((HUGS))))

I hope today brings positive news about C Biscuit. You and Anna make all the animals part of your family; so that it is particularly sad when they are ill. Wishing you all the best.

The farm updates always make me feel a little like all your wonderful creatures great and small are a part of my family too. I will keep little C-Biscut in my thoughts.

I've been out of town and this is the first I've heard of C-Biscut and the complications. I hope she pulls through. My thoughts and prayers go out to you. She certainly is adorable.

If loving thoughts and heartfelt prayers could heal little C-Biscuit, then she will very soon be back on all fours. You took immediate action and I'm so glad to hear that she's receiving such impeccable care. I, as so many others, look forward to your next update. All the best!

Hugs to you and Annna, and thanks for letting us know Alan. This morning I was thinking of the sweet donkey, and wondering if perchance she was ill, and thats why her mommy abandoned her. I hope she recovers quickly!

All three of you are in my thoughts and prayers. C-Bisquit has to be the cutest baby with those wonderful eyes. God is an awesome healer.

Oh dear, she is such a beautiful little girl - you must be so frightened. Prayers for all of you from me.

(((HUGS))) to you, Anna and Alan. I'm sending some positive vibes your way and hoping for the best for C-biscuit!

Oh we are all wishing and praying for C Biscuit here!!!!!

Oh that was sad news! Poor little thing! I hope she is better tomorrow and I will think of her and you!
Big and many hugs from me in Norway!

Oh, I am so sorry to hear this, I will be thinking possitive thoughts for all of you! Hugs...

Oh no! Poor little baby. I will be thinking of C-Biscuit and sending get well vibes her way.

Prayers going up for C-Biscuit...I've fallen head over heels for her since her mom has been so aloof.

My heart is aching for little C-Biscuit! I'll pray for her quick recovery. Perhaps Muffin knew she wasn't well from the start, so could that be why she rejected her? I feel so bad for you and Anna and the baby! {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

Poor little thing. Thanks for letting us know Alan. Sending prayers your way.

Sending loving paryers and thought for you all! Jessie

Awww, poor C! Hope she gets better really soon and you all get some sleep! {{{{HUGS}}}}

Poor C-Biscuit!!!!!

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