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Sounds like you two have your hands full! I sure hope she makes it! I'm sure with your TLC she will (although try to take care of yourself, too, OK?).

OK...I could sit here and comment on every single one of your posts. I have been away from blurfing for quite awhile and am just now catching up and I must say your work is simply AMAZING! You have a great eye for color and your layouts are perfect!! I love them all!

Omigosh she is adorable!!!!!!!!! You have my kudos for that baby stuff! YIPES! Hate that muffin is being so testy. But thank God CB has good parents in you two! Cant wait to watch her grow!

OMG, C-Biscuit is the cutest baby donkey! I want one!! I'm sure my husband (and the neighbors) would love that! hahaha. Thanks for sharing new photos with us. I always look forward to seeing your animal pics.

we had to do the same thing with a foal with realy bad crooked legs it is a act of love good for you to hang in there i know its tuff love your site michelle gall

New baby is so darn cute!!! How luck to be born on a farm with such loving, caring people as you and your husband.

Oh my how cute! You guys do a wonderful job with those animals,it's so nice to see and read your blog!

I read a similar comment above, but I'll mention it again. Is there any way you could put the errant Muffin in the cattle chute and truss up a back leg and see if bitty C-Biscuit would/could try to nurse? It just seems wrong that her mommy won't feed her, doesn't it? All that good mother's milk and your sleep going to waste . . . I'll be thinking of you.

P.S. What a doll of a baby!

Oh my that is a lot of work but she is so darn cute. It's sad that momma won't nurse her. Love the name you picked. Hugs

What a cutie pie she is going to be such a pet with having the two of you as her parents. Your farm keeps you both really busy with your menagerie. Having this baby depend on you for all her nutrition must be like having a brand new baby when you can hardly wait till they sleep through the night. Thanks for sharing another of your farm adventures. Ann

Awwww...how very sweet! And what a cute name! She's lucky to have you and Alan! Awww...

Welcome to motherhood Anna! Welcome!

I think you need to put Momma in a tight pen and see if baby can get close enough to nurse. Momma doesn't have something wrong with her feeding gear does she?
What a cutie pie! I love the photos and it is nice to see Alan in a couple of them.
Good luck with the sleep and heat!

I'm LOVING these photos of your new baby donkey. I don't envy you your hectic days with the feeding but must admit, I'd love to be able to feed her! Sooooooo sweet she is!

what a sweet baby! Her fur looks so soft and velvety!

Oh Anna, she is so adorable. Please keep posting pics for us to see. If I could, I would bring her home, but I am just a tad bit too far from you. I have such a soft spot in my heart for animals.

Aww the baby donkey is so cute. I guess you leaving us at Bev's is acceptable as you had such a honey to go home and feed. Looks like your little C-biscuit has got you and Allan's hands full. Again it was a pleasure to meet you! Maybe you'll swing by western Canada some day soon ...haha.

That is a very lucky donkey to have such loving folks taking care of her. Is it possible to milk the mother and use that to feed? darn her, C-Biscuit is a cutie. Heres hoping she grows strong and healthy, and you two get some well deserved sleep.

Does Muffin put her ears back when C-bisquit come near her? I hope she is not feeling horribly rejected! Darn Muffin! You two are doing a marvelous job with nursing her! Could she have a goat or another small animal to cuddle and play with? I could never be a rancher, I get way to emotional with animals! I just love them so much! Bless you! Deb

She isjust so cute! How could a mother not love her? Animals are strange! I'm glad you guys are taking good care of the wee one!

Love her name! She is so incredibly cute!! What is it about baby animals that makes us melt? Love her nobby little knees too! Bottle feeding is a good thing, but becareful she doesn't learn where it's coming from or you might wake up in the middle of the night to find her mixing her own bottle in the kitchen! Thanks for the new pic's, updates on her and for sharing it with us :).

Girl, you don't need a nap...you need 8 hours of sleep! I'm curious why C-Biscuit drinks so often. When we had bottle calves, we fed them maybe 2 or 3 times per day. but that could have been our error. i still think you should put a diaper on her and bring her in the house so you don't have to go out in the heat...ugh!
some clouds have shown up here and we might get a shower! yay!
Be well!!!

GOSH... 90-120minutes!!! and people think human babies are demanding! Well, just like any other new mom - nap while she's napping between meals-lol! You just didn't know you were gonna be a surrogate mommy to a fur baby!

Bless yours and Alan's hearts! You make such good parents! What a precious baby C-Biscuit is!!

Thanks for the update! I was wondering how c-biscuit was! So cute!! and the baby donkey is not so bad either! (haha!) Make sure you both take care of yourselves while taking care of c-biscuit! I am sure she will grown quickly, and how you have a friend for life!

Wow is she cute. Must make all the work you guys are doing a bit more worth it :) Love the pics. -Molly B

OMGosh, that is TOO CUTE! What a precious little donkey...and Alan isn't half bad either! LOL You all must be exhausted...interrupted sleep is like having a HUMAN baby! I'll never forget how THAT was! C-Biscuit is worth it though, and she has such wonderful parents!!! Thanks for sharing the feeding...you all are AWESOME! :D

AAaawwhhh...what a cute couple of pics. Your baby is so cute. I love the bottle picture.

Bless your heart! It's odd to me when a mom won't nurse her baby. I've seen it happen w/horses. Good luck w/that sleep!

Wow!! what an ordeal!
My mom had something similar happen to her. Dad got a German Shephard for her when he was traveling back and forth to Viet Nam. They didn't know she was pregnant.. she had a litter of pups and wouldn't nurse a one!! She bottle fed the pups for a bit I understand.. but with a toddler and a baby and being pregnant with me there was no way she could keep up. She gave the dog up hoping to one day get a pup.. never happened but she did get another dog.. he was a good one. :)

Thanks for the update Anna. I know this is a very trying time for the two of you with the 2-hour feedings but in time she'll be able to eat on her own. She looks a little thin in the first picture. Is it just the angle the picture was taken? She is adorable and now she only knows you and Alan as her parents so she'll continue to follow you everywhere you go from now on! :)

Wow! What a trooper you are, C-Biscut is so lucky to have you guys!

OMG, the baby is adorable!!! Reminds me of when my kids were small babies ~~ the schedule stinks, lol!!! Hey, at least you're getting some practice in :)

So, so cute!! Good luck with the baby care. ;0)

She is just SO cute. Wish I could just give her a hug!

Okay--I am exhausted for you!!
I have nursed a human child on that schedule--and I know how sleep depriving that can be--and I didn't have to go outside every feeding. {{{HUGS}}}
She is beautiful!! I love her little knobby knees and that beautiful coat!!

I hope you get a nap today!!!

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