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LOVE the video....thanks so much for sharing it with us. Keep 'em coming.

Thanks for the little taste of farm life. I can't believe you can get a rooster to sit on your lap!

Each time I think I have a favorite, you show another and I fall in love again. These are so adorable. I have a curiosity: they look so fluffy, how big is the actual body? I assume they are mostly feathers and rather skinny--would that be right? That black one at the end looked huge without anything to judge him by. Thanks for sharing.

Cute-love how that rooster crows on demand!

Bev J. (Maxell on SCS)

Oh my gosh Anna, that was great, keep them coming, what a nice way to start my day, I love hearing about your farm babies, now I can look forward to seeing them too. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing!!!

That was fun! Those darn roosters are so funny and so cute! Thanks for sharing Anna!

I love it! Talk about being there in pictures this is the REAL thing! Thanks for sharing!

Super cute video!!! I love all the pictures of your animals, my little daughter thinks you live next to us, LOL because she want to go to your farm and see all the animals. She is an animal lover. Thanks for sharing it with us.

God bless

Loved the video..especially the part with the killer, manly rooster. So cute!! I have a 15lb male tabby and he has this tiny newborn meow. I wish I could share a video of him talking but he would never live it down! Good to see some of the farm and all the animals I have come to love so much. I hope you and Alan are doing better after losing your precious one. Janet in NC

Loved the movie of your farm animals. Farms like yours are becoming more and more obselete. It's really nice to see the animals enjoying their natural environment.


I loved your video, wish it had been longer. The black rooster is a riot! And I was shocked to see how big cup has gotten.

I just loved that video...wish it had been longer! LOL Your black rooster is a riot!

I LOVE the farm life! I love seeing your pictures and reading your stories! Thanks for bringing the farm life to me in southern California.....LOVE IT!

LOL, I loved that Anna!
That little rooster is so funny, you have him trained well Ü

Thank you for making the video. I loved watching your outdoor pets.

I was going to post this yeseterday on the chicken update but for some reason can't get all the comments to load on that one. Anyway, have you ever thought about writing children's books? You have such a knack for bringing to life all the quirky personalities in your little barnyard. And of course we know you're a genius with the illustrations. I can easily see a whole series. I would absolutely buy them for my daughter!

AWESOME! Love the video! So good to hear your voice. :)))) And what's really best is getting to sit here in front of the fan and see the critters without going down to Texas and baking in the heat. ;) Reminds me so much of my cousin's place with the cool chickens. Your Japanese rooster reminds me of when ours would get old enough to start crowing and their voices would break. what a hoot! :)

I love your blog. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing Anna! Love to see the animals up close and personal! Have a wonderful weekend! Jessie

Love that I can hear you! Brings you closer to me, you know? Have a spectacular weekend!

Anna: Very fun, cockadoodle doo!

LMAO! That is FABulous! What fun!! Thanks so much for sharing with us! :)

Thanks for sharing your farm with me and my girlies! I WANT A FRIZZLE AND I WANT ONE NOW! :)

What a great video clip....I can't wait for Doug to wake up so he can see it. That rooster is killing me.........he cockadoodledoo's on command??? What a trip....he made me giggle!!
I think it is so cool what you do on your farm.....I have enough to contend with Chloe and Baxter everyday.....How do you do it all???
Hugs to you both!!

More videos!! That was fun to watch! Love the tough crow -- reminds me of the horn on an old car!

And, I noticed your pretty engagement ring while you were petting Little Buddy :)

I have not so good Birthday morning... but your Video has made me smile and I loved hearing that tough rooster call! I haven't done a video in ages May have to do one, it does add so much life!
Thanks so much for the smile!

Love it, especially the big manly crow from the rooster. LOL How about a video of your other animals, like Pixie Dust? Hint, hint!

What a cute video. It's so nice to see people who really love their animals. Thanks for sharing with us!!

Really Cute Video...
Thanks for sharing your Barnyard
friends :)
Cute roosters!

This one's a keeper. Everytime I was out at the farm, I got such joy in seeing the little critters. I stayed my distance from the larger ones. thanks for bring back beautiful memories. MaryAnn

Wow, that was so fun, Anna! Buddy thinks he's a lap dog, er rooster! I loved that the black Japanese Bantam crowed on command - very cool. As I was sitting here watching your video, my DH was watching the news on TV. Unbeknownst to me, he muted the TV when he heard the rooster crowing and then he heard you tell the rooster to crow again - which the rooster did! We both laughed. I didn't even know he was paying attention to what I was doing, lol. TFS

Thanks SO much for the morning chuckle! :D

Love the video, too funny!!! Little black sure does roost on command ;-)

LOL! Love that little Bantam rooster! Does he always crow on command!? My 2 yr. old grandson kept saying 'do gen' (do it again) , had me so tickled ! LOL! Thanks for sharing this!

That was cool Anna! How funny that Mr. Rooster decided to crow a couple of times, almost on cue!

Have a great day

Thanks so much for sharing the video. I always send my husband your animal stuff and he just watched the video with me and we laughed. Love the Japanese rooster :)

Cute Video...ohh....life on the farm...you gotta love it..

Loved the video - do you need a farm hand for a week or two??? I want to volunteer!! We moved from our farm when I was 5 years old and seeing this video and all your fantastic articles makes me see all that I have missed. Keep the pics and articles coming please.

That was awesome. My 3 yo son sat on my lap and loved it. Thanks for sharing it. -Molly B

Loved the video, and your animals' names too - TFS! Your farm friends look well loved. It's heartwarming to see your and your DH's warm relationship with these animals. Good for you!

How fun to watch the animal live! Thank you! Hope we will see them more!

How Cool Anna! Thanks for sharing.

That was GREAT! I hope it's the first of MANY!!! My goodness, Cup is HUGE! I can't believe how much he's grown...
The roosters are so cool, and I loved the crowing...too fun! THANK YOU FOR THE VIDEO!!!

What a Hoot! My Mom is going to love it! She adores checking your blog as much as I do, though her passion is more of the animals than anything else. Thanks for sharing such a cute video.

Wow! What fun to see your farm movie. :) I could almost smell the straw and the animals, having grown up on farms. Thank you so much for sharing!


Oh, Anna - I LOVE the movie - please, more movies!! It's great that the little Japanese rooster performed for you on demand like that!!

On another note, I am so sorry about little C-Biscuit - I was really pulling for her - what an adorable baby...you and Alan have your hands full...I don't know how you find time to stamp....

God bless you guys and your sweet little farm! Jeanne in Idaho xoxoxoxoxo

I loved it and hope you keep making more for us to see. Take care , Peggie in Las Vegas

Thanks for sharing a glimpse at your life on the farm...makes me miss my childhood

LOL! I love the video! There is nothing that makes me happier than watching cows.

Woops, never mind about the chicken update! Obviously, great minds think alike! I'm loving the Assorted Chicken Update. Buddy is amazing!

That's so great! I had to laugh at the cows. What else is there to do in 100+ heat except eat? LOL

You've got to let us know how all the chickens are doing... I'll be they are getting big.

Thanks also for the tip on my blog about what inks work well with Copic markers!

That was sooooo cool. I watched it twice. You must get a big laugh at these city girls going ga ga over your farm animals. I loved the video and hope you do more of them. Buddy is a ham not a chicken.

Fabulous video Anna. I think Buddy is beautiful and wow! look at Cup! She's still beautiful, though large! You have that rooster to crow on demand, now that's a great trick. You should be on TV!!! LOL
Thanks for posting the video.

Ha!! Cute video!! Do you have the black rooster trained to crow on command?? LOL!! Thanks for sharing!

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