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Thanks for sharing this site. Awesome photos!

Thanks for the link Anna; I didn't get home in time to see the show (but saw the parade of nations). My DH is still raving about how fantastic it was! He liked the white boxes the best I think. I hope I get to see it in some highlights at least; the still photos are so beautiful!

Anna - I was in AWE last night! Todd and I sat up with our oldest and watched it - I am watching it again NOW with my 8 year old. My DD Karen is going to China in November with TOdd for 9 days. They were just astonished! This was an amazing piece of art - from the footprint fireworks leading to the ceremony - to the boxes and drummers and dancers...amazing!

I loved the opening cermonies last night. We all gathered to watch them and ate chicken wings! I couldn't get over some of the things they did, they were so amazing. Those people were so in time with each other! Loved it.

wasn't it wonderful?! and I loved seeing all of the different costumes of the countries in the parade of nations ceremony!

hope our baby donkey is doing okay! give her a big hug from all of your cyber friends! :)


It was amazing! Especially the people who "walked" around the world but all of it was truly spectacular! They sure have set the bar high for anyone to follow them

thanks for the link. I watched the Olympics tonight and this was just the icing on the cake. Love your blog too. You are so sweet and SO talented. Thanks so much.

Thanks so much for putting this link up for us. The pictures are just beautiful.. MaryAnn

Spectacular!!! Thanks so much for the link. I sent it along to family and friends, too! GREAT pictures! :D

Amazing photos! Thanks for the link.

Those are gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing! We will be sure and watch tonight!

Thanks, Anna, these are incredible images!

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