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Candied apples! My mother made the most yummy caramel and candied apples! They were by far my most favorite fall treat. Awwww....sweet memories...

This vintage card is so special.........the scalloped card base is wonderful......but the little girl is just the sweetest. Love all the detail........especially the black cat heads along the bottom of her dress. Cute Cute!!!!
Ahhhhhhhh fall........you gotta love the smells of fall. My favorite treat is........well, its a tossup. Fresh apple cider.....and caramel apples.

MMMMM, my favorite fall treat? What's not to love about fall? I have a sweet potato casserole that I make with brown sugar and pecans and coconut that is yummy, but I also love cookies - Soft Ginger cookies with molasses. The best thing about them is the way they make the house smell when cooking.

Connie K.

Hi, lovely cards as usual. My favourite fall treat is just seeing the colours change and the leaves start to fall, gets you in the mood for Halloween and Christmas. Lots of love, Denise x

Hi Anna! I love your Crafty Secrets card! You always amaze me! Your cards are STUNNING!!!!!!!!! I'm wanting to play more with the Crafty Secrets line!!!!!!!!!

Happy Sunday!!!!

My favorite fall treat?? EASY...it's baked mini-pumpkins. You know those little pumpkins that most people just use for decorations? Well I cut off the tops, scoop out the insides and then fill with a bit of butter, chopped pecans and maple syrup and then put the tops back on. They bake for about 40 minutes and then take off the lids and ENJOY! Wonderful to put on a fall dinner table! Love the vintage Halloween card!

Hi Miss Anna,
You are so sweet to share all your beautiful work and your farm life stories with us! I'm a huge fan of all things Crafty Secrets, so I'm thrilled to participate in your giveaway!! Thank you!!

That is easy, fried apples made by my mom, they are the best. She always makes up a batch and delivers them to me. They are sliced thin, smothered in cinnamon and brown sugar and cooked until they are a rich dark brown and the sugar makes a thick syrup! Don't know what I love most about your blog, the creations, the photography or the farm animals. Please keep up those posts on them! So sorry to learn of the loss of your beloved bird, it is so hard to lose a feathered/furry member of the family...

Thanks for sharing this card ~ I love Crafty Secrets and I was thinking the same thing about how well vintage and Halloween go together! This is adorable ~ as usual ;). Love your blog and the joy you share!

I too look forward to the cooler temps of fall, my feet and legs swell so much in the heat. Also the changing colors, fall colors are my favorite colors.
Lovely card!

That's easy, my fav fall treat is fried apples made by my mom! They are soo good and she still spoils me by making them for me and bringing them by. They are full of cinnamon and brown sugar and they are sliced thin and cooked until they are a delicious dark brown! Yummy! Love your blog, don't know which I love more, your creations, photography or the farm animals!!! Please, please keep up with posts and pics. about the animals. I am also very sorry you lost your beloved bird, it is so hard to lose a feathered/furry member of the family...

This little witch is adorable - who wouldn't want to get a card like this? My favorite fall treat - cider and donuts!!!! Great job on the card. Judy

Hi Anna-banana,

I tried months ago to reply to you site but it didn't work. Thought I'd try again.

By far our favorite fall treat was YOUR VISIT to our house at Thanksgiving. Boo, do we miss it! Any chance you'll come this year?

Btw, your halloween card is adorable and sooo needs to come to my house!!!

Take care ~ sorry about Twinkletoes ~ love pics of all the other animals. P.S. Max turned 15 this year; not quite the energizer bunny anymore but doin' ok.

What an adorable card! I just love the look of this vintage card. Great job!

Well my favorite fall treat would definitely be Pumpkin Pie with a big dollop of cool whip on top. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be lucky enough to win some of your yummy blog candy.
Hope it starts to cool off soon for you.

I Love that Vintage Halloween girl.....can't wait to get that set!!! I Love Halloween!!!My favorite Fall treat...ummmm.....everything....the nip in the air so I can pull out my sweaters and Uggs...and the trees changing colors...decorating for Halloween....a fire in the fireplace....a nice Hot Toddy!!! and all the Fall baking I do....awh, the smell of Gingerbread!!! I'll be so glad when Fall gets here...I'm so tired of HOT weather!!!

I, too, am looking forward to Fall, it is my favorite time of the year. The world comes alive with so many vibrant tree colors here in Michigan. Thanks for the chance to win blog candy.

I love candy apples. I don't know if this is such a good treat, but once in awhile it can't hurt. Thanks for the chance to win.

Fall is also my favorite time of year!! Love the fall colors!! My favorite fall treat is apple crisp and anything made with pumpkin!!

Fall is the BEST time of year......the colors, the smells, the way the light changes!!!!! My fav treat is pumpkin......crisp, cookies, cake, pie;the smell, the taste, the way they look on the porch with mums in fall colors and the corn stalks tied up on the porch supports...yum!

Ohhhhh, Anna! I would love to win some of those die cuts. My favorite fall treat is hot apple crisp. Love the yummy taste!


Baked cinnamon apples! But I love Autumn so much, there really isn't anything associated with Fall that I don't love. ;0) I cannot wait to see the new Crafty Secrets stamps!

Thanks for the chance!!!

Fall is when I gather up the grandchildren and head off to the apple orchard. They sell the best homemade apple cinnamon doughnuts ever. They have horsey rides and a small barn of animals that the kids love to feed. What fun --- can't wait! Love to win your blog candy. And your card is just tooooo cute!

Wow,, very cool candy! thanks for the chance to win some,,, Love your little witchy card.

What a cute card. My favorite fall treat? Apple pie! There is nothing better than a pie made with apples fresh off the tree!

Anna, that is the sweetest card! I love the little girl and your pumpkin colored base is beautiful! I love the scallops down the one side of your image! Great card!!

Hi Anna, I am ready for Fall also. Although it's not quite that hot here in WI, I hope it cools down for you soon. Fall is my Favorite time of year. I love all the smells and the crisp air. My favorite treats would have to be Pumpkin Bread and Apple Crisp. I love just about anything with cinnamon it it.

My favorite treats are squash pie, apple pie and nuked apples - yum (basically, homemade applesauce)!!

This card is just darling and I {heart} this little girl image and the beautiful scalloped card!! Do you know if that die can be used in a Cuttlebug? Your coloring is absolutely gorgeous, as always! Thanks for sharing your talent, Anna.

I'd love to win these cute little images! Thanks for offering them to us!

In the fall, I enjoy making an apple cobbler. My family really enjoys it. I serve it warm with either vanilla ice cream or fresh whipped cream. Mmmmmm!

Love your vintage card!! My favorite fall treat is pumpkin bread-it is so easy to make and just yummy!!
Thanks for the chance to win blog candy.

I love fall too --- decorating, apple crisp, pumpkin pie, and taffy apples! Very cute card Anna - love the image and your background flourish!

Hi Anna!!! My favoirte fall treat is carmel apples!!! We love to slice up the apples and dip them in melted caramel, yummy!!! Thanks so much for a chance to win!!
Lori M

Vintage Halloween, shut the front door! I am sooooo going to order that! I love it! My favorite fall treat is Rice Krispy Treats, and cinnamon rolls in the mountains. Mmmm mmm. Reminds me of my childhood!

I love the new Halloween set...I can't wait to get one for myself! Your card is just gorgeous. My favorite fall treat is pumpkin cheesecake...yum!


Fall is in the air (well not really, but you're thinking about it with your cards)!!!! Love it!!!! Love the vintage, love halloween, love - love - love it all!! You are sooo talented. My favorite fall treat -- carmel apples! Thanks for the opportunity to win something free!

Love your card!! My favorite fall treat is Pumpkin Roll.....absolutely love it. Thanks for the chance! :o)

Cindy C.

Anna, great card! I love the vintage Halloween images, too! I've had enough summer, too! Can't wait to start wearing sweatshirts and sweaters again.

isn't she just the cutest thing?! while I'm not big on Halloween, Fall is probably my most fave season of all - the changing colors of leaves, football games, sweaters, pumpkins, apple picking - gosh, you name it and I'm just all over it!! :) my favorite treat is probably pumpkin spice pancakes with warm maple syrup. served with some scalloped apples on the side. now that is one tasty breakfast! but then we've been known to have it for dinner, too! wink, wink!! ;)

hope your high temps break soon!

and keep up the beautiful work as always!


When I see the leaves start to blow around and the weather start cooling my favorite treat is homemade soups. Hmmmm, chicken, albondiga, potatoe, etc.

Fall means PUMPKIN stuff is out!!! I love starbucks pumpkin latte, pumpkin scones....really anything pumpkin pie flavored. We just found a custard place here in Lone Tree that makes a different flavor everyday and in the fall they have pumpkin and pumpkin cheesecake! Sounds so good I can't wait for those days :) That card is SO adorable, love the image!!! Thanks for a chance to win!

Vintage Halloween is great! I'm so glad there is a new set like that. I've used vintage Halloween stickers before but this will be more fun.

When fall arrives, nothing tastes or smells sweeter than apple pie made from fresh picked apples. For some reason, apple pie is better at that time of year. I also adore pumpkin pie, but apple is our all time fav. thanks.
Cheryl Sims

This card is total perfection! I love Halloween and fall and I love this card, its darling!

Fall is my favorite time of the year! I'm getting tired of the heat, also.
This looks like fabulous blog candy. I would love to have these images and booklets!

WOW! I love that card...the scallops are wonderful and the image is so adorable.

My favorite fall treat is apple crisp still warm out of the oven with some vanilla ice cream.

I love these little booklets. I would also LOVE to win one! Thanks for the chance. Have a great day.

Well, I have never won any blog candy and I enter all of them. If I ever win, this is the one I would love to win. WOW! What a great giveaway. Love Crafty Secrets and vintage - great combination! I would love to take lessons from you - you make it look so easy. Your little Halloween girl is adorable!

Ohh, I love the vintage Halloween too! My favorite fall treat (and I love everything about fall!) is pumpkin pie. We cheat a little though, and have it year round!

Your card is just to cute. I just love the vintage look. This is some sweet candy and would love to be the lucky stamper to play with this halloween goodies. One of my favorite treats are pumpkin bread and roasted pumpkin seeds. Thanks for a chance.

Oooh, that is sooo cute! Love vintage images and this little girl is a perfect little witch! Blog candy! Woo hoooo!
My favorite Fall treat is fresh pressed apple juice from the orchards on Greenbluff, just north of Spokane, WA. Once it's been pasteurized and shipped down here to FL, it just isn't the same. Homesick, I am.

CANDY CORN is my favorite fall treat, i go through BAGS of the stuff as soon as it's out for sale!

I love the fall to. When it's getting cold out, the garden is put to bed and now you can stamp/craft as much as you want guilt free!
The vintage Halloween set is so cute!
Sylvie G

Ooooohh that is awesome! I can't get over the shading that you can get with your reinkers. I have been practicing and practicing, and just can't get that Anna Wight technique down!
Fall treat- EASY! Any baking to do with pears! Oddly enough, a pear is not the first fruit I would grab, but we have 2 pear trees in our back yard and for about 2 weeks every fall I pick, peel and bake and love them in baking! Oh and pumpkin pie of course!
Thanks for the blog candy opportunity!

Oh I love vintage Halloween too, less creepy. And I live in Upstate NY and Fall is the best time of year anywhere!

Ohhhh fall....fall is one of my fav. seasons....a fav. fall treat had to be homemade apple pie.

Thanks for the chance to win some yummy blog candy!

Cute card. I love anything pumpkin and that speaks fall to me. Someone mentioned candy corn and peanuts together-need to try that-sounds yummy!

Bev J. (Maxell on SCS)

My favorite fall treat is pumpkin pie.
Just discovered Crafty Secrets aat my LSS. What fun!

What an adorable card! She's so darn sweet.

I love warm spiced apple cider! Yum!

My favourite treat is not edible but uses
sensory perception and that is the crisp
smell of the fall air and the changing of
colour associated with fall. Gorgeous.

what great candy! let's see... fall treat? that would have to be banana bread and fresh blackberries! not together, of course! =)

Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy. Besides your paper crafting, I just love your photography and seeing your life on the farm. We just got an SLR camera and are learning how to use it. Thanks for the inspiration.

Adore this vintage Halloween card! I hope I can locate it when it becomes available! Great give away! Hope I get lucky! Deb

I'll be right there with you sweatin' out that 103 tomorrow. Boy was it hot today here in TX! My favorite Fall treat is refrigerator pumpkin pie. I, too, love vintage things so this would be right up my alley if I were the lucky winner.

I am just speechless...beyond amazing, as usual. Thanks for sharing her with us! As for me and my favorite treat, I'm going to have to spend some time reading through comments because I can't think of anything particularly yummy at this time of year--talk about a picky eater, right? LOL!

I love the new Vintage Halloween from CS, and the card you made is simply darling!

Fall is my favorite time of year--I love the smell and feel of the air...the taste of it. And who can resist curling up with an afghan and warm apple cider on a chilly autumn night?

What a sweet image! I just love it. As for fall treats, I have a pumpkin dessert recipe with a cake mix, mixed with butter, crumbled on top that is DELISH. I just love it!

Oh, that card IS stinking cute! Halloween is our biggest holiday here. My favorite Fall treat? hm...that's a toughy. Probably have to say apple crisp.
Gosh, stay cool, Anna! I suggest bringing all the animals into the house so you don't have to go outside!

I wondered who was doing all that SCREAMING!!---Love Halloween and a Vintage Halloween is even better---For my favorite fall treat, welllllll, it's being able to wear sweaters, in So Ca, it's always summer and cool days of fall are so welcomed!!----I enjoy your postings and so enjoy all your "babies"-Barbara in Bellflower

Oh, lovely, lovely card!
My favorite fall treat is the cider we press every year. I love having it fresh, with friends and kids there helping to make it.

Holy Moly, I LOVE your card! That is so awesome!!! And I MUST have that Sizzix die!!! Oh my gosh, I live for scallops...hehe...
Thanks for the wonderful card...and a chance for blog candy! :D Favorite Fall treat would have to be spiced hot cider! YUM!

What a cute vintage card! Halloween is my favorite "treat". Everything about it- decorating, the cooler temps., baking, the fall colors, pumpkins everywhere!
Can you tell fall is my favorite time of year?!

My favorite fall treat is pumpkin pie! Yummy!
I love the CS vintage Halloween images and I love all of your farm animal posts (of course I love your card posts too!).

Hmmmm, fav fall treat....candy corn? Yum! What a darling card! Love that XL die and that image is just too sweet! Thanks for the chance to play along!
Kathy Camasso

OMGOSH OMGOSH I SO WANT TO win the Blog Candy on this one! I LOVE that Crafty Secret stamp -to incredibly cute!! I have yet to find a store anywhere around me that carries this line of stamps and just must own some!!! I just purchased myself that long scallop card die on-line - soon as I soon knew I had to have it! Thank you for sharing - I just love viewing your shares - cards, farm animals, etc!

I just saw that set today and love it. You did a fantastic job on your card. Well of course I'd like a chance to win so put me in! Here's too cooling off just a little (it's only suppose to be 93 here tomorrow).

I love your scallop card - beautiful coloring job!

I was soooo excited when I saw this stamp set on the Crafty Secrets Blog last week - I can't wait til it's available!

Love your blog....such beautiful pics of farm animals....I miss the farm! Fall reminds me of our horses, harvesting, trees changing colors, the smell of dirt flying in the air, and beautiful sunsets. For Fall treats, I love Pumpkin Bars and the mix of candy corn and dry roasted peanuts (tastes like a Salted Nut Roll when eaten together).

I love fall! I work at a Hallmark store and we are getting fall candles in and they smell delicious!

What fun goodies you are giving away! Thanks for the chance to win them.

My favorite Fall treat/s? Has got to be pumpkin pie and corn candy, too!Cute card! How do you do the fake stitching? Always something new to learn!

My favorite fall treat is hot cider with a cinnamon stick. Perfect beverage for walking through corn mazes!

These stamps are the cutest!!! I love apples...fresh, crisp apples!!!

My favorite things about fall is gingerbread and the leaves turning colors. The halloween card is great, love the Sizzix die and if it will work in a Cuttlebug. Still love the animal pictures almost as much as the cards.

I look forward to crisp fall apples every year! My husband and I enjoy seeing all of your animal photos and I love your cards. Thanks for sharing!

C Burke

My favorite fall treat is pumpkin pie and anything else made with pumpkin . . . soup, bread, etc. I'm ready for a little fall weather too.

You're right, the only thing better than Halloween in vintage Halloween! I LOVE this card, it's too cute. Reminds me of a candy bag I used to trick-or-treat with :)

Oh my gosh! I wish I had a fraction of your talent. I did NOT know that CS was coming out with a vintage Halloween set. I love anything vintage. Your blog is awesome!! OH, my favorite fall treat has got to be my kids Halloween candy!! Susan

Boy, I've been out of the loop for the past few days and am just now getting caught up on all your posts. WOW! I love your pictures of the new little jenny and all the STUFF from CHA - fantastic! And I love this vintage Halloween card. Wonderful wonderful wonderful! I'm not much into Halloween, well I was as a kid but not much as an adult! I don't make cards for Halloween but this little sweetie might just change my mind. You've done a delightly job on her and the die cut card is primo!!!

Ohhhh FALL!!!! If only...... alas, I'm here in TX with you, babe. Hot, hot, and hot.

My favorite fall treat? Oh gosh..... where do I start?? I love pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin spice cake.... So I guess it would have to be pumpkin, eh? :-)

Once it starts getting cool, I love hot chocolate--it is something I look forward to having when it is cool. When it is as hot as it is now, nothing sounds good.

Seems like I also feel more like baking cookies in the fall too, and love eating 'ranger' cookies (family recipe).

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